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Chile Rewrites Its Constitution, Confronting Climate Change Head On

| https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/28/climate/chile-constitution-climate-change.html

| I don't know guys what do you know about 21st century socialism in Latin America, but that is the current political model of Venezuela.

Constitution Change is the sales pitch in Latin America for a political change. A corrupt politican sells the idea that a new constitution will magically change the nation, like it will take money from the rich and give it to the poor like Robin Hood.

The recipe consists on the following.

| - A corrupt president gets into power by offering that a new constitution will magically fix the country.

- A referendum is sent for the people to vote for the "constitutionalists" that will create the new constitution. Since the president still has a lot of popularity, the majority of the votes goes to the new president’s party.

| - A constitution is created giving more power to the president with the ability to rule over the legislative power if it is required, but people are distracted with the nice animal rights, climate change and other nice and treading things on it.

- On the meanwhile the president acts like he is still on a presidential campaign for an extra two years offering things (using the country’s money). He says things like the new constitution is the tool to finally fix the country.

| - During those two years to get the new constitution, the president and his party, annihilates the political competition. (with the country's resource).

- The new constitution gets voted and approved by the people. It resets all the executive, legislative and judicial powers, and new elections need to be set. Since the president was in a continuous electoral campaign while he was elected ...

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... (with the money resources of the country), the president’s party easily wins all the election and gets all the majority of seats in the congress. The president is easily elected again (that it does not count like a reelection, it was a constitutional reset) and a single party gets all the power in the country.

| - After that, the party continues until all the country money is dry. That is the moment to start blaming the International Monetary Found and the US, and start asking for money to China and Russia.

- Later the constitution is change, like orthographic errors, to allow eternal president reelection.

That was the recipe for Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and I hope they do not apply that in Chile.

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y'all welcome

| oh no i'm retarded

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I want to know if the leaders in those examples were left wing or right wing, and if bolsonaro also did the same

| (And sorry in advance for anyone who immediately thinks WTF DUDE AGAIN WITH THE L/R DICHOTOMY because they are right, but I'm just curious and wanna understand, please don't dwell on it/feed it too many replies)

| op thanks for the long write-up. Venezuela politics never made sense to me. My Chile friend told me the constitution was long overdue for being rewritten though so here's hoping for positivity

| OP doesn't know shit what OP's talking about.

| I don't think they have much of a mandate to annihilate the opposition when it 6% split.

Keep in mind that you might also be dealing with a constitution that is extremely on the side of opposition as others said. These are the helicopter throwing people if i remember so it used to be a hardcore dictatorship unlike usa.

| Chile is not Venezuela. And the new chilean president, Gabriel Boric, is not Maduro, Chavez or Castro, since he doesn't oppose US imperialism. Beside that Chiles history somehow justifies the paranoia of socialist leaders in the region. Gabriel Boric also isn't Allende, whose portrayal as marxist extremist in US propaganda already was ridicolous back then. Don't be afraid. He will continue neoliberal politics only garnish it with some progressive elements.

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>If you don't expect changes, what are you afraid of then? Also the concepts of the ever dominating economical school of "All hail to the rich" (also sold by corrupt politicians) clearly failed to manage redistributing the fruits of peoples labour in a reasonable way.
The magic show that was sold by (also corrupt) neoliberal politicians of an "invisible hand" in a "free" market, spawned out of individual egoistic actions, does not convince people anymore.

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Sup Chavez cocksucker

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