Archaeologists “flabbergasted” to find Cerne Giant’s origins are medieval

| The Cerne Abbas Giant is a 180-foot-tall figure of a naked man wielding a large club, carved with chalk into a hilltop in Dorset, England. The figure's generously sized erect phallus has earned it the nickname "Rude Man," and no doubt contributes to its popularity as a tourist attraction.

| The deepest samples—taken from the giant's elbows and feet—rule out a prehistoric Roman origin, indicating that the giant was probably first made by late Saxons sometime between 700 and 1100 CE.

A 2020 LIDAR scan revealed that the impressive phallus had been added much later—perhaps when the figure was recut as a Cromwell parody in the 17th century.


| So basically, the brits defaced a piece of art 300 years ago and now it may be the worlds most famous graffiti.

| penis

| Historical penis vandalism joke discovered after centuries? Well jusy shows how we arent much different from our ancestors

| Handle with care >>772186

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