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you are not cute

| when you finally leave your hugbox because life caught up to you and all of your "friends" you're going to see that your delusions and escapism had no effect on reality and this period of your life will grind your heart to dust as you recall it on your deathbed

gender is psuedoscience and you will never be a woman

| Having a bad night, OP?

| Nah fam, what is the point about women and men, if we do not care about having kids at all?
New gender creativeness is just a reaction to that.
We can't go into the past anymore, humans have changed.

| I think everyone is cute and I want everyone in the world to have sex with me.

| >>773917
But what if I want to be a cute man? Can I do that, OP?

| Gender is pseudoscience. That's why i spend my time making unfalsifiable semantic claims about it. Now that's science

| I wonder if this is like the priests hating the gays, who then go on to diddle pew boys.

Get laid OP maybe that will make you happy. Possibly wear a skirt, i don't know.

| Wrong. I am!

Also, you can't become a specific gender. It's something you just are. And no, your genitals are not your gender. It's just your dick or vagina.

This is something I always find so weird. People saying that it's new or a change to the human race or something. It's been a thing since the beginning of recorded history. It's just that people the last few hundred years tried to pretend like it wasn't by killing anyone who wasn't what they viewed as ideal.

| So, to put it simply, it's not humans changing. It's humans being more human again.

But, to not derail. Back to the important topic.
I am cute, and a lot of people are. Well, aside from OP. OP isn't very cute.

| >>773917 please stop telling these words and hug me instead :(

| >>773932 is hug enough?

| >>773977 biologically maybe yes, but conflict is here about sexual identities

| >>773977 exactly!! Gender dysphoria has been around probably since the begining of human time.
I tried to meant that humans who do not want to have children, were much less than now, so... What is the point of trying so deseperately to embrace "traditional sex/gender"?

Don't get me wrong, humans have changed (a bit), but for the better. The liberation from gender we're seeing now, is just the starting point.

| >>773978 ups! Sorry if I put it incorrectly, but that was I trying to say!

| I think people get too caught up in labels. It'd be better if they were more confident with themselves. Male/female are useful designations for medical purposes, and you shouldn't reflexively reject the body you were born with. Obviously, gender identity is different for everyone, and perhaps a large part of the suffering is trying to fit into a box. I know it's trite to say, but literally just "be yourself". Just my /pol/ack perspective.

| Based thread, need more to turn the tide for this place

| >>773998
I agree. Being yourself is ideal. Only problem with that is that if you're not pure male with male body or pure female with female body then you get treated like shit if you're yourself. The system we live in actively oppresses people who aren't, so, it's not as simple as "be yourself" in the real world.

Identity is what I was talking about. Gender is identity. Sex is biological body. Though a lot of people seem to confuse them for the same thing.

| And now human rights are "politics"...
Fuck sake.
Like, I get it, but also, just, no.

| Still waiting for someone to point out that "gender is a pseudoscience" is as nonsensical as saying "earth is a pseudoscience", "unicorns are a pseudoscience" or "this thread is a pseudoscience"

| >>774224
Which would be incorrect ofc

| >>774233
Yeah, this thread isn't pseudoscience. It's just retarded.

| >>44c4b3 i really like the shadow boxing in this thread, you'll beat rocky one day champ.

| Ok I guess my sentence was too complicated, I'll try to make it simpler.
An idea or object cannot be a pseudoscience, because science is the study of something. "Gender" cannot be a science or pseudoscience, just like "your brain" cannot. Doesn't mean it does or doesn't exist.

| >>773917
"gender" as in "gender roles" is not pseudo science. It's empirically proven that such a social phenomenon exists for most of the time in history of human societies. The scientifical research on it is legitime and not "pseudo-science". The only pseudo science is religious fundamentalists who are pissed that their "god given" order isn't as static as they believe/wish. And transphobes like you are just homo- and xenophobes people with massive identity issues.

| >>774307
[...] are just *like* homo- and [...]

| 0 proof that gender exists aside from "I said so", because it's cult talk tier bullshit. The soul of a new age religion. But sure the only people who would disagree with you are religious fundamentalists, because the field of biology is also a religion now apparently.

| "Gender Dysphoria" is mental illness, its existence in the past does not change this. In fact, throughout history, specifically going out of your way to insist one sex could functionally take the role of another was mainly used by pedophiles to rape boys dressed as girls. And the man responsible for coining the term "gender" as referring to this strange sex-soul did exactly that. Wow, I am so surprised.

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