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How do autistic people raise kids?

| Serious question. I'm probably on the spectrum and I can barely manage a relationship. The thought of raising kids is terrifying. My alone time is already almost non-existent and my partner doesn't do her best to respect I hate being touched. A kid would just destroy me

| Don't make kids if you aren't prepared for raising them (and taking care of them regardless of your will to do so). Lots of parents aren't, that's too bad, so let's not make the same mistake.

| If you don't feel ready for children, listen to your heart. If you truly want children, you need to do some introspection and find workarounds to your problems, if possible. If not, it's okay to not have kids of your own. Do you you have nieces or nephews to practice with? If not, volunteering for after school programs is an incredible way to gain experience with youths.

Communication also. Talk to your partner. Help them understand.

| I've been working with kids for a year and realized I don't think I could handle their shit at home

| I've known since my youngest brother was born that I don't want to be a parent. In my case I'm just too selfish.

But there's nothing saying you must have kids. If your partner is dead set on having them however, you have the choice of working out a compromise, or splitting up.

| Plenty of autistic people out there who had kids and are good perants. Wager there's 1000s of perents out there who went undiagnosed when they where younger which is interesting to think on.

| My favorite professor was a raging autist (his words) who emanated raw charisma and eccentricity. Most competent man I ever knew. Ran his department like clockwork, deeply cared for all of his students. Despite the fact he couldn't read facial expressions and whatnot, that motherfucker was a force to be reckoned with. He had a kid late in life. I know he and his wife struggled, but they seemed so happy with their new child. Whatever his secret weapon was, it was WMD class.

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This reminds me of my ex gf(we met in an asperger support group) who single handedly raised three well behaved awesome sons despite getting pregnant at 16. If I ever have any issues with children I always come to her beccause she knows her shit.

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