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To the Russians here

| What're your opinions on the war?

| What war?

| Idk, i can't buy new cod

| >>854800 lol!

| Goals

| >>854763 am Russian, war sucks, duh

| >>854763 1Kish soldiers = war

| >>1bea7e based

| give war a chance.

| Ya what did war ever do to you

| I feel sorry for peaceful Ukranian people who now have to suffer because of stupid clashes between polititians. However I see no other option in how the conflict could end. Nothing changed for good since 2014, so I guess there was no other choice, considering that some parties refused to de-escalate this. So I support my army fighting there and believe we are fighting against the wrong things. Not that we are fully right, but it's actually the lesser evil. For us, at least.

| Also I've talked to some people who evacuated from eastern Ukraine. I thought russian propaganda overevaluates the size of the problem constantly mentioning that Ukraine is a nazi state, but the people I've talked to report that the nationalist problem was present and really tough. People living in eastern regions of the country are considered ubermench, the government sent nationalist soldiers there to control regions and didn't really care what happens to the ppl. Life was tough

| Tldr

| idc

| >>5e0011
>People living in eastern regions of the country are considered ubermench
You mean untermensch? You are confused in terms.

| Btw war sucks. I have many good and non-conflict friends in Ukraine who suffer under the daily bombardment and attacks by Russian forces. Looking at what is happening in Russia itself... Repressions, discrimination, fear, the removal of references to Ukraine and Kyiv from history books and other things... This is very terrible.

| Russia has gone crazy. Sometimes it seems that the only way out is to leave, but even this opportunity was taken away from us. And who needs us in other countries? Almost the whole world now hates us.

| Z

| >>855506
That's what happens when you let thugs represent your people on the world stage.

| https://vk.com/video-169257453_456239343

| >>855503 lmao rite, that's fucking cringe, I really meant untermench, subhuman.

| >>855537 nah, all politians in the world are thugs.

| >>855506 You can still leave Russia through East/South.

If you do not support war and everything that comes along with it, then you are still as welcome in other countries as before.

Unlike certain individuals, most people can discern between government and nation.

| am totally russian and enjoying 5 year old ukranian pussy. war is good

| >>855637 J-12 is a hero of Russia!

| >>855505
>the removal of references to Ukraine and Kyiv from history books and other things
compared to the other terrible things you mentioned, this isn't even mentionable. Bombs and repression hurt people, changing history books only hurt ideologists.

| >>855813
Changing history books hurts everyone who wish to learn from history.

| I wanted to leave this country a long time before the war started. Now the situation here (and ofc in Ukraine) is much worse, and it's harder than ever to leave this place. Essentially the only option is to be lucky enough to get a job offer abroad and go there via a proxy country (Georgia, Turkey, etc). Also until I finish uni I have to get a job to survive cause I get living money from abroad (and it's impossible to transfer money to Russia). Fuck this war. Fuck Pitler.

| Fuck Pitler* (but Pitler sounds funny lmao)

| Oh it changes his name, huh

| >>855857
People that want to learn from history shouldn't believe what schoolbooks say - especially nothing closely related to the history of the country they are used in.
I wonder what ukrainian schoolbooks say about the nazi-collaborateur stepan bandera who has gained a huge governmental rehabilitation during the last years.

| >>855986 it's obvious about Bandera, but the real deal here is that ukranian history books unironically teach children that hitler was the liberator of Europe, for example

| Honestly even if nazis was in Ukraine, it's not giving Russia right to interact to interests of other country by "operation", it can naturally expect international reaction

| >>856074
Do you have any proof? Usually people refer to a history book by Galichansky, but it dates back to 2005 and there is absolutely no evidence that it was ever used or recommended in schools. Do not believe the Gremlin propaganda. By the way, are you by any chance one of those people who believe that Ukrainians are really talking about ancient Ukrs who dug up the Black Sea?

| >>856159
It's ironic, but there are a lot of Nazis in Russia too. Fighting on the side of Donetsk and Luhansk were Russian organizations such as the Russian National Unity, Other Russia, Nazi mercenaries from Wagner PMCs, and several Nazi militia groups.

| Not so long ago, for the successful destruction of twenty-five Nazis, the open Nazi Aleksey Milchakov was personally awarded by the leader of Lugansk. The same Milchakov, who is the leader of the Nazi organization "Rusich" and years ago was photographed with the flag of the Third Reich and the severed head of a puppy, and on his VK page he called for the killing of homeless people, puppies and children.

| >>856176 lmao wut. What's his deal with puppies.

| >>856188
Idk. Maybe he has an inferiority complex and he asserts himself at the expense of the suffering of others.

| I don't know if this is allowed or not, but I wanted to add to my post. In an interview from December 2020, Alexey Milchakov admitted how he cut off the limbs of Ukrainian soldiers and enjoyed the smell of burnt human meat. Why is he rewarded instead of being punished? Is this the face of Russian liberation?

| Sorry for mentioning this. It infuriates me that there are people in the thread who believe the Gremlin propaganda and think that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a priori good. No, it's a disaster for everyone. Open Nazis and sadists are fighting in the ranks of the Russian army. Rashists are hypocrites who blindly believe in the Gremlin.

| >>856199 war criminals and psychos are nothing new, lol, they always have been present on all sides in all conflicts.

>>856175 the difference is that nazi organizations are not a massive political force in Russia, they're in the underground and most of them are officially prohibited.

| >>856204
This does not prevent the Russian authorities from working with them, especially the PMC Wagner, which is officially banned in Russia, like any other gang of mercenaries, but they receive orders and supplies from the Gremlin, and their leader, called Wagner, is a Russian high-ranking military man.

| He's a nazi too btw.

| Wagner is a PMC, not a nazi organization. There are ton of different people there, mainly -- former military officers/soldiers. Of course a lot of radicals want to join the PMC as well. You can't control all of your "employees".

| >Open Nazis and sadists are fighting in the ranks of the Russian army

Also it's important to not mix-up terms. Most nationalists you refer to mainly serve in Wagner or DPR/LPR armies, not in "The official Russian Army, TM". They may have personal deeds with Ukranian soldiers. Which doesn't allow them to commit war crimes anyway, ofc.

| >>856213
PMC Wagner has two channels in Telegram - one with the name of the organization and one called "Reverse Side of the Medal". In one of their posts, they published a quote from their fighter, in which he said that everyone who defends the innocent deserves respect, but at the end he added that only if they have white skin, they speak Russian and were born on Slavic soil.

| https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/952801660126785556/968568268916944946/Screenshot_2022-04-26-20-44-13-114_org.telegram.messenger.jpg

| >>856216 lol, and?

| >>856219
Definitely not a nazi, lol? They said it's right words.

| So that you understand: these channels are not run by random dudes, but by those who have direct power in PMCs and support from Russia.

| PMC*

| >>856220 your point is understandable, but the quote is not perfect for current situation, because formally you can say it doesn't deny some Ukranians' right to be respected, because:
Ukranians are white, they were born on slavic soil, and some of them still speak Russian, lol.

It's ironic, of course

| >>856221 though I sincerely don't understand why that makes you so emotional. There's no need to prove the presence of nationalists alongside of pro-russian forces, mainly Wagner. There are nationalists and even some nazis as well, so what's next?

| No black and white, it's kinda obvious for every thinking adult. So?

| >>856224
Because this war is primarily called the fight against Nazism (denazification), lol.

| >>856224 *namely Wagner

| >>856226 it's presumed that the fight is going against heavilly organised nazism infiltrating government structures and social life of the people

| >>856229
To be honest, the situation in Russia itself is no better, although the people in power are not open Nazis.

| >>856230 I feel you, though it's a topic for another discussion

| >>856231
Well, thank you for the pleasant discussion. It was interesting to chat with you, unlike some of my acquaintances. I'm probably going to rest. Goodnight!

| >>856233 goodnight

| Oh ID changed again

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