Why does nobody like brazil?

| Why tho

| Have you ever come to brazil?

| I know Brazil maybe have some good traits, but please remember, a lot of people from latino-america (including me) wish that our countries get better, and it feels that they (the countries) are developing their progress too slowly...

At least I've heard from fellow brazilians, that we share almost the same problems as latinos, corruption, drug dealers, poverty, a need for more infraestructure, unfairness between individuals, ineficiency from the gov, etc..

| >>772082 pretty much this, and there are many things to like about the country that would be even better if we had better living conditions

| It actually a sort of joke here that if we were first world we would take over the world

| >>51387f that's interesting, what cultural traits in particular lends brazil to a cultural victory?

| >>026a84

a multitude of natural resources, we are large in terms of territory, we have the largest fresh water reserve in the world and also the largest part of the Amazon forest, which is the lung of the planet. not to mention that Brazil generates a lot of money, which would be our right, but as life is not fair and our people and governments sell themselves easily, this money ends up going out of here.

| not to mention that the Brazilian army is a force to be recognized. our population does not consider the army to be good, but this is the intention of the government. we have a remarkable military dictatorship history, that's why.

| How do you take over the world with freshwater and a jungle lol?

| Brazil isn't even in the top 100 GDP per capita... "generates a lot of money my ass"

| >>3ec2ae
How can we account for this money if it goes out like I said, you retard?


the issue is not forest, it is resources. no one here is saying that tomorrow Brazil will dominate the world, Brazilians are the last people to think that. what we are arguing about is that we live in a country with the potential to be a great world power and we see that potential being thrown away by sheer greed. you would be disgusted too if you were in our place

| the issue here is not whether Brazil is or is not a great power. but rather live in a country that has the potential to be a paradise, and have that possibility sold at a ridiculous price. It's frustrating, it's fucking sad, but I don't expect you to understand. why would problems from a third world country matter to an american or european?

| >>772451 if you look at many statiscs you will see that for a country with poor management, high crminality, poverty and low education we are somehow banking and pretty much carring south america plus tourism, now if its that easy to make brazil a somewhat stable country imagine if had a competent goverment.

| Come to Brazil

| >>772464
So in other words, super secret money that only you know about that doesn't show up in the GDP? SOUNDS LEGIT. I wouldn't call people retarded if I were you lol

Brazil are middle earners. Fact-checked and veryfied. End of story.

>many statistics
*Which* statistics?

| >>7af77c


| >>772626
I proved you wrong and I'm the retarded one? How about you stop crying like a little bitch and admit to being wrong lmao

| >>772615 you talk as if gdp represents all the economical context of a country.

Brazil has great at producing basic stuff due to resources, if we built manufacutes of full products isntead of selling out the materials we could double the revenue, most of the money is lost in needless procedures, mass money laundry schemes and not very well applied investiments.

| >>772632 your "proof" is literaly just 1 general lowball statistic of the living standarts of the population without any context or in depth analysis

| What the fuck is "economical context"!? You obviously have no idea of what you're talking about or even what GDP is.

Making false claims doesn't make them true just because you cry and bawl your eyes out. I would even go as far as calling it R E T A R D E D .

Just because Brazil is a big economy it doesn't mean that it "generates a lot of money".

| >>772634
My proof is fact-checked and easily available. Your argument is backed up by literally *nothing*, but that obviously flew over your retarded head. Like, how dumb can you be?

| I just think it's cool Brazil in here.

| >>772637 >Just because Brazil is a big economy it doesn't mean that it "generates a lot of money".

OMG Its almost as if everyone is saying that brazil COULD generate a lot of money if it made better use of its big economy but you are too stupid to realize it

>>772642 >muh fact checking muh fact checking

No one is contesting you fact checking we are just putting context and explaning how it could easily change if things worked diffetently

| Like god damn, >>f55011 you are one confrontational idiot, all you do pick fights as if we are trying to subvert the facts or some shit while people are just trying to have fun and and debate th possibities.

| This the best nothing conversation I've seen in a bit.

| >>772786 or is it? "Vsauce music plays"

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