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So yeah. Afghanistan

| Well, what now? Will Taliban take over and make things worse? 20 years of american intervention, trillions of dollars and will the place become a holy ground for extremism? A safe haven for islamic terrorism? Is that it?

| It's Nam all over again

| I got Schadenfreude

| Who cares.

| >>778823 I don't know bruh, they are people, there are thousands of innocents in there, maybe they deserve some empathy? If it was with you/where you live people just shrugged of like that, how you would feel? I saw a video, of a young woman crying, I felt really sorry about her.

| >>778816 I think it will be worse in the long run.

| >>778821 For who and why?

| >invade a place for shits and giggles
>wonder why it collapses the moment you withdraw your military
The entire combined intellectual potential of the US could not produce this big a think.

| >>778834 Shhh, the americans are heroes, they are never the source of problems. Obviously they were preventing crap from happening, that's why it goes crazy after leaving.
I mean, a guy with an assault rifle killing civilians for fun is only a bad guy if he's not american, right?

| It's been awhile since we had a caliph, 2021 expansion finally has something interesting

| >>778826

I wouldn't care either. People shrug off tragedies that occur where I live because it doesn't affect them- some outside the city, state, or country even relish the chance to hear about said tragedies, and there isn't anything to do about it but to move on.

Afghanistan has been in a state of conflict for centuries even without foreign intervention, and likely will continue to do so.

| Either way, China is already getting close to them, folks says that it shows that Taiwan is on it's own, Taliban says that it will fight to bring Sharia to the whole, world, shit show after shit show it seems.

| I saw a few quotes about them seeking a "peaceful transition". Looks like they want some legitimacy, but it's unlikely with 6000 troops on the way.

| >>778852 I mean, yea, we screw up a lot. However it's only fair if you also remember we've been he guarantor of overall global peace since WW2 ended. We've sorta lost the nerve for it now, because we get so much global hate among other reasons. And that's why Russia felt secure in invading Crimea, why china feels secure in abusing the people in Hong kong, and why Russia is currently pressuring the Balkans.

| The fact is, modern society basically guarantees all countries will fall under one of the hegemonies. Your choices are American, Russian, or Chinese. And yea, they're all bad choices sometimes, but they're the only choices there are.

| >>779141 Taiwan has strong US support,only vaguely disguised. Taiwan and Japan are so close they don't require passports of each other's citizens. And Japan is still so deeply tied to the US that it might as well be the 51st state. The US sells weapons to Taiwan at a comparatively huge discount. Not to mention all the fuckery with the 1951 treaty and the whole subsuming the taiwanese government into the US military command but never releasing them stuff.

| TL;DR is that the US has just as much claim to Taiwan bylegal precedent and tradition as the PRC, and a more recent and legally binding claim.

| >>779198 I hope you are right, cuz, I don't want a world where China wins, truth matters, CCP in a way is worse than Nazi Germany, it is pure horror.

| The US should never have pulled out so soon without a plan, Biden was warned three months ago this was gonna happen and laughter it off.

Also love the pro taliban tankies on twitter who don't know the taliban mass executed commies last time they took power.

| >>779369 Anyone who defends Taliban is signing a "I am retarded" certificate.

| >>778852 how to tell you don't live in America

| >>779195 "global peace" meaning "global domination"

| >>779486 US is an asshole no doubt, but if our choices are, Russia, China, Islamic States and US well, US is by far what we call here "the least worse"

| >>779493 Sure, but there's also the "no one" option. We don't need global domination by one country.

| >>779630 Looking through history, I kinda have to disagree with you, sadly.

| American blaming each other because republican president started the withdrawal while democrat president follow through.

Taliban acting like they kick US's ass, even if all they do is wait until US leave.

China talking a lot of shit, being a true backseat driver

Feminists still turning a blind eye that women are treated like a pet/slave, too busy being mad about fictional women is anime and video game.

Nice popcorn material.

| >>779672 not just popcorn, its the whole cinema plus the parking lot if you dont live in the mentioned countries.

| The whole thing is stupid beyond belief.

U.S. pulls out troops stating it's for "safe" for Afghans as U.S. troops pull out and then focusing efforts on "domestic" issues, while the very moment the troops are pulled out from Afghan, dozens of terror groups just move right in.

It's obvious as can be what the results will be.

| >>779630 every political body eventually becomes nothing but assholes, it's the nature of the type of person that seeks political power. If there weren't some governing body limiting and directing that nature, though, they'd be the people that cause anarchism to fail. It's just an innate part of the collective human nature. The particular politics don't matter.

The best we can do is direct that lust for power in a way that harms least/benefits most.

| It's all the democrats fault. And liberals. And communists. And feminists. And gays. And cultural marxists.

Republicans did everything right. Bush did everything right. Trump did everything right. They never failed. With them Afghanistan would be the land of the free.

The taliban are good, but they are afraid of liberal democratic communism. All their actions are justified. The califat is still better than communism, like democrats make in the USA.

| >>783941 psst, trump was in past talking about end of conflict in Afghanistan

Btw. I have few questions for you
1. What affect are having feminists?
2. What affect are having gays?
3. What are marxists and liberals having common?
4. Describe me please how is looking like average "Liberal", because it is pretty large political spectrum

| >>783966
1. Who is currently the head of the US. Army?

| >>783981
Even a superhuman god-emperor couldn't handle the shit Donald Trump left. If he stayed president he would congratulate the Taliban for their victory about the godless communists installed by liberals. This guy wouldn't even realize what's going on if the islamists would knock over his tower.

| >>783966
It's so sad how hard it became these days to say if stuff like >>783966 is irony or an actual opinion.

| >>783990
So even when it's Biden's fault, it's Trump's fault?
I think this is called Trump derangement syndrome.

| My opinion is unironically that China could benefit from this mess and eventually even will step actively into the conflict. I wonder if at some point Afghanistans government will ask them for help.

| >>783992
Sorry wrong reference. The irony/opinion issue of course is clearly this post >>783941

| >>783993
The brainlet take
China doesn't give a fuck. Talibans hate USA, and that's enough for them. Why in the everloving dogflesh would they waste their time on an afghani campaign when the USA has just shown the world how it got blown the fuck out by goat herders? They'll just stay in their corner and profit while they purge the Uyghurs and pretend that they just hate islamists, in pure CCP doublethink style.
Do you believe in freudian slips?

| >>783994 I know what you mean but, I think it is irony.

| >>783996 Pretend to hate? Dude, if you are going to literally create concentration camps for a specific group, you are not just pretending to hate, and communism hates religion overall.

| >>783981 sadly idk structure of army in us, just triggered me mixing things what doesn't directly affect each other. If this post was mean as irony, it is my mistake, i was supposing that this post was mean seriously.

I'm having maybe wrong opinion, but i would honestly support idea if was Afghanistan satellite state, and if was there shared education and some kind of global culture.

| I going to afghanistan and i gonna turn muslim so i can opress and beat women without anyone bitching about it

| Best life

| Also why we should do something about it. Let them kill each other.
Or bomb all the place down.
That humanitarian shit never worked anywhere

| >>778834 afghanistan was already a shithole before usa

| >>784055
Actually afghanistan was on the way to become a industrially developed country with a secular or even laizist government. Unfortunately the USA could achieve what they didn't in vietnam: Bomb the shit out of the people because "communism is evil". Under the reign of anticommunist neocons in the US, the CIA trained, equipped and shipped radical islamists from their allied and beloved saudi-kingdom (which they probably see as some kind of disneyland) to afghanistan.

| >>784055
It was the US foreign policy driven by irrational anticommunist geopolitics that turned afghanistan into a bigger shithole it was before. And when the mission seemed accomplished, they left them alone with those religious lunatics. Until 9/11, when they had to realize, they created a monster there. A part of me would really love to see how osamas children throw up the trump tower next. And even more if they manage to hit the Pentagon this time plus the CIAs HQs.

| >>784029
It seems the "CCP doublethink style" isn't a CCP exclusive style. ;-)

| >>784063 What the heck? You're not even making any sense in here at all, not sure what to answer to such gibberish, but ok, suit yourself.

| All we get now in the US is a "Stab-in-the-back myth" against the Biden Administration, prepared and propagated by the trumpian fascists.
The german fascsists seem really to be a role model for those people.

| >>784157
>reichstag fire
>stab in the back myth
>extremely thinly veiled nazi symbolism (if it's even veiled at all)
hahaha FUCK
at this point just call the germans in and have them denazify the country like we did to them

| >>784090 they clearly aren't good with English. Take time to parse it out and it makes more sense.
>>784061 >>784059 you're not wrong, but there is no good reason to blame the current US for what they did 50 years ago. It's not the same people. Also I can see why the US acted back then. Pakistan and India were both allies of the US and they were worried. Even post-Stalin, being a Russian client state wasn't great for most places.

| The US was never going to "win" Afghanistan the way they tried though. It requires a major cultural shock to change that drastically. Hell, I doubt if the Japanese would have changed so completely if a land invasion had been fought instead of the nukes.

| The us thought extremists were just a very rare thing and decided to kill them all. They killed anyone that sided with them. When everyone was dead, they realized it was the entire country who would support extremism.Once they realized there was no real coexistence with their country, the us decided to leave. but now the few people that lied to the us saying they had the balls to protect their women and children from becoming objects are on their kknees.a

| >>784210
>Even post-Stalin, being a Russian client state wasn't great for most places
Still better than ANY post-cold-war client states. As soon the soviet union collapsed new eastern and old western oligarchs in the industrialized countries started again to plunder and fuck up the third world. Just like in the good old times of colonialism and early industrialism, before communists came into power (it doesn't even matter that they weren't what they supposed to be).

| >>784533 soviet union did do shit for 3rd world, shut up. No one ever did anything for us and only took what they wanted in exchange for minor improvements

| The USA's plan to "liberate" other countries from evil communists:
1. Support and side with religious fundamentalists, fascists and even with ultra twisted "communists" (cambodia)
2. let them murder all progressive people suspected for beeing communists
3. hope that those assholes don't turn into a boomerang and build a democracy with free market access.

| >>784534
They didn't much, and often only out of geopolitical interest. But they did much better than the USA, who were setting hell on earth to bomb communism (or what they believed to be so) out of there. Just look what they did in Vietnam.

| Or chile. They even removed a legally democratically elected government with help of military and fascists just not too loose "their" copper. Kissinger literally said, he gives a damn about democracy, if it leads to people electing a socialist. It's the same direction Trumpster fascists go theses days. Democracy means nothing to them. It's all about keeping the status quo and red scare.

| >>784536 dont care is what they did was or was not worse than the US, they still just stole from smaller countries like any other 1st world does, being the least worst option is still not a good option.

| The same in Iran. Mossadegh was democratically elected. But out of red scare, the USA installed a random monarch who was that much hated by his people they prefered radical islamists over this US-puppet of a Disneyland-King. And because there wasn't any progressive opposition left, since they were all tortured and murdered in his prisons.

| >>784538
There were massive qualitative and quantitative difference between the USA and the soviet unions engagement in the third world. The most imporant is, that the soviet union supported progressive and anti-imperialist movements. That they were some kind of empire themselves would have lead to massive contradictions with much more chances for those contries on the long term. Now we have legit neo-colonialism without any doubts. Because the world is ruled by jungle law again.

| Hey, it's the commie bitch again. Back for ranting?

| >>784541 I'll rant all over you uwu

| >>784540 you can keep ranting about how the soviet union did things less bad than other countries but it still wont make them seem better, they still made the same scummy practices that bigger capitalist countries do and if they were still around they would keep doing it, and the world would be even more divided, now its just one less parasite of the third world, cold war was never a good thing to begin with

| Fact is, so long as we live in a scarcity based society, some people will always be exploiting others.

Hell, even in a post-scarcity society, you will still have some people seeking power over others just for powers sake.

| It sucks being on the bottom, regardless of what hegemony you fall under. Even if it's just a local community, once you get past 130 people or so, you'll start to see some stratification.

| >>784560
Meaning that as stratification is normal for human societies, communism goes against human nature.
Glad it died!

| >>784551
>now its just one less parasite of the third world, cold war was never a good thing to begin with
Cold war itself wasn't good, but the idea of having a peaceful coexistence and competition of systems was a good thing. And most of the time it wasn't the soviets that violated the idea of "peaceful coexistence". How many regime changes did the soviets perform compared to the USA? How many democratically elected governments were forcefully removed by the soviets?

| And in the end: Which system/regime/block gave up cold war for the sake of humanism? Gorbatchev gave his hands to the western world. And all they did was tearing off his arm. All achievements of the soviet people were trampled down within a decade. And now global politics is more retarded and stuck than ever in capitalist dogmas.

| It's a popular major thought error (and propaganda) that because there were fundamental crimes against humanity in the name of communism, the whole criticism on the capitalist system and seeking for alternatives to it is fundamentally wrong. According to the same logic you could question capitalism playing a central role in two world wars, hell of a lot of dictatorships, expoloitation of third world countries pluss mass starvation (see great famine in ireland 1845)

| Let's face it: The political success of "modern" islamism is a creation of western colonional and cold-war politics (e.g. GB and Germany were supporting Islamists in Arabia and the ottoman empire during WW1). The regimes associated with the soviet union were (and still are) better than anything the west provided to this regions. Even the "liberal islam" in Indonesia (also a result of western red-scare supported mass killings in the 60s) is getting more and more regressive.

| The arab-socialist leftover regimes in Libya and Syria were also better than what the west brought them now. Assad and Gadaffi may were/are assholes, but they also brought stability and social progress. No need to start talking of iraq, were the USA supported and then dropped Sadam Hussein. What a shitshow. Shame on the USA.

| USA = Worlds No.1 Shithole terror state. It should be immediately occupied by UN-troops. What did you expect from a country founded by criminals and religious fundamentalists no one wanted to have in europe - and everything build on the back of slaves. Mass stupidity owning weapons of mass destruction. Most states the USA declared as "evil" are a a lesser evil to humankind than themselve.

| >>784742 Based

| >>784742 hey, at least it works

| China or Russia will soon take advantage of this to fight proxy wars.

Just the fact that you have U.S. military equipment that is in working and operational condition fall into enemy hands is scary. Now top that off with the enemy being terrorists.

In the Cold War we were glad to find examples of military technology, as we were better able to counter it.

Alarming when you have terrorists finding ways to take out armoured vehicles and troop transports.

| >>784751 China, Russia or anyone with deep enough pockets could have always walked up to an international arms dealer and bought examples of US technology if they wanted -- if not outright stolen it from the manufacturer themselves via espionage, considering not even the defense industry pays its workers enough

| >>784745
It doesn't even work anymore for the local majority. After making many other states fail, the USA slowly becomes a failed state itself.

| >>784751
You mean like in Syria? Well the intervention by russia becomes more and more unpopular there. And some still remember how the last intervention in afghanistan led to the downfall of the soviet union (which was kind of a russian empire). But I agree with you on china. I'm just not sure how the "international community" would react to an intervention. Especially if china is going to be attacked by islamist terrorists, no one could argue against them intervening.

| >>784756 China and Russia have both the technology and the money to buy examples of US tech, but they likely already have enough technical data to duplicate or to counter it efficiently.

It's a big difference when you have asymetric warfare going along and you have an enemy which improvises or captures heavy weaponary and now they are able to carefully look for weak points in equipment we trust and hope to keep our troops safe in.

| >>784761 I think it's different than Syria. China seems to be playing a more strategic game compare to Russia who is flexing military might.

It may be a strong political/propaganda end game which plays a story like: "US leaves and betrays trust of allies, China attempts to bring stability and safety to region".

US ends up looking weak and China appears much stronger. It's war waged on economics and could easily lead to China surpassing US on the global political scale.

| >>784567 in practice, even communism is stratified.

| >>c8c560 my favourite communism pokemon waa the chile one that was elected. Then castro called him a cuck and nixon along with pepsi funded a coup de ta. Wacky stuff.

| >>785307 Never underestimate the lengths businesses will go to for a deal, or the depths people will stoop to for money.

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