Just Curious

| Is there any other non-heterosexual Euro identitarians around? I am bisexual (man), but support the 14 Words and want a big family. I support any other minority sexuality people that feel the same way, as well.

| No. You are the only one. Sorry.

| I'm not white, but I am a sexual minority and I do support a certain supremacist group.

| >>773448
Sometimes it feels that way, but I doubt I'm the literal only one.

I'm not a "supremacist", nor do I belong to any "supremacist" group. I am curious about your position, though.

| >>773716
I have seen both sides and I was severely disappointed in the current dominant side. I admire the other side for their track record and I want to see how they perform with political and social power.

| >>773740
You're being way too vague to make anything out of this. Also, there's more than just a dichotomy.

| >non-heterosexual Euro identitarian
Yep that I am you cute bitch! Pretty based if I dare say so!

From an ideological standpoint I consider that race is a part of culture and national identity. Europeans are white, and Europe is simply the land of Europeans.
And I consider that this should remain that way and should actually be enforced by public institutions.

| >>773798
them pigments much importance

| I know a lot of this is shitposting but if I can be candid for a moment. There is no pro gay or trans fascism out there, they might use you for respectability early on in their movements but as they get more power and need more enemies and scapegoats it's only gonna end with you eating a bullet.

| >>773840 There has never been a pro gay, bi, trans or whatever fascism movement throughout history and even right now allies to the far right are taking your rights away and attempting to mandate you out of existence or make it hard to live as yourself and that's only the dog whistle'y types.

Hard fash will just line you against the wall after the revolution.

| >>773841 Even if there is some fascist movement full of queer people, it will be nothing more than a dumb twitter gimmick and gain no clout within the mainstream far right anyway.

| >>773798
Thanks for making your voice heard. You mind if I ask what your particular persuasion is? Like I said, I am very masculine bisexual and love women, twinks, and twunks.

Indeed, they are. Aesthetics are an essential component to life, but also what is beyond the skin is more important. All human beings are different at a collective and individual level, so we must not seek to erase or deny the inherent character of any.

| >>773840 >>773841 >>773842
I'm not shitposting, I'm being serious.

1st of all, I'm a Fascist, nor is Euro identity inherently Fascist. We are a politically, ethnically, religiously, and sexually diverse group of people. 2nd, although there is a lot of rampant homophobia in such circles, not everyone is like that, and that doesn't mean relations can't be improved. Just because NS & Fascists are the loudest and most visible, does not mean they represent all of us.

| >>773847
At this point, we should be working to de-stigmatize Euro identity, so more individuals can explore their roots without persecution. Ironically, I seek a more inclusive and tolerant brand of Eurocentrism, as I believe this is the only realistic way forward. Fascism and NS are dead and are not coming back. They may live on in pieces, but they are obsolete, as is every previous ideological system.

| >>773848
As far as being hypothetically executed for who I am, even if that was the case, I would not defect or abandon my team. I would rather die for who I am than be someone I'm not. Fortunately, those days are moving behind us, and I would like for all sexual identities to stand united in our desire for independence and autonomy.

| >>773847
*1st of all, I am NOT a Fascist.

Jeez, that was a bad grammatical error to start with, lol.

| >>773844
>Aesthetics are an essential component to life
>therefor the amount of pigments you have decides where you should live and where you're restricted to travel

Sounds like something racist people say when they get called out for being racists.

| >>773871
So what? Human beings are more than skin deep. Our outside differences are a reflection of our inside differences. People should have the right to exclusivity if they choose. I don't care what everyone else does, but myself and my people MUST have authority over ourselves and the ability to direct our lives at a collective and individual basis. "Racism" is a cop out for not being able to deal with human variation in a mature, practical and realistic manner.

| >>773872
hat entire point of view is just a cop out to close your eyes on the reality of demographic replacement.

| >>773844
Am bi. Women and men are lovely.
I'm an ethnonationalist. Do you even know what fascism is?

| >>773872
Deciding where people should live and where they're restricted to travel based on the number of pigments their skin has is neither mature, practical nor realistic.

| It is in fact, the very definition of racist.

| >>773892
>neither mature
Only if you base yourself on your personal definition (which is quite immature of you)
>neither practical
Killing off prison inmates and harvesting their organs would be practical. It would free up prisons and provide free organs for those who need it. Let's do it!
>nor realistic
Only the coward dares not dream.

| Strangely enough, the most hatefully intolerant people I've interacted with have consistently been fag-pride anti-racist types. They also tend to be stubborn, but eh

| >>773894
Bruhh, ADHD much? Try to stay on topic lol

Scientists have given Fascism more than one definition. Their common points are its nationalism, totalitarianism and anti-democratic approach.

Ethnic nationalism is impossible to implement without dabbling in fascism. The ideology is widely unpopular because of how unscientific it is and cannot be implemented without resorting to undemocratic and totalitarian means. The scientists and the educated won't stand for it.

| >>773898
>Bruhh, ADHD much? Try to stay on topic lol

>Ethnic nationalism is impossible to implement without dabbling in fascism
>The ideology is widely unpopular
No source, you are wrong.
>because of how unscientific it is
You do not even know what the definition of ethnic nationalism is.

You are a pretty unconvincing person.

| >>773898 I agree with you.

>>773899 you are just a troll, get better insults and put some effort into it.

>>773894 >>773896 and the your ideas is just as bad as the mentality of the pepople you described.

| Prepare for the conversion therapy cumrag.

| >>773892
Again, you keep harping on the skin tone and conveniently disregarding everything else. Are you a race-denier? Because the Blank Slate theory is on par with the Flat Earth conspiracy.

This, the most intolerant and totalitarian people I've met are the anti-racism types. They routinely advocate submission to government, stigmatize cognitive diversity, and regularly advocate genocide and persecution of those outside of their ideological framework.

| >>773898
You have given no clear definition of "Fascism" other than some ambiguous terms. "Nationalism" exists across the political spectrum, "totalitarianism" exists across the political spectrum, and modern "democracy" is highly corrupted and manipulated. Again, I am not a Fascist, but to always try to associate Euro identity with it is intellectually dishonest.

| >>773872 Thank you for speaking out about this, as a lesbian who does believe that us Europeans should get a say in how we live and how our communities are like, it means a lot. In my experience, people who chose to come here for refugee purposes when we had nothing to do with it ended up acting like our culture didn't matter at all and we couldn't do what we always have done such as eating pork.

| >>786510 well we are in multiple senses responsible for the instability, so when they're people arrive it only makes sense to take them.

It's just that people are dumb and don't vote bases on foreign policy. Mostly over culture war bullshit that gets their dick or bean hard.

| B

| >>773913
>ur bad!

| christ at least we used to have our own brand of troll on this board. go elsewhere with this lazy 4chan garbage

| I put to you that subverting a race is similar to subverting a culture. The subversion of a culture helps to break apart a society based on common values. This is why the "cultural revolution" in Mao's China: tear into a people's culture and then dictate your own. It is a tool for political control. The destruction of Uighur culture facilitated their physical removal, and even there it was a slow burn, a slippery slope that is eerily similar than what we see today in certain areas.

| >>f54bd3 don't think it's trolling. LGBTQ+ is more acceptable by new generations, doesn't mean they become left leaning.

Only that there will be more gymnastics and self hating gays that wish they wete straight.

Although i agree it is le epic pol cringe.

| The breaking apart of a race is even worse, because it destroys the core element that enables these individuals to feel a belonging to their group by instinct. It removes the Philia, that immediate closeness and subtle empathic understanding of one person to another of the same race.
Certain fanatics would have you believe that it is possible for two people of different races to feel the same thing, even though that is just not a human reality.

| People will always see a stranger in a racial stranger unless they already know that person.

| For example in the USA, it is not a racially harmonic nation, and neither is the culture. I think we can all see the results of racially divided demographics today in the US... there is no need to go much deeper into the hate crimes, the riots, the hate and selfishness that the polarization has brought...
It's been a society that is easy to subvert (Yuri Bezhmenov) because the people don't feel close to each other. As such there is no such thing as "USA nation of brethren."

| For my part, the reasoning didn't need to be complicated. White people are an absolute minority in this world. Additionally you will find the pushing of destructive notions of "multiculturalism" almost exclusively in white countries.
The world is already 'multiculturalist'.

| Real diversity does not consist in throwing all races and cultures into a bag and see what paste comes out. The real celebration of differences is to guard those differences.
I like white people, I think they should have their own home, and I take into account basic demographic science which justifies the concern for anti-replacement measures.

| >>724be1 i think many nations have solved that issue by introducing things like civic nationalism. This perspective is very narrow minded and has no interest in exploring the problems of racially "pure" societies

| That's pretty much it. I've never been someone to think "all niggs must die son!" or "akchually i am scientifically proven to be smarder because of race"
I think the white race and white culture is beautiful and that it should live. And I will always, always take into account the possibility of slippery slopes, anywhere, everywhere.

| >>774393
You are talking about politics, which is a social construct. It is less valid than race, which is a biological construct.

Some people would say society is a racial construct, for that matter.

| >>774382 >>774387
No one here has given a single rational argument against Euro identity and racial solidarity. It's just constant "you're a poltard" reduction. I'm not self hating, and I'd like to see proof of my so called "mental gymnastics".

How is self preservation "narrow minded"? Nobody is obsessed with "racial purity" like some Hollywood Nazi caricature, except for a minority. Again, Anti-Euros give nothing but reductions

| >>774393
I want to know these "many nations" where civic nationalism has been positive. The only one that comes to mind is Singapore, and that is a highly segregated country based solely on business. Everywhere else where civic nationalism is paramount is marred by corruption, instability and violence.

| >>cb1263 just look at the British tories or the hispanic swing to the right in america. You're breed of ethnic puritanism will die out and be replaced by these new forms of nationalism, even sooner should the global right make similar economic reforms to Poland when the next crisis hits.

And to a large degree it's because people like you won't come out and say i hate n*gs. It's just the way of the world in the western sphere.

| >>774539
These are 2 examples presenting very good examples of bullshit politics that incarnate the sheer disconnection between political elites and the people they aspire to rule over.
> You're breed
The rest of your post has been ignored.

| >>ab2340 so cowardly, i have more respect for the racist uncle who is at the very least honest. At least he has fun.

These petty rationalisations belong to a poorly researched race realism video. Maybe you could start a patreon and YouTube channel. You have the aptitude.

| >>774602
Totally devoid of any argument or even coherent response to the points he was making. Nothing better is to be expected from blind normism militants, however.
It's just the same thing over and over again.

| Just realized I probably sound a lot like >>ab2340 samefagging. No idea how to prove I'm someone else though

| >>774601
>I'm not "right wing". I don't identify myself along the political spectrum or with simplistic labels.
Doesn't matter. The most typical line of right wingers starts with:
>I'm no [place-any-right-wing-ideology-here]
just to continue with
>but [place-the-according-right-wing-position-here]

In comparison I never heard a leftist saying
>I'm no leftist, but I think people are of equal value.
Or more specific a communist
>I'm no communist, but seize the mean of productions!

| >>774601
Even thought you can have have different political positions to different issues yourself, you cannot have no alignment at all. It's like saying you have no body temperature, size or weight.

| >>774628
>Communism used to be extremely homophobic (still is in many places)
And what exactly is homophobic about seizing the production means (which is all communism is about)?
You don't differentiate between the idea of communism and communist regimes. Almost all communist approaches until now had to deal with heavy burdens, since they mostly came in power in underdeveloped countries where the bourgeosie wasn't already in power but the old feudal elites instead.

| >>774639 I think you missed the point there,>>ab2340 said that homophibia is not exclusively right wing not that it has a direct relation to communism

| >>774640
The difference is, that homophobia can (but hasn't to) be a fundamental part in right wing "perspectives" and actual politics.
It never is a part of left-wing ideas. And if it still exists where left-wingers are in power (which can hapen, and happened) it's a sign of their failure.

| >>774642 if its a mistake that can happen to either side then the mistake isnt inherent to one side, just remember that they are all human no person or group is perfect.

| >>774643
The difference is that to one side it always will be a mistake, while to the other side it's no mistake at all. There are right-wing ideologies which homophobic ideas are inherent to, such as there are those who are antisemitic, racist, nationalist, religious fundamentalist, etc. ideas are inherent to.

| Right-wing ideolgies are all about the supremacy of a certain group of people about others. Because they are believed to have superior god(s), superior genes, superior nation, culture, etc. Left wing ideolgies are all about equality of all people.

| Within the right there are differences about what properties makes people superior.
Within the left there are conflicts about what kind of equality they want, what kind of inequalities exist and matter and how to achieve it.

| >>774644 but there are right wing ideologies that dont accept homophobia, if you say the right is homophobic because they have homophobic groups then the left also has to be homophobic because there are homophobic groups, you are subverting a lot of notions nitpicking, its a very divisive mindset.

| >>774626
If someone says "Let's gas all jews" I call him a nazi. If someone says "better dead than red" I call him fascist. And it would be absolute correct. Those people discredit themselves with their statements and went to the self-limiting box on their own. I'm not "puting them" there by calling them what they are. Nevertheless I always believe that people can change to the better.

| >>774647 wrong, not all right right wing group act on supremacy and not all left wing groups act in equallity, thats a gross overgeneralization of both the right and the left in many historical and sociological senses.

| >>774650
what left group is inherently ideological homophobic?

| >>774651 facism in the historical context of italy was left wing, nazism was also left wing in the historical context of germany, both hitler and giovanni spread their propaganda and took their actions in the name of equaloty and the people were praising the genocide because it was sold as "taking down the privileged" supremacy and genocides are not inherently right of left wing, its just an authoritatian mean to take power that was exploited many times in history.

| >>774652
Yes, there were and are right groups that integrated and partially left ideas. But only to make their particularist views mass compatible.
And yes there were and are left groups that used right-wingers methods. But only in order to reach their universalist goals.
So both sides can be pragmatic and give up their ideals in order to gain political power. This doesn't change the fact that the right has an inherently shitty view on people as a whole.

| Anyone can say that the person they disagree is hitler and then go on to say they need to take down those in power for the greater good.

| >>774654
>facism in the historical context of italy was left wing
No it wasn't. Communism in the historical context of italy was left wing. Fascists helped the old elites being forcefully removed by a communist revolution. They murdered many communists. And parts of the liberal and conservative bourgeosie that were "to soft" to them.

| >>774655 you are contradicting yourself, better watch where you are going with this "But only in order to reach their universalist goals." Hitler was also trying to reach his universality goals.

| >>774654
>nazism was also left wing in the historical context of germany
No. It totally wasn't. Nazism in germany was (and still is) clearly a far right movement. Of course they made some camouflage to attract the working masses and move them away from the communists, which was why they partially were supported by the old elites and the bourgeosie. That's what they try to do again these days.

| >>774654
>both hitler and giovanni spread their propaganda and took their actions in the name of equaloty
But only partial equality. Jews, slavs and non-white people for example weren't included to this equality.

| >>774657 but thats assuming communism was always left wing from the start, facism way after communism and marx more of a right wing in context of russia at the time, communism is not iherently left wing same as facism wasnt inherently right wing, at the time, mussolini was a revolutionary that got femocraticaly elected and was given power by earning the trus in people and normalizing violence.

| >>774653
All of your implications venerate the "left wing" as being inherently superior, and therefore, it's followers are morally superior. If you want to chastise the "right" for their alleged superiority games, don't play at the same table. You reflexively reject any idea and perspective outside of your own. They are all invalid to you, as are the people that hold them. If that's not supremacism, idk what is. Also, we have to talk about this "equality". What is equality?

| >>774658
Hitler had no universalistic goals regarding people. In his ideology there was a clear hiarchy between "germanic" and "non-germanic" people.

| >>774660 people saw jews and non white as privileged, the gemans at the time were in a huge crisis and poverty was rampant after ww1, in germanys perspective, the whites and arians were the oppressed folk, hitler just pulled a "lets take down the privileged(non germans) who are approssing us(sanctions from ww1)" literally a revange for the himiliation in ww1 and an attempt to stop the hate gainst germany.

| >>774662
>All of your implications venerate the "left wing" as being inherently superior
>and therefore, it's followers are morally superior.
No. This implication is entirely made up by you.
There are many problems such as, that right-winged ideas (and people) can be disguised as left winged ones. And there is no absolute unity within the left concerning what kind of equality they mean and what measurements will reach it.

| >>774663 but do you know whay he was this way? Its not because right wing it wqs because world war 1 put germany in the gutter.

| >>774666
And who started world war 1 in the first place? Left-Wingers?

| You are ignoring the historical context and associating everythig we see today as evil as being right wing, thats thinking in black n white, being subverssive, biased and divisive.

If people are saying we should take down the rich and white privilege, literally nazi talking points but applying to other people, its sickening and something beyond left and right at this point.

| >>774665
So, you proclaim your ideology is superior, which thereby necessitates that all different views are inferior. Then, you deny that you think you are superior, even though you've repeatedly proclaimed that your ideas are superior, which also necessitates your superiority. You can't even give a definitive concept of your "equality", yet you use it as a stepping stone to put yourself above others and invalidate anything you don't agree with. Take a look in the mirror.

| >>774666 >>774664
Yeah, I know the historical circumstances. And because I know them, I can tell you exactly that Hitler and the Nazis weren't misunderstood left-wingers but absolutely one of the ideological and historical worst instance of political right extremism.

| >>774667 germany duh, that doesnt change the fact that the citizens were dying and facing massive crisis for a war they probably didnt want, its like saying the chinese must suffer because their goverment fucked up, not everything in life can be summed in good and evil.

| >>774670
>So, you proclaim your ideology is superior, which thereby necessitates that all different views are inferior.
Yes, that's exactly how things work in reality. There are better and worse ideas and opinions. And there are truths and falsities. Sometimes we have no direct access to them and can only come closer or more distant to them.

| >>774671 if taking down the "privileged", getting democratically elected and iplementing a new ideology with the promise of a new n better order are inhernetly right wing for your then you do not know what left and right are.

You keep going going on and on about how right wingers are bad and resposible to all bad things in history but you cant even see what is left and righ wing, you are acting like a supremacist.

| >then, you deny that you think you are superior, even though you've repeatedly proclaimed that your ideas are superior
Exactly. Ideas don't make people superior. And many good ideas come from people who were thought to be "inferior".

| >>774679
OK, so you sound exactly like the "right wingers" you are deriding. The difference is you are less tolerant. Let's get back to the core subject. I am bisexual and Euro(-American). I wish to live in a society with others who share the same goal. I don't care what Euro ethnicity, religion, sexuality, or philosophy they are, as long as they can coexist. I want to do this peacefully and productively. What is the problem?

| >>774679 ooh, but in hitler head he was saying the absolute truth and anyone who was against him was denying genetic "science" of the time, and was also putting people in "education and work" camps to give iformation to those who didnt direct access to the knwoledge.

Your ends justify the means speech is not really that valid.

| >>774680
>if taking down the "privileged", getting democratically elected and iplementing a new ideology with the promise of a new n better order are inhernetly right wing for your then you do not know what left and right are.
That's neither what I wrote or what right wingers did or want to do. They don't want to take down "the privileged". They want to take down people who they believe to be privileged in favour of people who they believe they should be privileged.

| >>774681
>Ideas don't make people superior.
They do to you, and you've been repeatedly implying this. Your whole opinion is "it's my way or the highway".

| >>774684 wow you really dont read what you post, its exactly what I said.

| And that folks resumes why i try to stay away from politics. I agree with both sides but since they do not want the people who vote for them to think about the arguments of the other candidates they just try to make any sort of debate a series of immature accusations "leftist cuck!" "nazi extremist", hoping that people will just agree with them without thinking.

| >>774685 true, this whole side talk happened because they were saying right wingers were inherently and directly correlated to a bunch of wrong stuff that happenend in history, they re were just demonizing going on and on about how their ideology is inferior, its incredible how supremacy and phobia talking points are only right wing when someone who they disagree says it.

Anyone can make those mistakes and ots not a left right thing.

| >>774685
This implication doesn't exist outside your perception and rhetorics.
In the end of the day you are the one who proclaims/believes that fascists and nazists were in truth leftists. And that rightists and leftists are no valid categories just to keep a door open to some of your rightists views. It's the typical rightists propaganda method.

| >>774687 yeah they just demonize wothever they disagree and lump what they dislike on others, this divisive left right shit sucks.

| >>774688
All history doesn't matter to recognized that right-winged ideolodogies are all nothing but a big load of particularistic and anti-humanistic bullcrap.

| >>774690
Yeah, those fucking leftists.

| >>774689 you are assuming mallice and not basing that statement in the knowldege of>>335987 life, which btw you probably dont know a lot, its easy to say that others are saying the wrong stuff when you assume that everything they said had an inherant mallice.

| >In the end of the day you are the one who proclaims/believes that fascists and nazists were in truth leftists
I'm not that poster. This is why I avoid labels, because they are fucking cancer. I will ask you again: I am a bisexual man of Euro descent. I want to live in a consensual society of all members of my race, regardless of their background, that feel ethnocentric. I want to do this peacefully and productively. What is the problem?

| >>774694 >>774689

| - The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing the World He Didn’t Exist -

| >>774691 again thats are very "left supremacist" thing to say, you are demonizing people and calling them inferior because you believe in some ideal that brings equality just like hitler.

| >>774694
>all members of my race
There are no human races.

| >>774696
I'm still waiting for your response.

| It's sad that politics have become what they are today, just everybody trying to prove each other wrong but never really listening to what the other has to say.

| >>774697
It's a difference calling people inferior and calling their opinions inferior - as long people are able to change their opinions.

| >>774692 not just leftists, you are missing the point, Im just saying that not matter if you are left or right, you can always cause another holocaust and that branding one side as inherently good and the other as inherently evil is the cause of all ideological genocides.

| >>774698
Yes, there are. We have physical differences and cognitive differences that can be grouped and recognized. Race is not absolute, but a matter of degrees across a spectrum. Oh, are you now going to invalidate the way I want to live because you don't agree with me?

| >>774700
I can't waste my time to listen to every stupid conspiracy theory on the planet. They are spreading like cancer.

| >>774696
And thanks for calling me the "devil", btw. I never insulted you, but I guess I don't deserve the same courtesy.

| >>774704
>I don't like it, therefore it doesn't matter and I won't engage with it.

| >>774701 if by your own logic opinions can be inferior but people cant because they can be changed, then you cant assume mallice on others because they can change their opinion anytime no matter how bad, sounds like you are trying to patch up a mistake you made.

| >>774703
I want to live in a society where no one gives a fuck about things that are inborn or entirely made up like sexual orientation or race.

| And with "where no one gives a fuck about" I mean "where everyone gives a shit about"

| >>774696 now you are directly calling others inferior, congrats.

| >>774708 if only

| >>774708
OK, so why is it not possible that we both don't get what we want? You go your way, I and my people go ours. What is the issue? We can still trade, we can still cooperate, so what is the problem?

| >>774711
It's possible, with tolerance. If you want to live your life a certain way, I have no problem, as long as the feeling is mutual.

| >>774709 so you are either contradicting yourself and you know nothing about whay you are saying, or you have some good intentions but is horribly blinded by pride and tribal like ideology.

| >>774707
>they can change their opinion anytime no matter how bad
Being able to changing ones opinion doesn't immunize one to take responsibility for what he did before.

| >>774704 you can say that to justify yourself all you want, but that doesnt excuse the fact that you are actively ignoring relevant talking points under the assumption that they are all wrong and inferior to yours and gourging on your own ignorance. Its like book burning but on an individual level.

| Aight see you guys in a thousand years on this board when this debate will be finished, have good fun being rude to each other, and remember the others are nazi leftist misogynistic cucks, don't listen to them.

| >>774714
Or the third option: I am in the right and you are wrong.

| >>774715 yeah so the fact that you believe other opinions are inferior doesnt justify ignoring their talking points and acting like you are better than everyone for bing on the side of equality.

| >>774717
Sleep well sweet prince.

| >>774717
Nobody is doing that. I never called anyone a cuck and I never insulted anyone in this thread. On the other hand, I've repeatedly been attacked and derided.

| >>774720
Hello? I'm waiting for your answer

| >>774718 so trowing a tamtrum is the superior ideological option here, interesting.

| Want to genocide white people?

You are ethnonationalist

I advocate for your physical removal.

| >>774720
>>774712 >>774712 >>774712 >>774712

| Hey on a side note, I disagree with both >>71fa2c and>>335987 but I dont see myself as superior to anyone because of it and I can regonize what I agree and disagre with each of you

| And tbh I finf myself accepting this >>774708 on the literal sense, where not giving a fuck means not giving a fuck, instead of the contradictory statement in>>774709 seriously, read what you wrote.

| >>774726
I don't care if you disagree, as long as you don't try to oppress me or my people and keep us from self-determination. Live and let live.

| Everyone is deflecting from simple facts and convoluting away from points they are afraid they'd agree with.
Europeans are white.
Europe belongs to Europeans.

| >>774729
I agree with that. I never deflected away from any such thing.

| >>71fa2c
Still waiting for your answer to this:

| >>774729 in that sense, you must be pro palestine and anti colimialism and the people who occupy stolen land right?

Not trying to jab or anything, just seeing if you are consistent on your opinion, I myself think that because the world is so globalized now, we should hold much weight to who belongs to where specially since mixed people are super common.

| >>774735
Israel is founded and ruled by Zionists which is based on religous ideas that go hand in hand with ethnonationalism and imperalism against arab people in palestine. They are right winged jews that only could become politically succesful because of massive antisemitism by non-jewish rightists in europe.
Palestinians were victims of ottoman and european imperalism and zionism in exactly that order. Unfortunately their resistance is increasingly dominated by religious idiots.

| >>774733
The problem is that there is no "my" and "your" people. There is only people.

| >>774737 what they believ is not the point of my talk with>>774729

You are again missing the poing and bringing left and right into things that are beyond left and right and take on much broader issues.

| >>774738 but you were very willing to separate people in left and right wing, practice what you preach.

| >>774738
So, you're denying my right to an identity? You're denying my and others' wish to peacefully live the way we desire just because it doesn't fit your ideological framework?

| >>774735
>in that sense, you must be pro palestine and anti "colimialism" and the people who occupy stolen land right?
Yes, logically. Fuck Israel on count one, and the initially 50-50 benevolent/greedy colonialization of Africa mostly just destabilized its societies, to the point where the negroes now speak colonialist languages and are destituted in their own lands like abandoned strays (on a structural level at least) so now they come here.

| Africans should have been left to their own devices, left to develop on their own, instead of trying to mess around with it all. But of course, the land was rich, the soil was loaded, there was free labor and a lot of space...
And that could not be resisted.

| So I repeat: that's ethnonationalism. The haters on the other side are still obsessed with the Radikal stormfront supremacist "send all niggers back to africa then nuke the continent lol" types. It's interesting to be called racist there and yet be more open minded than them.

Nowadays the colonialism continues. The African people are being bled of some of their best elements because they are made to come here to be cheap labor sluts in factories. And stopping that would be racist.

| >>cb1a30 tbh I still dont agree with it, but at least you are consistent and honest.

| >>774756
It's relieving to see you're not a knuckleheaded basher! Respecting other people's opinions is a nice value nowadays, even if we still fight for our goals. Much antagonism nowadays, it's tiresome.

| I love you

| I wish everyone who tried to actually share their opinions and properly debate others without it going into a shouting and name-calling festival and contribute to debate. A very based day.

As for those who resorted to name calling and derailing. Cringe.

| Sure I might support an ideology with an endgame of genocide that is a suicide cult based on pesudoscience but at least I'm not rude.

| >>775456
>Sure I might support an ideology with an endgame of genocide
Most of us don't support genocide and self-determination is not an "ideology". It's a desire for independence, survival, and community. Perhaps you should reconsider stereotyping and demonizing vast swaths of people.

| >>775458
>a suicide cult
Suicide cult? How is wanting to thrive and pursue happiness suicidal? How is not wanting to be abused, exploited, and oppressed "suicidal"?

Physical and mental differences between human groups are observable and verifiable within scientific study. Our brains are proven to be different as are our bodies. Idk what this "pseudoscience" is that you're referring to.

| >>2dd0b2 this is the entire thread, either move on to debating eugenics or quit.

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