What is the next country that may rise as a superpower?

| Please add your based and lit arguments g/u/rls.
My bet would be on India or Brasil (if they get their shit together and move forwards)

| India? Totes. Brazil? No way...

| >>771547 Mega Kek

| That one underwater country that not a lot know about.

| >>771547 if we ever get our act together you bet brazil is going places

| Maybe a random guess here, but I'd bet good money on Saudi Arabia.

| >>771559 Oh interesting! So why do think it would be Saudi Arabia? I'd like to know your reasons!

| I'd really rather we don't have superpowers anymore. Put everyone on equal grounds. Fix up international institutions. The world's way to interconnected for me to be comfortable with superpowers anymore.

| >>771571 Once again more of a random guess, but I have a few reasons.

First, Saudi Arabia is extremely wealthy, due to both being oil rich and also abundant in natural gas resources. Although there are attempts to shift to other resources (such as solar or nucleae energy), fossil fuels are still widely used to this day.

This makes the Saudis as the world's largest oul shipper. Meaning if their trade is cut off, other countries suffer great consequences (like US gas prices).

| >>771578 very true and I wish it could be possible but it would require an cultural homogenization that would be protested and called colonization and the more autoritharian countries would not like to give their control to world order unless it was one that they started which woukd lead to massive cultural shocks and more protests followed by wars.

| >>771571 Second, Saudi Arabia due to it's wealth has a very strong and polished military. Pretty straight forward on that part. The only country I see that might have a better military force in the Middle East is Israel.

Third, Saudi Arabia has a nice niche being a member of the the Arab league as well. This means that Saudi Arabia in a way is a middle man many Western Nations have to other Nations in the Arab league.

| >>771571 Essentially, Saudi Arabia is in a nice spot as both a nation that has access to great wealth, military strength, resources, not to mention great influence. Perhaps not considered a superpower now, but maintaining relations with Saudi Arabia seems to have an effect not just on the Arab league itself but on the world's grand scale - once again going back to US/Saudi relations.

Not to mention that their position in the world doesn't seem to be going away any time soon.

| Saudi Arabia also is a dictatorship with a lot of primitive ways. Not the best when you want to gather influence in the world.

| >>771648
Works for Russia

| It really depends if something of value suddenly appears. The current structure is just china v usa.

The most we will see is third world countries participating in the world stage more prominently as china becomes more middle class and needs to export it's labour and resource acquisition.

But otherwise honestly whoever prepares for the climate disasters in bound will have an edge.

| There won't be a next country that rises as a superpower. The USA as remaining superpower will set heaven and hell in motion to stop this. And China as new superpower replacing the ussr has not interest in another one and rather aims on strengthen its own position. A bipolar troubled system results in bipolar troubled people making bipolar troubled politics.

| Russia

| Prbly China or India

| >>771653 It's sad to say but they're not as primitive, and they are still considered quite crappily by most. Which is why the USA are considered good and russia bad, even though both have a lot in common

| >>771749
That's not why people consider USA to be good wtf... What a moronic post.

| >>771754 It must be the death penalty then that convinces people. Or the government-approved torture. Or the religious extremism.

| >>771648
There is nothing wrong with that

| >>771648 The question is not about the conditions of living in Saudi Arabia, it's about being a world power. Unfortunately just because a place might be a superpower doesn't mean conditions are good to live there.

Some examples include the Soviet Union and modern day China. Especially the latter as China seems to be getting worse and more authoritarian although they still maintain influence and power.

| I've said this in a previous thread, which I can't find. The BRICS country - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

It is projected that nigeria will be have the largest population in 2100 if I remember correctly.

| Czech Republic, why would Russia adding this small useless country on list of enemies if Russia wouldn't be scared? Another war conflict will be pretty sure between Czech Republic and all world > https://www.economist.com/europe/2021/05/27/russia-puts-the-czech-republic-on-an-official-enemies-list

| >>c6feaf isn't Russia's strategy to just slap their dick down on everyones table, then downplay the backdown if they have to.

| The next superpower will be the proletariat.

| >>771974 *USRR Anthem intensifies*

| >>771938 it is also theoretically also option, but czech president is big supporter of Russia, still exists here some people what are like more russia than nato.. and instead russia trying to cooperate theyare adding Czech republic on enemy list, here is only one logical answer, Czech republic is becoming super super power, and Russia is scared xd

| Croatia

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