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Russian commanders gave orders to slaughter civilians, again.

| Lypivka, a blip of a village dwarfed by immense wheat fields, was occupied by Russian soldiers for a month until March 31. Here, villagers said the Russians double crossed them.

Some village women had begged Russian commanders for permission to evacuate and the Russians seemed to agree. So on March 12th, a group of older men, women and children piled into 14 cars and slowly began to drive to safety.

| “All of us had white flags and we had permission,” said Valriy Tymchuk, a shopkeeper, who was driving a minibus in the convoy.

But then Russian armored personnel carriers swiveled toward them, villagers said. A shell ripped into the first car. And then another. And then another.

The convoy turned into a fireball.

| Mr. Tymchuk said he saw a family of four, including a young child, trapped in their car and engulfed in flames. Many of the singed cars are still on the road. The charred bones of that child are still in back seat, Ms. Tymchuk said. What appeared to be bone pieces were scattered among the blackened metal and heaps of ash.

| Mr. Tymchuk barely escaped after his minibus was hit and shrapnel sliced into his face.

He shook his head when asked why he thought the Russians did this.

“They are zombies,” he said.

| Inb4 those pro russian spammers flood the thread. Remember, they're child torture- and child rape-apologists. Keep this in mind when reading their deranged excuses.


| In russian TV they say ukraine is led/occupied by nazis. I know that this bullshit. But that doesn't mean I have to believe anything else posted in some (un)social media networks, only because it opposes russia. Western media simply lied too often if it was about their (ressource driven) warfare. And the social media monopolies are nothing but big amplifiers of any kind of manipulative false information, made by stupid people for stupid people.

| there's war crimes on both sides, there's no good people in there except civilians.

| >>853999
>muh "both sides"

Number of russian civilians killed by Ukraine: 0
Number of Ukrainian civilians killed by russia: 3000 confirmed and counting

Number of hospitals attacked by Ukraine: 0
Number of hospitals attacked by russia: 43

Number of kindergardens attacked by ukraine: 0
Number of kindergardens attacked by russia: 80+

Number of russian civilians kidnapped by Ukraine: 0
Number of Ukrainian civilians kidnapped by russia: Several thousand

| Number of journalists targeted by Ukrainian military: 0
Number of journalists targeted by russian military: 188 and counting(including kidnapping and torturing to death)

Number of times the Ukrainian army used chemical warfare: 0
Number of times the russian army used chemical warfare(including against civilians): 9 and counting

Number of phosphorus bombs and cluster munitions fired by Ukraine: 0
Number of phosphorus and cluster munitions fired by russia: Too many to count.

| Number of humanitarian corridors attacked by Ukraine: 0
Number of humitarian corridors attacked by russia: 14 confirmed and counting

Number of pro-western child torture-apologists on danger/u/: 0
Number of pro-russian child torture-apologists on danger/u/: 2

| >>7fff0f
nice to believe that there's good or bad people and believe only the media of your country that are influenced industrial groups.

The situation is way more complex than you think, people in donbass are essentially pro russia and are slaughtered by ukrain army, but theses facts are made into fake news accusing russia.
Just watch real interviews from real donbass civillians, even if they're pro russia and you don't like it.

Truth is the victim of war. Every ones bad.

| Some more than others thou I admit, zelensky is such a chad

| >>854208
^This is textbook projecting. You're projecting right now.

Everything >>7fff0f said has been verified by multiple third party sources.

Everything you said comes straight from the propaganda machine of Gremlin.

You're really fucking deluded if you think anyone here buys into your shit. I don't care what you spew out of your mouth. Slava Ukraine!

| russian narrative:
>if a robber tries to rob you, and you defend yourself, then you're just as bad as the robber. everyone in this situation is a bad person.

Retard with a capital R

| >>854470
bourgeois narrataive:
Private property is generally justified and free from any responsibility. Already just questioning the legitimity of private property is a crime. Robin hood was in fact the villain and the sheriff of Nottingham the true hero of bourgeoisie.
That robbery probably is the result of poverty and poverty is probably the result of failed social politics or flaws in the economic system is nothing but communist heresy. Don't think about it!

| >>854470
Agree. But the whole word should be uppercase.

| >>854469
NO! Fuck Ukraine, fuck Russia and fuck Nationalism. I only feel sorry for those civilists that really don't care about being ukrainian or russian and just want to live in peace. If only the nationalist scum could kill each other once and for all without forcing their shitshow on others. As if "ukraine" stands for something more or less valuable than "russia". It's both oligarchistic retarded shithole countries that failed to stay together as a progressive superpower.

| good

| >>854936 Negative peace is not true peace. You ask people being attacked to knee over and accept tyranny for your values of pacifism.

| Ya ^ stop the propaganda intake. It's all bs

| >>855320
And trying to beat one tyranny with another will never overcome tyranny itself.
During WW2 France was occupied by Nazi-Germany but still managed successfully to fight them from the underground. It's stupid to believe that a small country like ukraine could beat on their own a bigger country like russia on its own in a regular, symmetric on the long term.
And wishing for a more direct involvement of NATO powers is just madness.

| >>855822
Look the other way. Let the thugs get their fill and hopefully they'll go away, huh?

That doesn't work.

The only way to stop someone who chooses to use violence to take what they want is even more violence.

| >>9aa844
Just purge this assholes new tor node already.

| >>855826
>The only way to stop someone who chooses to use violence to take what they want is even more violence.
According to this logic (which I fundamentally disagree on) the separatists in the donbass and on the crimea are allowed to defend "their" country against Kiev government troops. Else you should explain where you see the difference to the russian policy.

| >>855859
Your cries for censorship makes you a brother in mind to the putinist regime and all you stand for is basically the same lies.
The one side cries "slava ukraine!", the other one "za pobedu!"
But independent from the outgoing of this conflict the only winners will be some oligarchs in the end - all on the back of russian and ukrainian people. The world wide military industrial complex is the winner of the year.

| >>855863
Yea, and?

What does Crimea have to do with Pitler dropping thermobaric warheads on civilian population centers?

Crimea was a fucking win for Russia. Pitler should have taken the W and gone home. Everyone knew Russia was sneaking troops into Crimea out of uniform, in violation of the Geneva convention, but we let them get away with it because the world was focused on ISIS, and politically, we could justify conceding Russia a warm water port if Ukraine got to tie itself>

| > more closely to Europe. That's what the political undertones of the Crimea concession were about. Now that Pitler's gone back on that and is trying to take all of Ukraine, the Crimea issue is back on the table too.

| >>855859
Seconding this. Keep purging all his tor nodes and anynomous proxies so this site can be comfy again.

| >>855935
Go to russia if you love totalitarian media-control that much.

| >>855923
Zelensky promised to reconquer ALL Ukrainian territories - including crimea.
The voices of people in the pro-russian separatist terretories were ignored by the pro-western mob that removed the democratically elected president Yanukovych.
And talking about ISIS:
They only could become so powerful, because "the world" did NOT focus on them. They focused on "freedom fighters" of "arab spring" while bombing lybia and supporting islamists in syria with NATO- autocrat erdogan.

| Btw. why does OP get away opening threat without source?

| >>855988 :^)

| >>855988



| >>856152
>social media as a source
i'm gonna start a twitter exclusively for shitposting on /new/

| >>855982 the pro Russians are separatists and the pro west are a mob I see. Expanding on that, the mob that removed Yanukovich are undemocratic because why?

They are a minority? That is obviously not true.

Because they don't represent Ukraine? If a sizable portion of its population doesn't represent it, what does?

Because they didn't follow the law? At this point you really are just propagating legalism and fascism.

| I hate the retard who low-key wishes they could wipe Russia off the map as much as you, but it's different for you because at least they're an outright asshole, while you pretend to be unbiased. Fact is Russia is the aggressor, and we can see that when they started planting Russian flags against the will of Donbass separatists, sparking even more conflict in the area. Crimea didn't even get to become its own state either, it was annexed, so your point is moot.

| >>855980
Banning trolls on a niche cartoon board =/= totalitarian media-control.

Take those juvenile exaggeration fallacies of yours and go back to whatever incel site that spawned you, kthanks.

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