Nipah Virus

| yet another pandemic seems to be brewing in yet another country with a recklessly high population density. Im all for pfizer but in 6 months they gonna have the goddamn higarashi juice in a syringe nipaaaaaah

| >The case fatality rate is estimated at 40% to 75%.
As sociopathically excited I would be for *yet another fucking pandemic* stacked on top of this one, you need a fatality rate under ~10%/infection to get off the ground properly, this is related to your R-number of course but hardly anything in world history has ever breached 10.
Still, for all it's worth - ganbare, Nipah-chan!

| Would be cool to have a link or source to that

| It's been around for years, it may be
locally dangerous to people with poor liing conditions, especially with the medical system being fucked up now, but it's not going to be a pandemic

| India is at least admitting that it’s a deadly disease and treating it unlike China <.<

| >Preventive measures include avoiding exposure to bats and sick pigs, and not drinking raw date palm sap.[8] As of May 2018 about 700 human cases of Nipah virus were estimated to have occurred

Why is this relevant news?

| >The virus was isolated and identified in 1999.[2][12] The disease is named after a village in Malaysia, Sungai Nipah.[12] Pigs may also be infected, and millions were killed by Malaysian authorities in 1999 to stop the spread of disease, a measure which proved to be successful.

| So OP is lying and spreading fake news.

| Locked for no source.

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