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Are people really going yo buy into Meta?

| I don't know how anyone is even foolish enough to still trust Zucc.

Also Insulting these tech bros are laying claim to the metaverse as a name and concept when vr chat second life and many more took cracks at it first and those still look much better than the ugly ass crap fakebook, nft shit heads and tech ceos are trying to force on people.

| I feel bad for the author of snowcrash having the idea from his "dystopian" cyberpunk novel butchered by people who missed the point.

| Also the privatisation of the Internet by these goons should be fought back against at every turn

| nah i already have an index.

no need for the Zucc.

| Valve is dominating the VR as a gaming console market. While Facebook sells more headsets, almost all the game sales are through Steam. So Facebook is trying to capture the free social VR space. Realistically, there is some demand for that and they're only fighting VRChat, so they've probably got a good in.

| On one hand, they are likely going to hold a large percentage of the social space in VR no matter what. It also requires a lot more work to set up VR social media than web social media, so they'll have low competition for a long time. There will definitely be a good chance to make it a Big Name.

| On the other hand, Zucc and eveything he stands for is going down in popularity. This didn't do much to hurt Instagram, but the Facebook and Zucc connection to Meta has been a lot more present. If it's just an NFT trading market without substance for anyone else, it will be shit. If it's just corporate not-anime VRChat it will be shit. It's also likely that it's just popular for a little bit and then becomes the MySpace or Geocities of VR.

| Conclusion: unfortunatly the answer to your title seems to be "yes, at least for a little bit." I don't think it'll affect anybody worth talking to outside of fucking up our youtube recommends for a while though.

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This thread is permanently archived