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Meditating makes your brain quicker, say scientists

| A study that examined the effects of meditation on the brain has confirmed what many who practice it have long suspected.

Buddhist monks have been certain of it for centuries, while late adopters in the west have recently come around to the idea. Now US researchers have added scientific weight to the notion that daily meditation can make your brain quicker and improve your ability to concentrate.

| Comparing brain scans from before and after practicing meditation for 10 minutes a day for eight weeks revealed that meditation led to faster switching between the brain’s two general states of consciousness: the ‘default mode network’, which is active when the brain is awake but not focused, such as during daydreaming; and the ‘dorsal attention network’, when the brain engages for attention-demanding tasks.

| “The findings indicate the potential effects of meditation on enhancing the brain capability of fast switching between mind wandering and focused attention and maintaining attention once in attentive states,” the study concluded.

Binghamton University, New York is set to launch a new line of research to see whether regular meditation could help people with Alzheimer’s disease and autism. The two conditions have been linked to impairments in the dorsal attention network

| Old study, read it, cool but not really new.

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It's from this year, midia-kun. Stop shitposting.

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Why even lie about something like this wtf???

| >>789232 wrong person, and if dont post a link to the article, nor inform its date, you have no right to judge

| Even the text you wrote or quoted(no way to know) says that its something long suspected, some people could very much see this as common knowledge or something that was already studied, specially if they practice or interact with people who practice meditation.

But of course, only midia-kun could think like that in your head.

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It doesn't matter what "some people could think". This is the first scientific study of its kind and its from this year. That's the reality of it.

There's no reason to lie and claim that it's an old study, or move the goal-post and say "I NEVAR SAID IT WAS AND OLD STUDY I SAID IT WAS COMOEN SAENSE ITS ALL YOUR FAULT NOT MINE".

What compells a person to lie about inane shit like this?

| >>789356 sheer ignorance?

With the amount of people who already talked about this topic and belived what this study is saying before it was even proved, its not hard to assume that this was an already studied topic

And again, you gave nor source to the article, no one can see the date and the things you paraphrased or quoted(still no way to know since there is no source) dont directly indicate(just vaguely hints) that this was the first study of the topic

| Lie implies that the person knew truth, wich I doubt, because of the sheer amount of people who simply knew meditation helped the brain was huge even before the study

You are getting needlessly angry for what is a common mistake that anyone who doesnt read a lot of articles about mind studies could make, not every misinformation is out there maliciously

| Like, saying this is an old study is surely wrong but you can very much call it an old knowledge since you yourself wrote that buddhist monks have been doing it for centuries, and we know for a fact that their culture of meditation became basicaly global and you can find people who do it basicaly anywhere and over time people do realise that this is having positive effects on their minds

| So that fact is, that the only thing preving this from being an old study was because it was only researched now, but people basicaly knew it was factual for a long time.

And thus it becomes a scientifict fact on peoples heads.

Like,there has never been a study about if a lego goblin can fall, but if there was study about it, a lot of people would call it old news since lego goblins do fall

False memories under basic assumptions, its not hard to think that

| Midia-kun is attention whoring again...

| >>789418 says the one who only got into the thread out of spite for a random nobody

| >>789232 >>789418
Do you see midia-kun right now? Is she in the room with us?

| Retard schitzo

| Meditation makes your brain quicker [at something for which speed id useless].
You guys can argue all you want, recent or not this study is mostly useless.

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Efficiently switching between tasks is rarely useless. Dunno why you would think that...

Also fuck midia-kun and his obvious telemetry.

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The study clearly says that meditation also makes it easier to MAINTAIN concentration.

The findings are hardly useless. In fact I'd argue that you should take up meditation considering how hard it is for some of you guys to stay exchange oon-topic without outside help.

| >>789568 The study doesn't say anything since there is still no link.
And what op said is that it allows switching faster from wandering/focused and maintaining focus, but in most cases those aren't issues, except ADHD maybe.

And studies aren't useless, but they are useless to share here considering it has mostly no effects at all if you're not a scientist in this domain, which probably no one is here.

| No source provided.

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