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Covid-19 sucks

| For me the true horror of this Covid crisis wasn't the virus itself. It's dangerous but with a little bit of informed reading you can get the two jabs and feel rather safe now.

| The true horror of this virus was how I suddenly had to realize that I'm surrounded by people who can't process reality and simple facts, who gobble up every weird brainfart distributed by malicious actors or downright deranged lunatics and can't be trusted to do the right thing as soon as a real emergency hits our society because their brains are fear-driven makebelieve machines.

| I feel you. I am surrounded by people that get their 'science' and 'medical knowledge' from TV, news, movies and gobble it all up.

"fear driven make believe machines"... That's a description and a half. Spot on though.

| Insecure people will believe anything no matter how illogical if it allows them to avoid facing an inconvenient truth. Self-delusion is a helluva drug.

| Tell us something we dont know

| ditto, this entire thread.

| True... but I can suck you better than Covid-19 will.

| Everyone here acts all smart, but start talking about gender and you'll see the zoo appear

| >When everyone itt thinks everyone else agrees with their specific opinion and feels smug about it

>This in turn makes everyone feel justified and nobody attacks each other

| The economic effect of covid is already killing off the economies of multiple countries. Their currencies are already inflating.

| >>774776 too

| >>774774 I dunno man. For me personally I am just insanely skeptical of both the government and medical establishment just because of horrific shit they have done in the past and I have absolutely no trust in them. Along with sketchy shit and backtracking they have done this whole pandemic. I kind of want to wait until side effects are fully known and such. I would read and research but, depression can be a bitch and just reading a page can be difficult at times.

| Test

| >>775223
Nah man only an extremest wouldn't want to be vaccinated for an Advanced Cold. Trust government, trust medicine.

| >>775252 hey man, while I do approve of your message, you really arent making an effort to convince>>906148 saying trust the very institutions that you lost your trust with aint gonna solve nothing on his end.

| >>774817 >>774826 >>775223 >>775252
Shout-Out to all the idiots trying to prove that the government has to control us.

Some of us have spent years with the position that we didn't need the state to force us to behave. That we could be smart and responsible without having our hands held.

| And then in the span of a year, a bunch of you idiots who are definetly reading this right now went ahead and did everything you could to prove that no, we definetly are NOT smart enough to do anything intelligent on our own, and that we apparently DO need the government to force us to not be stupid.

| All you had to do was either get a shot OR put a fucking mask on and stop getting sick for freedom. But no, that was apparently too much to ask. So now the state has all the evidence they'll ever need that, without being forced to do something, we're too stupid to do it.

So thanks for setting us back, you dumb fucks.

In b4 I get called an authoritarian bootlicker for advocating that people be responsible voluntarily.

| >>233596 tbh, you the one here with least amount of credit, you are being rude, condiscending, apathetic and definetly not giving any incentivise to inform or convince those 4 to change their minds and give the vaccines and masks a chance and to be honest, your derrangement only confirms their bias, at this point you might as tell em that they are right for not wanting to be on the same side as you are.

| >>233596 Look at the smart one we got there. Plot twist, you need masks and social distancing with or without vaccines, and considering how things go all we'll get is a vaccine-resistant variant soon.

So you're both violent and mistaken, insulting people for not understanding even though you didn't understand anything. Funny. Now go back to thinking that you can do crap as long as you're vaccinated, and enjoy covid21.

| LMAO you changed your attire and got injected with poison to virtue signal over Chinese Sniffles and you're still coping.

| >>775269
>stop getting sick for freedom
Speaks for itself

| >>775310
Freedom isn't freedom from responsibility. It's literally something that comes with responsibility. And not just personal responsibility, civic responsibility.

No practical definition of freedom is complete without the freedom to accept the consequences.

Having the choice to protect others via masking or vaccination but choosing neither is the wrong move. When this happens again, and it will, your government will likely prevent you from having a choice.

| >>775274
Uhhh... try reading my post again because you obviously missed something critical.

| As >>906148 I have avoided people to the best of my ability and tried to just keep from others because it has been obvious that there is a disease even from when it was in china. I was trying to prep before it hit the states. I am just insanely skeptical of the government and the bourgeoisie corporations when they say"you bro take this vaccine to protect society and shit" like no. I don't think the masks are all that effective really.

| Best method at keeping from getting sick is just to avoid other foreign people at all costs. Your friend? Hang out with them on your day off instead of going to some consumerist bourgeoisie nonsense concert. Which increase the chances of you contacting an individual who you don't know. This with more contact with unknown individuals raises the chances of you contacting someone who is sick. Your friend?

| Could be though the risk is alot lower. And if they feel ill at all they can just quarantine. This slowing the spread of the illness. Need to get goods? In and out don't interact unless absolutely necessary.

| >>775384 I can see where you are coming from, social bubbles are interesting and work really well, its best to keep distance for others and if you need to interact just be with people you know and trust

| I understand your feelings OP but it sounds like yet another wedge issue where common people blame each other for problems that were caused by government and corporate incompetence. Especially in the US, quarantine might have actually worked if people were paid to stay at home and corporations like Amazon and Walmart had harsh restrictions for operating during a pandemic.

| Covid and its (para)psycological consequencies have been a big bullshit for me and my friends, I don't like it. Make it stop.

| I consider myself pretty lucky. Got an assignment to Misawa Japan just before covid hit. It hardly had an effect over there. It was like being on the outside looking in, watching the news about it all.

Now I'm back in the States and everything is still shit lol. Still, lucky I missed the worst of it.

| The modern antivax movement was jump-started by Andrew Wakefield a hack doctor who got rich by creating fear in a bunch of scared mothers. The man also abused children for his pseudoscientific experiments.

A lot of the conspiracy sphere and anti vax people are all dipshits exploiting people to make a lot of cash.

| >>775723

| >>775319
These people hurt their communities by promoting+supporting anti-intellectualism. They seek attention and to feel like they are superior because they have "inside information." It has real consequences...

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boomerang_effect_(psychology) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motivated_reasoning

| >>775223 >>775252 >>775382
There certainly is a political divide and conquer strategy going on related to COVID-19 though, but you've either been taken in by it, or you're an agent of it (or a little of both, who knows?). If you really are earnestly worried about COVID-19 being used as a political tool, then you should see that the best thing to do would be to eliminate it.

| Everyone should get vaccinated and then, when everyone is, everyone should simultaneously do their best to isolate for a few weeks. Then the disease would vanish. Sure, little pockets could pop up here and there, but with quick responses and temporary local quarantines those could be stamped out. Even without a vaccine, the virus could have been handled early by a series of intensive periods of widespread self-isolation. Instead of a year and a half of mask mandates, etc

| -infection levels could have been periodically brought down to zero, or almost zero with a little cooperation and some periods of isolation every few months instead of continuously for some and never for others. With a good testing regime and contact tracing, self-isolation campaigns could have been fairly tightly geographically focused, as well.

| Instead, because of selfish, almost sociopathic, idiocy like your post displays, everyone has been put at risk of infection all the time. There's been massive death and disruption to people's way of life, etc. All because some people have to be selfish, whiny, crybabies with absolutely no sense of duty or social or personal responsibility.

| You know, if you were so close to having a reasonable, non offensive and actually endearing comment, but it all went down the toilet at >>775941

Dont expect to convince or eve be heard by others if you are going to be rude and treat them as inferior to you.

I agree with you but I really dislike how people like you think.

| If people believe social isolation is a solution, they should be made aware that even "air gapped" networks are not secure.

The belief that others should be forced to do something, is rather concerning. First masks and vaccines, is this where they will stop, no, it is obvious they would not.

Same with social security being used for "identification", even though it was forbidden for it to be used for that manner.

History repeats itself over, yet many assume "this time"...

| "It will be different", yet with this much being obvious, the future is as a rerun of the past, yet many still blindly go along, without as much as a single question of it, thus begs the question of the sanity of them.

| >>3e627e You are aware that some people can't actually take the vaccine right? Because of other health risks that can develop from it, like Guillan-Barré Syndrome? That's only one of the after effects we know about the vaccine.

Some people have circumstances and priorities. ( ike it or not, EVERYONE is facing the effects of covid-19 becoming a thing. You and >>233596 are not helping by throwing shade because of how inconvenient the situation is for you guys.

| >>776171 true, it literally impossible to vaccinate 100% of the wold population, since there will always be a certain medical exception.

Well to the people who are affraid, just ask your doctor if the vaccine is safe for you, and if you dont trust them, go to another.

| >>776147 I love how people go "it'll get worse, we'll get tracked and whatever" while the only reason it happened is because they're too stupid to just wear masks properly.

But fear not, the vaccine will be useless soon, thanks to people doing the same shit from the start, vaccine-resistant variants are already spawning. Keep crying about your little freedom that you destroyed yourself.

| >>776189 You fail to address the issue. When you have the responsible authorities implementing lockdown measures and mask mandates, yet they themselves disregard them, is this first and second class citizenship?

Thw extreme prosecution of whistleblowers is problematic, as if there is any issues, there is fear of being prosecuted.

Calling entire groups of people stupid and blaming them for the problem does not help anyone, nor is it accurate either.

| >>776250 I'm saying people who couldn't follow simple hygiene rules are the reason governments did crap, because they are. It doesn't remove responsibility from the government, but when I see people in the streets saying that masks were against freedom or shit like that, they deserve worse than restricted freedom.

| >>776171 >>776188
So vaccinate yourself to protect those 0.00001% of the population that has Gullian-Barrè syndrome? It's not fucking rocket science ffs.

| >>775943
People fucking died. Your hurt fee-fees and your craving to have them coddled means fucking *nothing*. Remove your ego from the equation.

| >>3fbd31 That's reasonable.

>>ff8bf4 You missed my point. First off, some people who have gotten the vaccine have developed Gullian-Barré Syndrome, it's only one possible side effect. For some people it's a risk, especially in situations like my family where there's a history.

Second, you just went from belittling a deadly disease side effect to "People fucking died" and mocking another person who disagreed with you. Take your own fucking advice and do a self ego check.

| >>776300
I like how you completely ignored the original point only to push your own unscientific BS, and cry about it when people ignored it. This is why I don't argue on the Internet. You're one of these idiots who everyone have been calling out earlier in the thread.

Take the vaccine to protect your family and everyone else and stop regurgitating every weird brainfart distributed by malicious actors or downright deranged lunatics.

| With some informed reading you'll easily learn that Gullian-Barré Syndrome(which you cling to) is a complete non-issue, and even if it were an issue(it isn't) it's less dangerous than the virus itself.

To date, there has not been any statistical increase in GBS in patients who received the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines.

As someone said earlier: Insecure people will believe anything no matter how illogical if it allows them to avoid facing an inconvenient truth.

| >>ff8bf4 You know little about it. Even if the chance is small there are people who do have real concerns and more of a chance of getting it. Here's another case:


Also GBS is more deadly than covid. Most people with covid do completely recover. GBS causes paralysis and people's bodies to shutdown, and many who survive never completely recover.

Plus way to go ignoring that it's ONE possible side effect.

| >>ff8bf4 Not to also mention that there IS a connect to the point is has been noted, even if the chance is small:


And this is a newspaper that's PRO the vaccine.

My point wasn't no one should get the vaccine, it's that some people have circumstances that they CAN'T get it.

Way to cling to only one part of my argument to "debunk" me without listening to another side.

| >>776300
...you know you're several thousand times more likely to develop Gullian-Barré Syndrome from the Covid-19 disease than from the vaccine, right? Of course you didn't know that. You can't even process reality and very simple verifiable facts. Idiot.




| >>87a497 I'm aware of this as well. My family has been trying to figure out things with health insurance to consult a doctor about our best course of action with taking it versus not taking it.

Once again, you guys completely missed my point. I'm not even anti the vaccine. I gave an argument on why some people CAN'T take it since some people on this thread thinks everyone should be FORCED to take it.

But just call everyone else idiots. Certainly that'll make people see your ways.

| >>776309
>My point wasn't no one should get the vaccine, it's that some people have circumstances that they CAN'T get it.
Exactly, you shoehorned your point onto a different topic and started crying when people ignored it. No one fucking responded to it yet you somehow seems to think that they did.

You are undoubtedly one of these idiots who can't process reality and simple facts.

| >>776311
Dude, no one asked about your fucking family. Why are you even acting like it's part of the discussion?

>Once again, you guys completely missed my point.
He responded to it head-on, you fucking idiot. Holy shit you're fucking delusional.

| >>776311
lol how can you misunderstand peoples posts to this extent??? people never said that here. in fact we said the opposite lmao

| >>322427 >>87a497 and specially>>ff8bf4 you 3 have been generalizing people who dont take the covid vaccine and when you generlize you cant complain when people miss your point.

Adverse effects of the vaccine are low in the same way that the covid lethality but we have 7billion people on the planet if the the chance of something going wrong is just 1% 70.000.000 people die.

Yall acting like the "its just a less deadly cold"

| Instead to blindly preaching and pressuring people to vaccinate just tell them to go to their most trusted doctors to see if they should vaccinate, tell them to ask about allergies, familly history and other possibly allarming factors.

Be more reasonable, flexible and comprehensive of others arguements before acting like you are right.

| Toxic vaxers make me want to just never take it at all

| I don't really care now if people do anything to prevent COVID-19 spread. I got my vaccine and it's proven effective. If you can't get it keep social distancing. If you don't want to, do whatever, i really hope all the incubated go down just like in the first wave of infections.
I know for a fact that 90% of COVID cases are unvaccinated.
The faster they die off, the quicker we can move on.
You'll never be able to teach people to be responsible or have respect for others as adults.

| >>776347 >I know for a fact that 90% of COVID cases are unvaccinated.

The key word is cases.

Vaccinating doesnt make you less likely to get inffected, it makes you less likely to get badly infected and die, and of course most cases are from unvaccinated people, vaccines only started apearing at almost march, it doesnt take a huge study to reach that conclsion.

| I still havent got vaccinated yet, not because I dont want but because the vaccination in my country is doing an age based system, so Im only getting shots in 1 month or so.

| >>776278 Lockdown + Mask mandate in several states, yet the death ratios remain higher long term vs short term with lockdown measures.

States which implemented strong lockdown measures are also worst off economically.

Higher death ratios and worst economic outcomes do not sound like a positive at the end of the day.

| >>776351 I've yet to see people wearing masks properly.

| >>776351
>yet the death ratios remain higher long term vs short term with lockdown measures.

False. We still don't have enough long term data so build a proper data set with.

But please post scientifically verified sources if you have any.

| >>776333
If you think people are just blindly preaching then you haven't been paying attention. Just get over yourself.

| >>776349
>Vaccinating doesnt make you less likely to get inffected
It does actually, as long as the number of viruses are beneath a certain treshold. The vaccination raises that threshold btw.

| >>776517 vaccines raise immunity to the virus, meaning you still get infected, you body just deals with it before you get badly infected which in turn makes you less likely to die and become another statistic and since most times you wont feel bad enough to go to a doctor you might not even notice if you were infected and the system doesnt realise that people are still getting infected.

| There was a such a huge deal that asimptomatic people could still infect others yet now everyone is blindly saying vaccines makes you less likely to get infected because biden said it when all biden said was an statistic that 90% of infected are unvaccinated, he gave not time frame of the study, not a clue of how it was calculated and people still interpret it as if it means less likely to gey infected.

| *get infected.

So be careful with semantics and how your mind might twist a quote to become what you want to be true.

Vaccination boost immunity to the virus not how often your body absorbs the virus, what lowers infection rates is masks and social distancing.

| >>776533
You're right. We both are, actually. In my language we differ between an infection and "infections-disease" but the english langauge clumps those two concepts together. I wasn't aware of that since english isn't my first language so sorry about coming of as obtuse.

Basically, if a pathogen enters your body and the immunesystem takes care of it before it leads to a disease then we don't label it as an infection.

| >>776535
To be fair, I'm not interested in debating semantics and encourage people to overlook them and instead focus on the actual content of what is being said.

Which in this case is:
A vaccinated person is significantly less likely to get an "infectious disease" over a non-vaccinated person.

Since the statement "Vaccinating doesnt make you less likely to get inffected" can be vaguely interpreted to mean something completely different I felt I had to say something.

| >>776539 so its only ok to change an iterpretation when it makes it more likely to give the "best results"? Disgusting logic honestly.

| >>776550
What kind of mental hoops did you have to go trough to reach such a dumbfounded conclusion??

| >Since the statement "Vaccinating doesnt make you less likely to get inffected" can be vaguely interpreted to mean something completely different I felt I had to say something.

Who made the mental hoop again?

| >"Vaccinating doesnt make you less likely to get inffected"
is an inheritly vague statement that can easily be (and have been) mis-interpreted as anti-vaccination propaganda, which is why a proper clarification was in order.

I'm not sure if said clarification managed to reach your head though since you got personally offended and decided that focusing on literal shitposting was a much better use of your time...

| >>776563 and this is why you have to clarify a stament.

In the same comment that I said it didnt make people less likely to get infected, I explained that it made people more likely to survive an infection, vaccines do help a lot, Lets just not twist information into being better than is should be, it only creates distrust when the results arent what we expected.

I do not get why you are saying Im offended.

| >>776567
It's like, you don't even seem to be able to grasp what people are telling you...

We both agree that vaccinating helps against an infection both before and after the disease has broken out. We both achnowledge that these are two different concepts. We both agree that vaccinating helps against spreading said infectious disease.

So what the fuck's your problem? What the hell is all that "twisting information" and "changing iterpretation[sic]" bullshit you're spewing out?

| >>776572 didnt you say that "vaccinating doesnt make you less likely to get inffected" can be vaguely interpreted to mean something completely different I felt I had to say something? Well I believe that insisting that this phrase is wrong because it could be interpreted in a bad way actively spreads counter misformation and makes people believe the contrary, we do agree on lot but we dont have to agree with everything.

| And I dont see a point into talking about something we all agree, its more interesting to debate about pur differences dont you think? Im not offended, I just want to move the topic into what we disagree to keep the discussion going.

| >>776574
Wow, you really aren't able to grasp what people are telling you.

| >>776576 I think you are the one not getting what Im saying, read this>>776575 but try to see where Im comming from, I want to continue the debate and if you dont want, just tell me.

| >>776577
Dude, everything you mentioned in that post has been explained earlier. You're obviously not grasping what is being told to you.

| >>776575
I get it. I do. You're that retard who keeps derailing all those threads because you're unable to participate in a discussion without getting antagonistic. Even when there is *fucking nothing* to disagree on you have to make something up.

If you don't see the point in participating in a discussion then just fucking end it. Like this.

| >>776579 so you go ballistic and throws insults but Im being antagonistic?

Look, disagreeing doesnt mean that you are antagonizing someone, being antagonistic is attributing bad characteristics to someone because they disagree with you.

Well if you dont want to discuss anything the goodbye, just dont get angry at others for disagreeing with you, its not meant to be an attack or offend in any way, we are just different in some stuff.

| Also questions(no need to answer if you dont want to, just ignore if it gets on your nerve, sorry in advance,really) why do you think I come up with stuff to disagree? Do you think Im just troll who keeps trying to bait people? Is it that hard to believe that I genuingly disagree with people on some minute details of things that are overall agreed? I think small differences lile these are what makes us unique in some ways, disagreeing isnt equal to antagonizing or getting offened.

| >disagreeing isnt equal to antagonizing or getting offened.

And it seems(doesnt mean you do) like you think the opposite which just baffles me.

| People suffering from a narcissistic disorder don’t fit the social patterns, mostly because of one major reason – they lack empathy.

In order to fit into society and interact with other human beings, people have to be understanding of one another.

Narcissists function differently. They present themselves as victims.

| Narcissists truly believe they are the victims because they lack empathy.

They truly don’t understand what the real victim is going through and they can’t put themselves into someone else’s shoes.

They don’t understand emotions.

Narcissists don’t perceive other people as individual human beings, they see them as extensions of themselves.

| The inability to empathize prevents a narcissist from understanding they are not always the victim.

They can’t detect what’s causing their problems because the source of the problem is usually them.

What happens is they are incapable of feeling guilt or remorse, that’s why they never blame themselves for causing trouble.

| If a narcissist’s story changes over time (and if he’s lying, it will), you’ll know for sure he’s been altering reality to succeed in playing the victim.

They use delusion and denial to convince themselves that the bad situation they have created is not their fault at all.

They have the ability to turn the real situation into a fake one.

Whatever they see and how they perceive things is real in their eyes and nothing else.

| Usually, narcissists truly believe that their version of reality is the real one, and sometimes even if they don’t, they keep convincing you that you’re wrong.

In this case, the hot potato represents the blame.

Someone threw the blame to them and since they don’t accept it, they have to hurry up and hand it over to someone else. Narcissists will never accept blame for anything.

| Narcissists need constant validation to make their already shaky self-esteem stronger.

They need to be praised so they have the energy to keep on going on with their lives.

Since narcissists don’t have friends to talk to and they don’t feel the need to seek professional help, they turn to lying.

| Narcissists love to project. Whatever a narcissist says someone did to them, you can rest sure that they did that exact same thing to someone else.

If they say someone hurt them, it means they’ve hurt someone else. If they say someone lied to them, it means they lied to someone, and so on.

What happens is that a narcissist tries to justify their own behavior by shifting the blame and the responsibility to someone else.

| The way they think is kind of fascinating in how wrong it is. If someone else is guilty for all the things they have done, in their minds it means they did them.

If you’ve been disagreeing with a narcissist and you decided to stand up for yourself, a narcissist will come up with a different story.

They will present the story as they seem fit. They will skip the beginning and the situation where the disagreement began.

| When a narcissist feels like he no longer has control over someone, or he feels like he could be abandoned soon, he will slowly start planting the seed of how he can’t trust you because you are out to get him.

The point of this tactic is to prewarn people that something like this might happen.

| So, if you choose to save yourself because you’re fed up with the way they treat you, and you want to loosen yourself from their controlling grip, you’re going to create a situation in which you look like the bad guy and the narcissist is the victim because you left him.

| Narcissists turn molehills into mountains.

They will make a big deal out of minor things just to get the attention they are craving so badly.

This manipulation tactic usually has two purposes – to belittle you and make themselves look like victims.

| The perfect example of this kind of behavior is their ability to intentionally pick fights about trivial things to cause problems where there aren’t any.

There is no way you can expose them for those actions and the only thing you’ll achieve is hitting a brick wall

| >>776605 it does seems like>>ff8bf4 conssiders disagreements as antagonizing but the rest just doesnt fit with them(at least I dont see it), narcissism is a whole nother issue, and I dont think anyone is lying about what they wrote in the whole thread (excluding obvious memes and shitpost).

| People are just different, not every difference in philosofy and way of live, behaviour and communication has to do with a mental condition, we have different cultures and different levels of tolerance towards new things.

| >>776473 We also have politicians who tell us to mask up and they themselves are not wearing masks when they have huge gatherings and events.

>>776505 Everything at this point is a prediction. As you say, we have no long term data. Unless the time frame is specified.

Accuracy is the key with sources. If the models given are inaccurate, should any trust be given?

| >>776706
>If the models given are inaccurate, should any trust be given?
You tell me. You're the one spewing hot air and obvious falsehoods.

| >>776812 If the experts are wrong and their predictions are off and do not match real life observations, it would be ridicules to use their advice as accurate.

Again the belief that something is accurate, simply since it is "verified" does not reflect well.

For years area 51 was denied by all official records and said not to exist. Obviously this was not the case. This did not match up to the reality of basic observations which anyone could easily observe.

| >>775267
>all the idiots trying to prove that the government has to control us
"The government" doesn't belong to us?

| The government was supposed to represent the people, but we got politicians instead with their own self-interests giving lip service of helping the people and totally not representing us.

| There are many ways in which I believe life is going to get better again, sooner or later, but I don't think I will ever recover from the experience of seeing how very many people in north and south america abjectly and adamantly refuse to do the very least little thing for the public good. It's sad that the loud minority makes the rest of us who do the good thing, look like the bad guys too..

| >>778189
That's my real takeaway from the pandemic. Just how much of our country(I'm from Brazil) is selfish enough to let people die to avoid a minor inconvenience. That's how you identify your right wing voters. What do you expect from people who glorified selfishness and individualism for decades.

| >>778190 ay you from brazil too

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