I've realised that my position in politics depends on who I'm speaking to.

| I like to troll people who have to talk about politics all the time so one time I'm a leftist and other times I'm rightist.

In reality, I've never even voted for someone despite having the opportunities. Why? From where I am from there's only rightists and leftists and I feel like taking some elements of each is the best which makes me a centrist.

There's not many centrists though, I wonder why?

| Because centrists are hated by both sides, then are seen as colluding with the enemy, not being good enought and sometimes they cant even be seen as centrist since in the they radicals are either seen them as centrists or so into the us vs. Then that anyone who disagrees is a radical

Being a centrists in a polarized world sucks

| Something something, centricide something...

| >>754097 accurate

| I'm proud liberalistic centric-right ^^

| most people are center something, but most people also don't lose sleep over twitter, much less make others lose sleep themselves.

its always going to be the loudest you see, and they're always far this, far that.

| I like you OP. Your way of thinking gave a new meaning to my NEET life.

| Centrists generally mean you don't have strong opinion and just like the world the way that it is.

For people who feel the world kind of suck and want it to be better, people like you can be seen as obstacle in the way of that.

| >>754088
>Being a centrists in a polarized world sucks
The problem many "centrists" don't realize: The polarization is not caused by the right or the left. They just offer entirely different explanations and solutions to it.

| >>754369 >>754397

Literaly what was mentioned at >>754088 people really lost self awareness

| >>754369
>just like the world the way that it is.
if that is centrism, then centrism would be conservative which is clearly a rightist thing. "Change is bad, because it's change".

| >>754369
>Centrists generally mean you don't have strong opinion
Which is an invitation for opportunists and schemers. A "strong opinion" isn't wrong or right just because it's strong. A compromise is not good because it's a compromise. Solomonian judgment is a classical case. There are issues where a compromise is technically and logically impossible. By not taking side, you automatically take side for the politically dominant faction.

| Only radicals hate centrists because they cant control nor demonize them, so the only resort is to call them a weak willed mob, the average side taker can empathise and respect centrists and people from the oposite side while still not liking or understanding their views.

| >>754604
didn't say "like the world just the way it is at this precise moment". thus argument is invalid

| >>754644
There is no place for "centrist" in a political-economical system that causes separation and polarization. "Centrists" don't want to change this system, which is why they rather are part of the problem than offering a solution. Also it's factual wrong that centrists are "neither right nor left". Most of them are (more or less) moderate conservatives relying on a (more or less social) economical liberalism. Centre-left to centre-right with tendencies to far-right in crisis

| >>754872 >"Centrists" don't want to change this system, which is why they rather are part of the problem than offering a solution.

Are you a centrist?

>Also it's factual wrong that centrists are "neither right nor left".

Never said the contrary

>Most of them are moderate conservatives relying on a economical liberalism.

Are you a centrist?

>Centre-left to centre-right with tendencies to far-right in crisis

"tendencies to far right" wow the propaganda

| >>754125 I'm actually the same as you.

| All these posts an no one actually knows that centrsism is... We already know that the most intense posters of /new/ barely knows how the political process works but is it *truly* so hard to scim the wikipage before opening your uneducated mouths?

| >>754954
centrism is rightism in disguise.

| >>754994 its hot takes like that that justified a lot of attacks and dictatorial behaviour on minorities and common people

| >>755013 get trolled

| >>755013
Let me guess: You're a centrist?

| >>754994 This!

Many centrists I've seen only ever attack the left while letting the right off too easy or backing them up. For all their talk of both sides they always seem to bat for just one of them.

Point is most are Conservatives too cowardly to own it and when it comes to both sides I never see them put their money where their mouth is.

| >>755357 They also ignore the problem of the Overton window so if it gets pulled further right then positions that where extreme one time become more normal for centrists because the centre must always move with where the window is dragged.

| Leftists: conservatives and centrists dont take action and dont speak up

Also leftists: nazism will take over if conservatives and centrists keep taking actions and speaking up

Great logic.

| Only power hungry leaders and idiots in echo chambers blame centrists for being "complacent", its their way isolate themselves in the "good morals" while looking down on everyone that is not on their group.

| >>de4e17

| >>755371 you mean media or just trolling?

| >>754954 people who agree with points of both the left and the right in some aspects and are usually against the extreme of both sides




So >>ee90b8 >>eeb5a5 >>67762f >>73bf7b are either radicals spreading misinformation or ignorant of what centrism is

| >>755377

Both, both is good.

| >>755378 both is really good in many instances

| >>755377
The point you miss is that there is a huge difference between what centrists pretend to be and what they really are. Historical experience clearly shows where they are leaning to as soon things become worse. And they don't contribute much to solve the actual problems with their notorious relativization of rightists thought errors and ignorance to leftists trouble analysis.
I'm no friend of extremes, but yet most "centrists" call me an evil socialist. They are schemers.

| >>755528 go to the wikipedia source and see the "throughout history section"

| Instead of generalizing people maybe should consider that they are just sorounded by assholes and be angry at their actions invidually isntead of seeing them as a group that is "scheeming" or "griffting".

Now if you excuse me I have some facists to lump with my list of communists.

| centrist = corporatist

| This is retarted, every time an idiot gets shut down another one appears with the same moot point only to get shot again, centrist are by far the least worrysome group.

| Must be some really meta level trolling or a mass influx of people who dont read and are really stuck up on the current politics idiocracy

| >>755822 and rightist are ultra-corporatists?

| >>755849 and leftists are undercover coporatists so that we have no escape but to comply?

| If we're gonna label leftists as commies and far-right as nazi then the center is not immune to hyperbolic names.

| >>756567 centrists are national socialists?

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