| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0XgMpV3mbM

what are you thinking about it? honestly i was always thinking about musk as iron-man little bit xd but honestly i didn't heared about musk's attempts about bitcoin miner council or about child labor...

can i predict larger controversion about musk in coming days?

| >can i predict larger controversion about musk in coming days?

Probably not since there isnt a huge controversy of him manipulating the bitcoin market

| >>765098 i was thinking like, if it will get in mainstream media

| Musk became rich by founding a bank which wasn't seen as a bank by the law. And somehow he managed to make publicity believe he is some kind of genius or hero. So it wouldn't make me wonder he would manage to make people believe he's a god for greenwashing the ressource wasting bitcoin casino and for (ethical) whitewashing child labor.

| >>765223 at least speak in neutral way or that isnt driven by hatred

| >>765223
>he managed to make publicity believe he is some kind of genius or hero
no i dont think he did that himself. at most he set milestones in his past to make internet points. Paypal, Solar City, SpaceX, and then memes once he got to Tesla and went more in to the public eye. He's a businessman. He will say and do whatever gets his product out the most and that just happens to be playing to the reddit crowd

| All he had to do was set it up and the internet ran with it

| Child labor is good

| Musk is one of the most dangerous humans on earth at the time, and not the smartest at all. All he knows is to buy stuff and say he made it, basically.
Oh, and also say to people who didn't want to use his crap while saving children from drowning, that they are pedos.
And ruining a lot of things by sending thousands of garbage cans in the sky for fun.

Nice job elon. Your son XD-1337%69 will be proud of you.

| Musk is intelligent and a very competent business man.

| >>765398 >>765456 If I say both are right will yall stop acting like idiots who either treat him like he is hitler or like he is revolutionary guy who needs sum ball licking action?

Like he is cool, he invest on some good tech that could be revolutionary but he also has a bunch of shitty billionare action up his belt and doesnt deserve all the praise he gets

| >>765460
All I said was that Musk is good at his job. What are you even crying about? Are you OK??

| >>765461 yes I am, there is nothing wrong with you reply, its just that someone would for sure try to start a fight with you because they would interpretate your reply as ball licking, I myself dont see nothing wrong with what you said so sorry if I offended you.

| >>765463
Why are you shitting up the thread out of fear that someone else might misunderstand me? I don't need you to be my self-proclaimed online bodyguard. Are you sure you're OK?

| >>765464 you are overreacting, I just pinned 2 replies with oposite opinions, criticize my general view on the thread and the vivibes I got from reading all replyes and then I gave my own opinion on the topic

| >>765467
*You* are the one who is overreacting. All I said was that Musk is good at his job and you flew off the handle and started tripping.

| >>765468
Bait bait baity smelling posting

| >>765472
You don't become the world's richest business man by being bad at your job.

| >>765468 But I didnt even mean to say you comment is wrong or anything, hell, I even said both you and the people who like to rag on elon do have a point, you dont need to get this aggressive, I even apologized because I know probably felt offended, at this point you are just dragging over a little misunderstanding.

| >>765478
*You* are the one who is dragging out your own misunderstanding. Are you entirely sure you're OK?

| >>765481 If I gave my reasoning and I apologized who is dragging the misunderstanding?

| >>765481
Stop being a cunt

| >>765486
You're even adding misunderstandings to your misunderstandings. I don't know what your point is yet you keep dragging it out despite no one axing you about it.

| >>765493 so you dont even know what you are mad at and you still try to guilt trip me even after I apologized and game my reasons?

Just stop talking, seriously, whatever I said, I didnt mean to offend you, and I already said what I intended to say in a simpler way at >>765467

| >>765495
You're still dragging it out, just so you know. As I said I don't know why you keep talking or what the hell you're talking about or why it makes you so emotional.

Musk is intelligent and a competent business man. Why this statement gets you tripping is beyond my understanding.


| >>765498 dude, Im not tripping on your statement, I said you are right and my opinion on musk linned up pretty well with yours despite me saying musk did some bad stuff. So how about we just stop?

| >>765506
No one is forcing you to drag it out, you know??

| This should have stoped >>765492

| Well then continue you fucking retards.

| Musks fan boys are a cult and repeating the same worship Steve Jobs got years ago. They build these men up not as amoral billionaire CEOs but OMG REAL LIFE TONY STARK SO KWEL OWO.

These men do not care about you. They are not coming to save you or the world nor do they need defenders to bootlick them. Elon Musk does not care you are on danger u defending his honor, he probably will never care that you exist.

| >>765696
Who are you even talking to? There are no musk cultists here wtf. What is it about musk that gets you people all tripped up like that?

| >>765703
For every fanboy who got the wrong impression on Elon Musk there's an equally clueless anti-fanboy with yet another ignorant impression on him.

We only have the latter ones here but it doesn't stop them from attacking their non-existant perceived enemy on dangeru. It's pretty weird but fun to mess with.

| Wait, people care about Musk?

| Maybe i get been hated here.. but i really like concept of neuralink xd

| What about Valve? gabe's been talking about brain interfaces quite a lot lately...

| >>765786 well are they putting any money out to research on this topic? Cuz anyone can say they are interested on something

| >>765384
> Paypal
Originally it was nothing but a service for financial transactions - which in fact already existed before. People used to call this kind of businesses "banks". The only difference to other banks was that paypal bypassed (democratically legitimized) federal law in the USA.
>Solar City
Nothing but another approach to privatize infrastructure and redistribute public money to some people who already have more than enough.
Privatization of space travel.

| >>765246
I can say neutrally and without any hatred that Elon Musk is a schemer and that this is the only thing he is actually successful with.

| >>765839 your only arguement here is that he has private companies, he is still putting his money to research and innovate on what he wants which is fair even if it ends up being private, by far the worst arguement you could give to why must is overrated, if you want these services to be public you should start movements demanding your government invests on those areas.

| If you want to say what is bad about musk there is his "tottaly not" financial advices, some practices of his industry, manipulation of certain markets, some shaddy resource extractions, etc. Him doing private business is not a bad thing, its how he does it.

| >>765871
You misunderstood me. I have no problem with private companies in general. I have problems with companies that disrespect democratically legitimized laws and which business models are all about grabbing peoples money through bypassing or buying public democratic institutions.
>Him doing private business is not a bad thing, its how he does it.
Well, that's exactly my point.

| >if you want these services to be public you should start movements demanding your government invests on those areas.
Governments only follows advices of "movements" that either only demand harmless symbol politics or that belong people like elon musk. No money, no influence. It seems like there is no alternative to become a bigger problem in future in order to solve lesser problems in present. Just like elon musk. The whole system is rotten from the core.

| >>765789
It's valve, we never know what exactly they "do" but Gaben did say that they are "researching" it, up to the person to decide if they trust them judging by the many canceled projects.

| >>766042 I aint trusting valve by word unless they have an actual big anouncement, they have some mich unfinished stuff that it isnt even funny

| >>766050
Then you'll never trust them until the finished the project

| they*

| It's pretty rich that he might actually think he's bringing on a star trek utopia by making us multi-planetary.

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