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Live map of clashes in eastern Ukraine. Press the map Icon on top.

| https://liveuamap.com/en/2022/22-february-russian-forces-targeted-apartment-block-in-schastia

The red mushroom clouds are ceasefire violations.

There are Russian backed forces here RN.

Not good, people.

Not fucking good.

| All belong to mother Russia

| Danm, can't believe it just happened, hope both of them are good.

| fuck you putin

| wwwww

| Can't chat in warthunder now lol

| Hope mr. Pitler will remove that nazi scum.

| Hohols are Russians

| so... we are so doomed...

| I just wanted to play vidya man

| >>838701 Another brainwashed one, juvenile moron (this is not the age in the passport, this is a brain condition). Apparently you don't realize that this is a forced measure, even if it is terrible. And it all started back in '91. If you don't understand, the civil war has been going on for 8 years, it was unleashed by overseas "morons", and what is happening there now is an attempt to end this war.

| >>842542
>Another brainwashed one, juvenile moron

| the faggot is back

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This thread is permanently archived