You guys hear about that thing down in Kazakhstan?

| Civil unrest leading to the government turning the internet off, protestors taking control of multiple police stations until "peacekeepers" showed up. Some guy stole an RPG.

Reports say the net's coming back up recently, but also say the sound of gunfire hasn't stopped.

| There is nothing that can be said.

| https://www.npr.org/2022/01/07/1071181693/the-leader-of-kazakhstan-says-constitutional-order-mainly-restored-amid-unrest

| Strange, headline doesn't match link name...

| It's the governments fault the people are unhappu

| We have a gurl in the discord who is actively being affected by this ;-;

| This is just another dictatorship supported by Russia.
I wish the people do get a better situation soon, humans beings are not meant to be killed, specially not in this situation.

| >>821541 and with this, the country has sealed their fate

| the dissolution of the USSR against popular will was the biggest tragedy of the latter 20th century and we're seeing it continue to play out :/

Comintern may not have been anywhere near perfect but this is by far worse

| [Вопрашает] Это Казахстан?

| Are you g/u/rls figured out that in last time we have disorders in postsoviet space in row: Ukraine, Belarus and now Kazakhstan?

Capitalism is killing..

| >>821594 it is not really supported by Russia. Unlike other countries where Russia is involved, Kazakhstan is pretty rich. Radical protests were most likely organised by clans who lost the power struggle with the new president. So, it is not good vs evil case.

| Also, Russia is not USSR. Don't overestimate it. It is a ghost power that tries to act on its former glory.

| Russia lost literally every important geopolitical battle in the last decade except for Crimea. Just ignore it.

| `Those who miss the Soviet Union have no heart. Those who want it back have no brain`

| >>822050
All of this

| >>822094
only a fool would swallow such a flat formulaic statement over objective historical fact

USian identified

| >>822107
It's true though

| >>822107
Unironically defends USSR while also calling me a fool then 'USian' based on fantasies in his brain...

I think this one speaks for itself.

| >>822114
yes, I do speak for myself

so did the popular will of the people living in the USSR when they wanted it 2 continue but keep repeating "ussr was bad and this gurl is delusional" while not saying literally anything babe

| >>822120
The popular will of a one-party totalitarian dictatorship... You must think China's CCP embodies the chinese popular will too...
I'm not so sure if you really speak for yourself now, maybe a maggot has taken control of your brain...

| >>822123
that is quite literally not what popular will means and you're on a very obvious tangent now...sad

wouldnt be /news/ without you deranged USians though

| >>822094 Another one who has washed brain by capitalists and, offcourse, by antisoviet propaganda, for example of stupid one, Solzhenitsin books.. keep thinking, do not turn on ya brain, do not even start asking questions when reading/listening/watching something, do not thinking critically.. be calm infant idiot.

| >>822128 >>822142
Are you fuming because I didn't reply?

| >>822157 reply what?
I am do not even asked you. I just said that i said. If it hurt you and do not see instead an advise (start thinking), then how about your passage sounds insulting/degrading for many people?

And yes i am so straight when to say that i said about you, straight names things by their own names.

| >>822183
Degrading people? Degrading who? Fuck the USSR, I'm glad it's dead. I didn't hear you think anything about the dozens of millions of victims of the communist system... from organized starvation, forced labor camps, executions, purges, deportations of entire communities, subversion of entire nations, whose development remains fucked even now... from Holodomor to Nazino island, what the fuck are you talking about pissing people off, you retard? Who are you thinking of here?

| ^there it is, the meltdown, the name calling tantrum and the scattershot oropaganda complete with "dozens of millions" of victims lmfao no one should waste their time with thos Floridian angloid

| Cope seethe mald

| >>822194 typical infant idiot with washed brain, before repeat this silly (liar, and sometimes fully false) data read real works of real History researchers. And do not forget to see in mirror, how many victims you can taken into account behind capitalism, for example, take USA..
Or forget all, keep reading Solzhenitsyn-like things a be happy when your capitalist having you..

I do not think it cost to keep bringing you bright thought to starting read real facts and take at arm criticism as a weapon, and do not listen anyone, directly assuming as true about something.. at least historical ones.. even me.

[last try to bring to bright way]

| Remember that time a samefag were saying that thing no one cared about? Yeah, that is now.

| >>822262
At this point the commiegurl spam is basically a LARP

| I enjoyed when a spokesperson for Russia said they don't mess in the internal affairs of other countries. Then proceeds to do so anyway.

Say what you will about the oligarch dictatorship but they're irl shit posting is supreme.

| >>823668
They learned from the best (USA! Number 1!)

| >>823668
no such word

| >>824709

| >>a73f08 ministry of /u/ affairs

| >>e7f001 ministry of c/u/m affairs

| >>824707 I mean yes, that's how international politics works. Thanks to globalization there really is no way to avoid being part of a hegemony.

It's just a matter of what flavor you'd rather eat. American, where corporations exploit you for monetary gain; Russian, which is all but a state run by organized crime; or Chinese, where dissenting gets you shipped off to re-education camps and the state runs organ harvesting farms on minorities.

| None of them are great, but they're unavoidable.

| >>824964

Lol for one there are more societies than those 3 but as the biggest 3 i see ur point. That shit aout China is just so egregiously wrong though but idc no point in me defending em since 1. My rando onlinepoint means nothing and 2. they have market dominance and control shit anyway so Im happy

Communism will win :)

| >>825008
>That shit aout China is just so egregiously wrong

I guess there could be a huge global conspiracy between a number of nations and people in China who are all lyingabout the Uyghurs. But then there would be evidence to counter the claims and evidence that shows that it does exist.

On the other hand, usually it's the simplest explanation that's true.


| >>825067
The framing of it as "huge global conspiracy" is a good way to prime ppl to already see it as crackpot. The truth is it isntglobal; literally like 6 western nations (US, Australia, UK, France, Netherlands, Japan) all decided to run that narrative. Tellingly the UN literally said otherwise and not a single muslim/Islamic country on earth has condemned China. The organ harvesting shit has been propogated by the regressive and fashy Falun Gong cult and has zero proof

| scattershot western articles do not proof make and the fact that yall need to keep digging up rando shit from "the byline times" also says a lot. That there is zero hard damning evidence says the rest, and its funny whenever ppl try and chalk that up to Chinese repression. The US is the Number 1 Repressive Security State and still cant keep any shit under wraps. You're telling me in a country of 1.7 billion some brave whistleblower cant provide hard evidence of these claims? Weak

| anyways keep repeatibg western propaganda to foment the Yellow Peril warhawk machine as if it matters or provides ANYTHIBG but grease for those warhawks while doing literally nothing about the actual imperialists at home haha v cool seethe about it I guess imma keep being happy about my homeland flourishing n building infrastructure across the VASTLY OPPRESSED AND UNDERDEVELOPED global south

| God damn it. This thread is not about Russia or China, it's about Kazakhstan. Can you g/u/rls please get back on topic?

| >>825116

So what's going on with Kazakhstan right now, as in, of this writing? Are people pissed about le Russian intervention?

Ignore the offtopic posts and don't respond to them if you want the thread to go back to the subject matter.

| >>825116
Lmao you cannot discuss Kazakhstan without its relation 2 Russia, China, and current global relations and political ideations

if you wanna know whats hapoening in Kazakhstan so bad google it my guy or get in touch online w Kazakhs fucking danger/pol/ is not AP news

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