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Will there ever be a return of public domain?

| Works finally started entering public domain again since 2019, but we have 2024 to look forward to. The day the mouse is supposed to enter public domain.

How many more years you guys think it'll actually take for the Mouse to stop bribing politicians to keep control of their brand?

I say it'll take the total collapse of society, but what do I know?

| Muckey mouse pibluk domain? Lmao!!!!

| Just make a Mickey tax or something.

| I wish they would just find a way to make an exception for their crap, instead of ruining the law a bit more everytime.

If everytime this happened, people started publishing a lot of "illegal" stuff with mickey, maybe it would make their lawyers go insane and stop.

| Even if the mouse goes public, the big D still owns tons of trademarks and stuff on it, so we still won't be able to use it. Trademarks don't expire.

| >>762491 Correct. What WOULD be available is the Steamboat Willy design of Mickey, which is before he had the white gloves. But a lot of iconography would not be available.

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This thread is permanently archived