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Is there a reason for…

| the deletion of the recent threads critical of China?

| Good question,tho it wasnt just the china threads, all /new/ theads from day 4 of october and foward were terminated

| This is a pretty sussy situation on danger/u/

| The main one with the most amount of posts being deleted was actually an accident. There was a user who repeatedly submitted spam threads here and didn't take the hint when their previous threads were locked- unfortunately I didn't realize that the thread that actually had discussion was one of theirs as well, when I used the delete all option.

For reference, it was the thread that asked if China "would attack soon" and discussed things from the unlikelihood of an attack, to an argument of whether or not power failures were occurring. Some claimed there were, and at least one user claimed that there weren't- there was even a WSJ article linked that supported said power issues, while the lone detractor didn't say much except to imply they lived in China.

You're free to make another to continue the conversation, if you like. Just be sure to post sources when possible.

| Sorry! :<

| Thanks for the clarification. It has a bad look that they got deleted especially around the time pro-china g/u/rls came.

| Yeah whoever thinks that infrastructure issues are a country attacking has other issues that need to be tended to before they listen to reason. Deleting the threads probably wasn't the best idea, but leaving them up wasn't any better. You did the best you could do in this situation imo, since there's no reliable way that I know of to ban a user from this forum. Wouldn't it be funny if you could redirect specific ip addresses to a different site when they try to post something?

| Sending someone who got ipbanned to like NPR or a subreddit instead of here would be hilarious

| >>793315

A long time ago, during the reign of the Russian spammer, our admin did just that, I think- or at least redirected his vpn's in such a way that they couldn't even tell they were banned, their posts just didn't submit. It worked for a little while.

| No no no sssssshhhhhh. It's all a conspiracy. Shut up maid. The NHK is behind this

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This thread is permanently archived