We are drowning in a sea of avoidable mistakes during the ongoing climate crisis

| Defining high-ambition climate targets as "impossible" is to succumb to boundaries created by the people who cause climate change.


| We'll all be dead due to other reasons and stupid decisions before climate change becomes the main issue.
Look at how a crappy disease managed to mess everything up.

| Exactly! We all should be driving electric cars by now.

| >>771654 and be using solar energy everywhere too

| >>771628 fake and gay

| >>771646
Climate change is the main issue. None of the other issues matters if we literally kill the planet we live on.

| Just attain enough wealth to be able to move once climate refugees creates a new wave of facists.

| >>771692 The planet will last longer than we will. If we're all dead before climate change is a threat for us, then climate change won't be an issue anymore.

| >>771748
Climate change is already a threat for us. At least reflect on the article before commenting on its contents.

| Short term thinking and "Got mine, fuck you!" Has been part of the problem with fixing this issue.

| Study based on published peer-reviewed data shows climate change is caused by humans.


| >>772145
>The observed temperatures were so extreme that they lie far outside the range of historically observed temperatures. This makes it hard to quantify with confidence how rare the event was. In the most realistic statistical analysis the event is estimated to be about a 1 in 1000 year event in today’s climate.

| >>772145
>This heatwave was about 2°C hotter than it would have been if it had occurred at the beginning of the industrial revolution.

| >>772145
>Looking into the future, in a world with 2°C of global warming (0.8°C warmer than today which at current emission levels would be reached as early as the 2040s), this event would have been another degree hotter. An event like this – currently estimated to occur only once every 1000 years, would occur roughly every 5 to 10 years in that future world with 2°C of global warming.

| >There is a clear human fingerprint on this particular extreme heatwave in the Pacific Northwest, and in general on extreme heatwaves everywhere in the modern era we're living though.


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