Mitt Romney getting loudly booed by Trumpers at a Republican gathering in Utah last Saturday

| https://i.imgur.com/FJdD37B.mp4

You're telling on how far-right you've gone if you're calling Mitt "Bain Capital" Romney a communist. Imagine pandering to these people...


| They're started devouring themselves from the inside. I don't feel the least bit bad for any of these anti-Trump Republicans. They helped prime their base with misinformation and fear for decades and then someone took them further than they were comfortable with and they have lost control of their own bullshit.

| Conservatives, man. Rail against identity politics, cancel culture etc then unironically do them more than any other group.

| Both republican and democrats merican politicians have been eating themselves after trump was gonne, its very hilarious to see how the mask falls the moment the focus of everyone's rage is gone

The so called progressives using slurs is just the cherry on top


Couple with republicans in fightin now that trump is gone and we see how america really is

| At this point it really feels like trump has to inaugurate someone as their heir for them to rally.

Also this is politics evey where, America has no shame about it unlike we baguette smoking Europeans.

| >>756869 >unlike we baguette smoking Europeans.

Give my gold back!

| >>756857
>The so called progressives using slurs is just the cherry on top
Uhm, sweetie, the people using slurs in the video are all far-right Trump supporters. No one here is using any slurs. It's all in your head.

>Both republican and democrats merican politicians have been eating themselves after trump was gonne
"bOtH sIdEs ArE dOiNg It!1!1"

Your statement is false. Show me sources claiming that the democrats are behaving like people in this video or leave this thread.

| >>756874 you didnt read the article and got triggred by someone saying that dems are also falling, sounds like your average american trying to say that they are still strong while denying the facts. Keep going on how that black republican senator was not being attacked with slurs by democrats who just wanted to suck on bidens balls

| >>756884
>you didnt read the article and got triggred
(stopped reading right there)

I did read the article and it doesn't claim what you said it claimed. No where does it portay an image that the Democratic party are canceling eachother or calling eachother names. You're freaking' delusional if you think that's what your article is all about.

*in b4 this moron presents the same overriden argument again and again despite constantly having 0 evidence of anything he claims*

| >>b50e64
So I'm gonna ask you again. Post a source for your statement or get out of this thread.

| >>19caf0
Dems disagreeing with dems too



| https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/politics/top-democrats-turn-on-each-other-after-iowa-threatening-the-partys-chances-against-trump/2020/02/09/e2838386-4aae-11ea-b4d9-29cc419287eb_story.html%3foutputType=amp

They both cant listen to the other side

| https://www.strongtowns.org/journal/2019/12/17/what-democrats-and-republicans-get-wrong-about-each-other


America sucks, get over it, yall eating on eachother but are too blind to even see beyond your own chambers

| Fucking yanks

| >>756896
>Dems disagreeing with dems too

This is normal. Everyone who isn't brainwashed disagrees and talks it out. Your links still doesn't support your claims that democrats are devouring themselves(like the Republicans in the video).

So I'm gonna ask you a *third* time: Post sources claiming that the democrats are behaving like people in this video or leave this thread.

| Also for fucks sake Midia-kun it's time you learn how fucking URLs works. You've been pasting them incorrectly for over a year now.

| >>756916 >doesnt read the articles, backs away on the original statement while saying the same point, complains about about a nitpick to invalidate the sources and asks the same question.

Can you converse without acting like that?

| You only care about controling your narrative, so much so that you will try to invalidate others by saying they post the link in the "wrong way" hell you didnt even bother to read each article since you arent attempting to argue about them.

Lumping them all into the "has nothing to do with what I want to hear" when you havent even read their headlines is not going to make your narrative stand out.

You keep making the same threads to turn /new/ into your bubble

| Anyone you disagree gets called something, is pelted by insults and sees 3 to 4 conviniently new users who only came onto the thread to reply to the same person in an insulting manner once.

What are you even doing? Do you belive the stuff you say or you just keep trolling because you have nothing better to do?

| >>756926
I read the first few articles and they do not portray what you claim they so. Reading any more would be a waste of my time.

Seriously, you're fucking delusional I you think you can link articles that says one thing while you claim they say something else entirely. NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE SUCH AN OBVIOUS LIE

You're embarrassingly stupid.

Are you really gonna get another thread locked with your endless rants and delusional logic? Seriously, get a grip of yourself and stfu.

| >>757138 specify what you saw, anyone can say that they have read and that it didnt match and you didnt even bother to read all of them once, so you are pulling assumptions from nowhere.

Threads get locked due to inactivity, are you that much of a noob here?

| >You're telling on how far-right you've gone if you're calling Mitt "Bain Capital" Romney a communist.

LMAO, Mitt Romney!? He's as right as they come. He's one of the 1% warmongers who earns money on *war*. He even promised a war against Russia and russian allied states if he got the precidency.

Imagine, now truly *imagine* how delusional you have to be to call THAT GUY a fucking communist.

| Yeah americans kill each other muahahahaha

| >>756831
jewish bolshevism: Antisemitic propaganda term used by german nazisim that implies the unity of capitalism and communism as political systems created by a jewish conspiracy in order to enslave/rule over mankind.
That's why it seems legit to the "new" right to put even other rightist, capitalist people like Mitt Romney in a row with communists. The only difference is that unlike in the past in germany there is no consensus in the right if the conspiracy is of jewish origin.

| >>756874
>What is Hillary vs Bernie

| >>757459 >a conspiracy theory about a faction of the right suspecting of a conspiracy theory of jewish people, nazis and communists working to take over the world before them.

And they say the right is the only faction spreading falsehoods.

| >>757467 that didnt happen, its just nazi propaganda from the media OP doesnt trust, the only ones who have infighting is the right. B^)

| >>757470
Well in the end I don't care, I'm just glad the USA is finally collapsing.

| >>757471 soon either the wattzis or the comburists will take them out maybe both with the unexpected jewish inquisition that is totally fayk and all a plot for the True nazis to eventually rule the r/WholePlanet lol

| N of course murIca=whole world


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