2 years ago 8 people were arrested for spreading rumors in China

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These people were the doctors who discovered covid-19. Some later died from it.

So my point, don't censor misinformation. It's dangerous to do so.

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| It's true, if they admit it earlier, maybe people of the world won't suffer this god damn virus anymore.
By the way, I'm chinese, Chinese media made a lot of fake news.

| 祝你安全。政府太過分了

| 在中国,吹哨人从来没什么好下场



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| Something something
Almost nothing
Happened in
Tiananmen Square
For sure not all
+Social credit something

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real g/u/rls remember

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Tbh most people really do parrot bs
as soon as you start researching Tianenmen you see that the poretests were reported on widely and acknowledged by Chinese politicians in the press. Further, the "Tank Man" was some weirdo trying to stop tanks from pulling out after yhe conflict, amd notably wasnt run over or shot-he actually jumped on the tank and then was arrested.

Like absolutely the government response to dissent at that time was heavy handed but pls do the reading

| >>821617 This is why press freedom is so important because if there's too much censorship citizens start trying to fill-in the missing gaps of information themselves with any info they find which leads to rumors being spread. I dealt with this at a university in china that covered up student deaths/suicides and an outbreak of tuberculosis at the school.

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Yeah I've heard that a lot of problems in China come from administrative shit at different levels. Again, 1.7 billion people, a centrl government neccessarily HAS to delegate positions and a lot of those folks (in the upper echelon but especially the lower where there is far less accountability) are gonna be opportunistic and cut them corners... Can you tell us more about this University and how the issue occurred and played out? That's mad greasy for sure

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| Only 8?

| >>823610 at this time 2 years ago it was few. After the pandemic calmed down in China, police started visiting peoples homes for spreading misinformation. source: all the fucking weibo videos that eventually got deleted

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