Greek Rail Workers Refuse to Transport NATO Tanks to Ukraine

| https://raillynews.com/2022/04/greek-railway-workers-refuse-to-transport-nato-tanks-to-ukraine/
If workers in Russia and Ukraine weren't deluded by the nationalists/imperialists propaganda in "their" countries, this war would never have started. Respect for those brave class conscious greek workers for not taking side with the one evil to fight the other.

| Defending your country =/= evil

Defending your country from murderers, rapists and child-torturers certainly is'nt evil.

You have to be really fucking deluded to be a child-torture apologist, OP.

Russia's propaganda game is unique and over-the-top. Claiming that Ukraine(or any other country) "acts the same" is nothing but actual Russian propaganda.

| >>853908
Workers don't own the country. So they can't fight for it. The same counts for russian soldiers who think they fight for what they believe to be "their" country. Nationalism is stupid. I the competetive capitalistic world we have it will ALWAYS lead to one nation atacking another in the name of the nation. In the end people off the working class kill each other while the political-economical elites and their status will remain mostly untouched on both sides.

| Not everything that refuses to side with USA/NATO imperalism and ukrainian nationalism is russian propaganda. I would love to see how people in russia wake up and dethrone the tyrant putin has become for leading them in this stupid and pointless war.

| I'm sure that western and mostly US-politicians, are rubbing their dicks (or cunts) of to putins stupid decision to attack ukraine. Their medial condemnation is not driven by their believe in higher morales or ethics. They have failed them too often themselves to be trusted.
The fight for the proletariat can only be an internationalistic one. Nationalistic fights will always end up sacrificing them for some rich peoples interests.

| >>853989 most class conscious westoid

| >>853989
And you make me think of McCarthyism. Nothing but red scare all day, every day, nothing else in the head. Searching for communist/socialist traitors under every rock that are all devoted to moscow.
Beside that, Northkorea is the paradise for nationalists. It is the embodiment of Nationalism. Anticommunist right-wingers secretly admire the northkorean political elites, because they are exactly what they want to become.

| >>853908
>Defending your country =/= evil
So the fight of the separatists in the Donbass is justified?
How about the kurdish people in Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Syria? Why no one supports them fighting for their country? Right now NATO Member turkey attacks kurdish settlements in northern iraq. No condemnation. No sanctions. Is the only failure of putin that he failed to accept breaking international law as a privilege of NATO members?

| After the events of Euromaidan, a charming phenomenon appeared in the Russian media - Khokhlosrach (from the word Khokhol - roughly Ukrainian, and srach - vulgarly, a long fierce discussion)

If we talk about the intensity of khokhlosracha, it is a more complex value.
Previously, all these phenomena can be expressed quantitatively and described by the formula:

X1 = (E / e) * (N * n) * T (1.1)

| Where: E — the average income of the Russian Federation per capita, $ / year.; e — the average income of Ukrainians per capita, $ / year; n — the number of participants in the khokhlosrach from the Russian Federation, people.; N — the number of participants in the khokhlosrach from Ukraine, people; T — the activity of the zombie, news releases with elements of khokhlosracha / week; (1.1) — the number of the planet in the Tenture.

| However, after the outbreak of war, and the involvement of literally all civilized countries in the Khokhlosrach, it seems that the formula will have to be modified.

And it seems that it is better to find out from the participants of such events themselves - what does the intensity calculation formula look like now?

| >>854020
So the fight of the separatists in the Donbass is justified?

Are you really this retarded?

| Ukrainians have right to defend themselves, Russia attacked first. +++ATH

| >>854202
Everytime you use "faggot" as an insult I donate 100€ to a random LGBT association with focus on eastern europe.

| >>854237
And pro russian separatists (about whom this threat is about) don't have the right to defend themselves?
I mean the albanian separatists in the kosovo were allowed to fight for themselves. They even were supported by the NATO, which was bombing Belgrad.

| Western politicians are no better than putin. They are all together nothing but the same imperialistic oligarchy puppets and need to be dethroned. I don't cry a single tear for no one who dies fighting for them, especially not if they kill each other.

| Another thread where OP forgot to put on a new diaper. Falling out anus id a serious problem. Do not ignore it.

| >>854240
As they are the attackers, no. And I don't care about Kosovo. Maybe Higher Silesia should separate itself from Poland as well.


| Greek rail workers are based.

| Nato is a bitch, Russian have it right

| >>854615
>And I don't care about Kosovo.
Ever heard about precendence?
Pitler watched it and learned from the west. As he did before, when gorbatchev reached his hand to the west, and the west was tearing his arm letting him (politically) die. And as he did when the USA illegally invaded Iraq, based on entirely made up stories - supported with troops from many ex-soviet members - even ukraine. Yes ukraine aided the illegal invasion of iraq in 2006.

| >>854707 based

| >>853982
Preventing rapists, thieves, and murderers from doing what they want to your community is 100% what Ukraine is doing. They absolutely should be defending themselves. By choosing to refuse help to one side, the Greeks are allowing the Russians to have their way.

If you choose to just stand and do nothing while a person is raped or murdered in front of you, you also are committing a ethical crime, especially if you have the power to help without endangering yourself.

| >>855490
>preventing rapists, thieves, and murderers from doing what they want

Bro, you really shouldn't listen to so much of ukranian/european propaganda. Some civilians are getting killed. It's a result of artillery strikes, not some mythical "russian nazis killing and torturinf innocent people". And the strikes are a being delievered by both sides. You can't always identify who delievered the strike that killed people.

| >>fad962
i WANT links 4 reasons....

| >>855490
>Preventing rapists, thieves, and murderers from doing what they want to your community is 100% what Ukraine is doing
No it isn't. Ukraine is not the community of the Ukrainian people. It's an corrupt and oligarchic society. Sadly the same counts for russia. People on both sides are deluded and their whole fight and sacrifices only serves their upper-classes.
Those greek workers acted correctly. There is no motherland or god(s) to fight for. More weapons=more dead workers.

| "Defending" ukraine would also imply rekonquering the eastern territories where pro-russian seperatists are in power and the mostly pro-russian semi peninsula crimea. I don't trust in the ukrainian army that they would be more gentle with pro-russian people (including civillians) than the russian army with pro-western ukrainian people.
In the end this war is less about russian autocracy vs. liberal democracy/ukrainian nationalism than about some oligarch clans fossil resources.

| >>855815 true, true.

| >>855816
Real shit. This war is a real Iraq vs Iran moment.
And when Ukraine wins, they'll just get Desert Stormed for their trouble~

| >>855617
Bodies being tied and shot in the back before being set on fire aren't killed by 'strikes'.

That's the good old Russian disregard for human life.

But sure. Look the other way. Let it keep happening. I'm sure it'll never be your wife, sister, or daughter.

| >>855617
>I'm not saying I spout Russian propaganda, but [Verbatim Russian propaganda].

| >>855825 bro. Have you seen the bodies? Nuff said.

| >>855892 yes, I have.

Do you...not use the internet? I don't have any source that would satisfy you since you're just some anonymous poster on the internet and any link can be refuted as propaganda, but I've taken the time to verify through personal connections that the Russians really have been abusing and murdering civilians.

| >>855921 Have. You. Seen. The bodies. On your own?

>Do you...not use the internet?

I get it. You haven't seen anything. You can't declare something's true no matter how many photos of "mutilated children" you've seen on the net.

| >>855932
>If you haven't traveled to Ukraine to see it for yourself it must be false

This is a very desperate take, even for you.

| Seriously, what is this fag still doing here? I thought they did a purge.

This site was finally fucking comfy for a few days when he was gone.

| >>855934 you mean the fag spamming with propaganda threads? Yeah, it's kinda cringe, I agree

| However lol, when was /new/ comfy?

| >>855934
Purge purge purge. That's all you barbaric fascist scum can think about if there is a problem. Your complaining about propaganda is even worse propaganda itself.
The only cringe thing here is you, insulting people with "fag".
The fact you use "fag" as insult perfectly illustrate what kind of worldview you stand for.

| >>855978 you realise>>dcec51 and>>7a4189 are different posters?
>barbaric fascist scum
Haaahahahaha, what a white knight you are. And you also dare to complain about insults? Yeah, very professional of you.
>complaining about propaganda is even worse propaganda itself

Duh, no, it isn't? You just got a little hurt and now you spit your bile on everyone who doesn't agree with you. Pathetic. Have your manners.

| >>856073
>You realise>>dcec51 and>>7a4189 are different posters?
And? Isn't it allowed to point out homophobe fascist rhetorics from different posters at once?

>Duh, no, it isn't?
Duh, yes, it is! Maye...
>You just got a little hurt and now you spit your bile on everyone who doesn't agree with you. Pathetic. Have your manners.

| >>855921
>I don't have any source that would satisfy you since you're just some anonymous poster on the internet and any link can be refuted as propaganda, but I've taken the time to verify through personal connections that the Russians really have been abusing and murdering civilians.
I too have personal connections to people in areas of war, e.g. near the crimea, in armenia and syria. I know that russia does shitty stuff and lies. But I also know that "the west" isn't any better.

| >>855921
"The internet" is dominated too much by 1st world countries. It doesn't portray the reality of all people on the planet. Ukraine only wants to become part of the "more efficient" empire which exploits the global south. Russia "only" exploits it's neighbors which are mostly in the global north. That's the only reason "western" powers are outraged now. They didn't ever give a damn about what their or the russian imperialists did to the people in the southern realm.

| >>856284
the soft implication that post-soviet states are part of the "global north" and therefore not being exploited to hell by the west is a certified hood classic
ngos classify slavs as people of colour for gods' sakes

| >>856283 what do Syria and Armenia have to do with the situation in Ukraine, for God's sake?

| >>856378
i don't know what's going on in armenia but pretty sure civilians have been/still are getting shelled with heavy artillery in syria
so it's similar?

| >>856385 don't get facts mixed up. By Armenia here it is probably meant Qarabakh/Artsakh region, where the war waged between pro-Armenian forces and Azerbaijan. Russia has peacemaker mission there. In Syria there was war with no one other by ISIS, therefore ISIS positions were shelled with artillery.

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