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The REAL biggest threat to humanity

| is inability to realise we're all not the same and we are forced to compete with each other. The balance of powers is a nonsense because if one group becomes wealthier in resources and power it creates a threat to others. Your possibility to live your life and expand your way of living is a threat to other's possibility to live their way and to expand their way of living. We should cooperate like separate groups. Not like a mob of unification and mystic solidarity.

| you know there's plenty of space here on Earth ,right? Is a popular fact that all 7 billion humans would fit in the state of texas. And even if we feel claustrophobic here.. there's also plenty of space in our solar system.
There's no need to fight between us lmao

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Who us? There is no such a thing like abstract "us". Some people are not able to live with each other because they are not the same. Of course there is entire Universe which waits for human being to be colonized. But still... We won't be the same. We will form different groups of interests. And we will be forced to compete with each other.

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*Of course there is entire Universe which waits to be colonized by human beings.

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Thanks dear me.

| >>781621 Yes, "Us". I believe humans are a single species and share a lot of more things in common between their individuals than you think.

And I don't think we fight between us here on Earth for good reasons. and no, just because we're different or believe different things, we shouldn't fight because of that. So those are not good reasons. That's what I'm trying to explain to everyone!

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Humans are a single species indeed. The problem is each person is a separate mental world. My inner world is not the same as yours. Of course better we will cooperate than fight each other. Agression is not the best course of action. Sometimes it is possible to cooperate but if our differences are too incompatible with each other we will not be able to even talk. We shall be competing each other. And competition is not the worst possible option here.

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For example you manifest that there is a thing called "Us". My disagreement with that automatically makes me a member of another group that is not yours. By your words I feel you're against borders and you believe there is a place for everyone in this world. I agree we all can find a place here. But I strongly against dissapearance of my identity and identity of my group. Your identity is more global than mine. Your worldview looks dangerous for me. What should we do?

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Of course not fighting. You live your way. I live my way. But our ways are different and if one way will be prevalent it would make life of people like me or you much harder. We all wanna live in the world which we're able to understand and accept. And now... Imagine there is some people with the way that forbid even the fact of disscussion aboth this topic here. We at least able to understand each other. They will be completely alien for us.

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Long story short:

The fact we are different at some level is does not matter and it won't make us fighting. But there exist a much deeper level when it is too hard even to accept existence of someone who you do not agree. You are a carrier of humanistic worldview. And you accept only those who exist within rules of your worldview. There is some people who should not exist for you. The same thing is about me. And this is what we have and can't do anything about that.

| >>6167ad interesting text

| >>435224 thanks. I guess...

| i am the biggest threat to humanity
>t. the biggest threat to humanity

| Private property of production means a.k.a. capitalism. Question answered, you can close this thread now.

| >>783943 thanks, commie. I will read some Marx sometime. For now your answer looks too axiomatic and meaningless.

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>Manages to use the word meaningless redundantly


| >>783952 so... Would you give me something more than just carping?

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Note "she" didn't comment on axiomatic because he doesn't know what it means

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So mathematics and logic are meaningless to you, since they are axiomatic too?

If the world wasn't axiomatic, then there would be no use for science at all. But surprisingly they can be very effective as long smart people get the chance to work on it. Marx and Engels (no reason to leave him unmentioned) were smart. Their analysis on capitalism is still very actual and valid. They just were way ahead of their time to make something really useful out of it.

| a group of people who are all the same won't get very far. they need help in the areas where they're lacking. they can only get that help from people who are different that them & bring something new to the table. but you're probably talking about race in which case idk.

| Yanks

| The Great Filter. In resume, it states that the reason we don't find live outside the universe is or A) Earth is the only place were you can find intelligent life or B) There was life, but it got extint. By probability, it's impossible that life had't existed before, so the Great Filter says that there's a wall that makes every single life organism extinct. So we either are the first organism that has passed the filter and we are truly alone, or we are going to inevitably disappear

| gottem

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