People have been having less sex

| Human sexual activity affects cognitive function, health, happiness and overall quality of life -- and, yes, there is also the matter of reproduction. The huge range of benefits is one reason researchers have become alarmed at declines in sexual activity around the world, from Japan to Europe to Australia.

| A recent study evaluating what is happening in the U.S. has added to the pile of evidence, showing declines from 2009 to 2018 in all forms of partnered sexual activity, including penile-vaginal intercourse, anal sex and partnered masturbation. The findings show that adolescents report less solo masturbation as well.

| Between 2009 and 2018, the proportion of adolescents reporting no sexual activity, either alone or with partners, rose from 28.8 percent to 44.2 percent among young men and from 49.5 percent in 2009 to 74 percent among young women.



| I love sex.

| Well, not having kids is good, the next century is going to be hell for the survivors. And I guess when you feel no hope you lose your sex drive a bit?

Maybe if things looked less bleak.

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The second article doesn't mention feelings of hopelessness directly, but it talks about how greater declines are associated with lower income and it is an inescapable fact that financial strain bring unhappiness.

I don't think feelings of hopelessness is the one explanation though. It seems to be a myriad of reasons why people of all ages and relationship statuses are having less sex. The decline in adolescent masturbation is interesting too.

| Money provides the means for happiness.

| It might be less sex overall but who cares lol.
idk about you g/u/rls but I want quality dick over quantity dick

| Don't worry, guys. I'll pick up the slack on the behalf of all humanity. I'm on a mission to get creamed by all cocks, so... toss them dicks my way~

| Dunno, I personally have been having a lot more sex than a decade ago. Therefore, global warming isn't real.

| Becos people are too stressed in life

| My hypothesis is that maybe we got tired of over-exaggerated sex culture/society, sex is not taboo anymore, causal sex is not fulfilling for a lot of people, and/or maybe there're just more things that are more interesting than sex, idk.

This is just my wild guess.

| this study literally can't be definitive with the generational timeframes used lmao

| also OP is positing stuff about mental and cognitove health etc. when the study is literally just about people having sex less. I don't think people fucking more will make them particularly more healthy or happy. Plenty of the happiest most content people have been single and sexless and you don't have to blink to see ppl talking about how miserable sluts are/must be so ehhhhhhh

| >>821238 I will aid thus noble mission.

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Yeah, the researchers speculative about this being a factor. According to the survey a significant percentage of participants have a pornographic view of how sex should be like. Rough stuff like choking etc seems to be expected, for example.

| I do not have a sex drive (female) therefore i atleast dont suffer from this

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