A Blessed International Workers' Day!

| Remember the brave working men and women who fought for their rights against the capitalist class and their henchmen risking their lives.
Unfortunately the fight isn't over yet. Don't let them de-montage and their achievements such as the 8-hour day, the 40-hour week, holidays, no child labor, free public education and healthcare etc.

| The capital has no interest in solving the working classes issues. They only shift the problems around the globe and rule through stick and carrot - and if things get worse by divide and conquer.
Don't let them divide you! Stay United! International solidarity is the only way to defend what was achieved and to achieve more.


| > such as the 8-hour day, the 40-hour week, holidays, no child labor

Wait, yall having have those? Bruh

| the workers are capitalist

| >>756149 hmmm not really, workers also exist in socialism, anarchism and communism, the whole point of communism is giving all power to the workers, even people who hate communism know that.

Anyone who does something to get a retribution is a worker.

| >>756153
The rust belt is red
Agricultural states are red
Petrol workers are red
City college fags are blue...

| >>756149
The workers are workers because they offer their work to the capitalists. The capitalists are capitalists because they own the capital. If the workers would own capital, the capitalists would have to work for them.

| >>756158 learn a but from>>756161

Learn what a worker means

| The concept of a worker is above things like class and economy, they existed even before those were things, people always wanted something and workers provide those things, so hearts to all workers out there

| >>756158
This is nothing but a temporal political success of the capital and many failures by the "left". But believe me, this won't last forever. The interest conflicts between capital and labor isn't solved by religious and nationalist opium. Also bread and games are limited things. People want peace and security. The two parties in the USA stand for war, division and insecurity - each in their own way. Red or Blue doesn't make a big difference to most people in reality.

| >>756163
>The concept of a worker is above things like class and economy
Please learn what "Lexical Ambiguity" is.
You just referred to one specific concept of "worker", but there exist also those that contain class and economy aspects.

| >>756165 the most basic and ample definition of worker was used so no need to nitpick, unless you want disagree for the sake of it

| I'll make a thread in honor of Adolph Hitler's birthday next time :)

| >>756176 a holiday to reminds us of the events of ww2? Sounds cool, people seem to be forgetting it

| >>756170
Language isn't static because neither reality nor our knowledge about it is static.

| The workers are National Socialists ;;

| >>756176

| >>756184
Those are just stupid and treacherous loosers with no future worth living in.

| >>756186
Follow communism and die a painful death after fucking up your life ;)

| All my unemployed neet friends hates workers and the concept of "wageslaving" yet they get really defensive about the current state of capitalism every time something progressive gets brought up.

Why are people like these so fucking delusional??

| >>756201
>Implying you have friends
Nice larp commie fagit

| >>756201
They are human resources that currently aren't needed. If the currently "successful" people fuck things up (again) or are burnt out, their ranks could be filled with some of those neets. Their availability also pushes down wages (supply and demand).
They could also be of use as soldiers against workers that fight for their rights. That's why those neets are fed with silly entertainment, cheap comfort and much ideological opium that makes them dependent and bonded.

| >>756221
Stop talking about antifa that way

| Why are we making rage bait posts? Cant we just praise workers?

| >>756224
Commies started shitting it up so i responded in kind

| >>756224
Because we have genuinely brainwashed people on this site who gets easily triggered whenever they read something they've been indoctrinated to hate.

Such as this >>756231

| >>756282 dont forget the people who get angry if we dont criticize capitalism the way they think it should be criticized, there are lots of brainwashed people all over the spectrum here

| >>756296
I've never seen that happen here.

| >>756306 define here, this thread or this board? Depending on the answer I will have to assume you are new to /new/ or you are just trying to make your own propaganda the norm here by denying the faults

| >>756308
I've been here for 4 years and I've never seen it happen on this board.

However *every single thread* on the front page AND page 2 contains multiple brainwashed people who gets easily triggered whenever they read something they see as a "leftist" opinion.

| >>756296
I'm not so sure who is more angry here: Those who criticize capitalism or those who don't. To me it feels more like there are some people that have almost a religious affinity to the (very hegemonial) philosophies and teachings that are associated with capitalism. Just pointing out that those are a very incomplete portrayal of reality is seen as communists blasphemy.
And silly capitalism criticism is indeed a serious problem. See antisemitism for example.

| >>756231

| >>756325 so you were just making echo chamber with you alt>>756370
cool bait

| >>756406
You are free to respond to our(yes, we're different people) actual arguments with real counter-arguments of your own any time you want.

But we know you won't. Because you can't. Because you got proven wrong.

| >>756417 nah I just dont want to flood the chat about workers day with links to other threads, you 2 have been known to not read so I would recommend that you re live those 4 years with some good reading and getting back you memories, because 4 yrs mean nothing if you dont grow in that time

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