Economic era about to end?

| It seems that we are at the forefront of a global economic downturn for years to come.

Inflation + rising living costs + politics + choice of work + research and development focus + stress of logistics + rising inefficiency.

Inflation makes people want more money, but the ever rising costs do not stem the tide.

Politics seem headed towards communism, which leads to large corporations such as coca-cola losing revenue.

The choice of work is tech, but the (continued on next page.)

| market is flooded and overloaded with people trying to get into tech, dropping the value and the reason why they originally went there.

Research and development is not headed towards increasing efficiency of production, despite increasing costs, but on adding tech in everything.

Transportation of goods is being stressed, but working at the moment. (Covid pushed it to the near breaking point, but anymore and it triggers massive failures in business logistics.) This is just the...

| tip of the iceberg in terms of logistics which break when run beyond capacity.

The rising inefficiences in governent increase operating costs, but provide nothing in return.

Now we have the equation triggering depletion of economy, but it does not collapse globally and remains under tension.

This only is moments away from an end of economic eras, and only a small push triggers it.


| And all of these are all artificially pushed

| I think there are a lot of things coming together. For one thing that isn't talked about much, you have to have somewhere to invest profitably but the markets can only grow so much. In the past capitalism kept integrating new markets, but now there aren't really any new geographic places to expand to so investors have to either hold onto their money, try to commoditize things that didn't used to be commodities, or throw it into dumb long-shot startups

| China's huge growth helped with that but it can't keep it up forever, so unless some other area starts growing exposively we'll see a big old-school depression and/or companies keep getting more cutthroat about trying to get monopolies and intrude into each others' and all of our business more and more.

Plus, the economy we're used to was based on extracting huge amounts of value from the environment. But we're running into the limits of that now and it may be the end of growth

| Really, that's the big change i think we'll see. The end of growth, and maybe the return of depressions to the rich world. Squeezing more efficiency might help but ultimately there's only so much planet to go around, and after that profit can mainly be made in struggles over who can exploit which sector rather than growing them. Last time that dynamic was peaking we got WW1 and a shift into huge use of oil... hopefully this time it's not as bad but climate change won't help

| Oh, exploiting harder is another not great option to keep making profit

| >>785939 I think I agree with almost every point you said, but I have a question about the possible end of the economic growth here on Earth, and is:
Do you think that the breakthrough in space travel would allow a new spurt in the economic markets?

I've heard that there're several countries interested in extracting resources in asteroids/moons and other planets.

Specially China, it has been investing in a lot space related stuff lately.

| >>785938 China seems to play less of a part in this or rather a different role.

Previously markets were more about the production of goods, compare to the current shift of "let's mine user data to sell goods" vs production of actual goods.

To top it off, almost all major companies have hit what is known as a growth limit. They can't be expected to grow, as there is no areas for them to grow in with a realistic form of growth. Increases, decreases or company failure are the only..

| options which are left in essence, besides buying or merging with sectors, but this proves the limitation.


| >>785942 that's not something i know much about - my uneducated guess is it expands based on hype and we don't learn whether it's really profitable until the hype dies down and either a bubble pops or it doesn't

That said, for it to really relieve things in the short term it'd have to not only be a profitable market but also a huge one, and while that's also something i also don't know much about, i don't think it's guaranteed

| >>785952 hmm yeah that's pretty right.
Personally, I think it will be profitable, but not in the near future, because we really need to make cheap and efficient energy.

So... My guess is that the economic market will colapse, and it's pretty much unavoidable.

| What's with the reddit tone?

Don't think depressions will occur as drastic, people aren't dumb, they think about it.

Another question is wether this economic downturn is being dealt with a little too late to change, like global warming. Now this is smt i'd like to know>>785939

| >>785957
The market collapses every tenish years, doesn't it?

| >>786081

The last time was 2008 and before that it was like 1920.

| Feel like op is making a bunch of assertions without substantiatin anything. Communism lol you should be doomer pilled, but for the right reasons

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| People be worried about developing cheap energy, when we could start by using our energy more cheaply, but nobody's gonna do that.

| >>786389 hahaha indeed, that's a thought provoking comment, I tell you that!

| "politics seem headed towards communism" your head is so far up your own ass you resemble an ouroboros

| >>786664 Yeah I didn't get this either

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| >>786884 No. c:

| By "communism" it is mostly the ideology and how it will indirectly act as a component in all this.

The idea of the rich vs the poor leads to higher taxes and boycott type actions on "profiteers".

You eventually destablize markets, as sentiment in economics drops, as nobody is optimistic about the market or company futures.

Less products are sold as prices rise.

Production goes down and efficiency decreases.

Combine with my previous points and it's only a trigger pull away...

| from an economic collapse in where innovation or industry are in no position to pull us out from.

This is all predictable as a cycle.

As for people who disagree, it's just a theory after all. ;)

If the conditions match, I do expect we're on the edge of economic collapse, but the sign before it, is economic downturn.

Feel free to disagree though.


| >>35cf22
Your mother is optimistic

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