| How did terfs become so big? More so in the UK aka the terf islands.

I still remember when they just a handful of shitty tumblr accounts and garbage boomer feminist blogspots.

| women are a "social construct" now, and feminism is dead. terfs are just shriveled persons that are at the 50% redpill stage. either way no one cares

| Fuck terfs, all my homies hate terfs

| Also fuck margaret thatcher while we are at it, but not literally because that would be really gross

| Never even heard of it until this thread.

| >The word TERF (or terf; pl terfs or terves) is a slur that is used predominantly by transgender activists and their allies against people who criticize the transgender movement on the basis of feminist concerns. Since the slur is used for people with feminist concerns, the main target tend to be women. As such, it's usually understood to be an anti-feminist, sexist and misogynist slur.

| >>763387
Same here. Probably because I don't hang out in incel-circles and other cringy parts of the Internet.

| So basically, the existence of this term (TERF) indicates that now trans-people can't pretend gynocentrism isn't real anymore...

| >>763389
Yes, fuck identity politics

| >>763388 bruh where did you get that definition from? The Sun? If terf is a slur used to silence people, then how come they won't shut the fuck up?

| Does it make sense to distinguish between sex, sexuality and gender identity?
Is the hegemony of chauvinistic patriarchaic norms a serious issue to women, queer and trans people?
Does it make sense to separate their struggle against the patriarch hegemony? No.
Is this struggle the only or most important one?

| GB was always a nest for one could tell non-progressive aka conservative aka reactionist aka bourgois feminism:
Bored housewifes who achieved nothing but to marry rich assholes while pissing on all honest working women and man who did the dirty jobs for them. Like being exploited as servants in their husbands household or as workers in their husbands companies. Or dying in their husbands pointless wars. Or satisfying their husbands kinky sexual needs they never knew of.

| >>763482
Are you a faggot? Yes

| It's interesting, i think it takes place in cultures that have a high interest in appearing polite (not actually being polite). You see a bit of it in japan too.

| There are a lot of rumors the heritage foundation and other right wing think tanks fund them as part of an effort to divide the LGBT movement and pick off the remains.

| >>763989 conspiracy theory

| >>763330 might have to do partially when those Tumblr types started to gain more traction in the real world. The great Tumblr porn exodus has only speed things up.

| What are some gross examples of TERFs? Cause I've only seen what I consider "mild" cases, like with Rowlings.

| I always thought it stood for TRANNY ERADICATING FUTANARI

| >>763990 https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/conservative-group-hosts-anti-transgender-panel-feminists-left-n964246


There are links if you look for them. Theirs always been efforts from evangelical christian lobbyists to astroturf and divide their political enemies.

| >>764314 the article is about the conservative Heritage Foundation being against the equality act, which is horrible but has nothing to do with dividing the LGBT movement. And you posted the same link twice.

| >>764319
Nice, I like the Heritage guys

| Does this consist in... AstroTERFing...??

| >>763990
There is no conspiracy. This kind of methods occurred many times in history, used by a ruling class.
An example regarding feminism in GB as already described in >>763483 : The "white feather movement" - Bourgeois/reactionist feminists shaming men who didn't join the military, risking their lives in stupid imperialists wars.

| >>764328 OK simp

| God, first L,G,B and Q now T,E,R,F?
Queers occupying more and more letters in the alphabet, who are we gonna joke about than?

| >How did terfs become so big
They're fat

| >>764850 They eat big dinners

| Women hate women, more at 11

| >>764846
TERFs are not associated with LGBQT. In the opposite: they are conservative feminists who try to separate feminism from queer movements.

| >>764859
trannies are not women

| >>764869 shut up
Trans rights are human rights

| >>764886
Rapist rights are human rights

| This entire discussion is a fraud, i want refunds

| >>764868 for me it's just another group that hate offensive jokes

| >>764869 Stay mad

| >>764968

| >>39e648 dylon

| >>764887
being trans = being rapist?

| The only thing trans and queer people "rape" is the self-confidence of people who suppressed their inferiority complexes by believing that just belonging to a hetero-normative majority makes them superior.
It's always the same. Everywhere.

| >>764886 Gender Dysphoria is just an addictive -philia, like crossdressing. Ever wonder why we can't stop thinking about becoming a woman? Because we let it fester as a possible reality.
Crossdressing is as addictive as porn, Gender Dysphoria (autogynephilia) is as addictive as porn. Just imagining it, we get off to the idea. But I won't submit to Jewish subversion, and degeneracy, and I won't mutilate myself for a fetish.

| >>765717 Tf, 'Jewish subversion'?. Jews aren't out to turn everyone trans, and no one is out to force you to transition.

| >>765717 Wow that's sad

| >>765717 Wow almost like TERFS and nazis are allied together hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

| >>765221

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