Biden gives Jill a dandelion

| ... and it's supposedly news according to some right-wing media outlets.


Are these people even human? Like, what? Why the fuck is this "news?"

Why do you never see this kind of shit in any other country, or in any other political faction for that matter?

| >Are these people even human?

Yes, they are and Journalist were doing the same shit when trump was your president so american media is just cancer at this point, they say whatever helps bait a faction of their choosing

| >>756309
>and Journalist were doing the same shit when trump was your president

Lol no. Trump did real stuff that was actually worthy of being in the news. You can't refute this.

Picking a dandelion isn't news.

How... how can you not see this blatant difference?

| >How... how can you not see this blatant difference?

There's a whole thread about people being self-delusional. That's why. The media never had to invent stuff to complain about when Trump was president because he said and did so many retarded things. You can't say the same about Biden(or Obama) so right wing media outlets have to lie in order to keep their voter base.

| >>756335 echo with the alt>>756337

What a dumb arguement, they changed semantict to make biden look bad, just like they changed semantics to make trump look bad, like, normal media proceedure, nothing to discuss here unless you 2/1 are just defending those capitalist corporations because they say what you want, like populism, wake up, they all lie to you, they just want clicks

| >>756409
>just like they changed semantics to make trump look bad

You're delusional, bro.

| Trump wants to make wall, media calls him a racist, trump breaks appart the deportation camps, media says he is separating children from parents

Biden says trumps wall might be needed, media says biden is solving the migrant crisis, biden restore the deportation camps, media says that its is saffer for people

And shit, notbody explained why these presidents did what they did, american media is just inssufferable at this point

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The causation fallacies known as oversimplification and exaggeration—also called the fallacy of reduction or multiplication—occur when the series of actual causes for an event is reduced or multiplied to the point where there is no longer a genuine, causal connection between the alleged causes and the actual effect. In other words, multiple causes are reduced to just one or a few (oversimplification) or a couple of causes are multiplied into many (exaggeration).

| >>756420
Oversimplification and “Dumbing down”(like you are doing right now) leads to assuming outcomes that are *always* erroneous. It's not rocket science, bro.

| >>756438 >>756439 thats what these journalists do, why you are defending them so hard?

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