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Welcome in Prague

| Hello, welcome in Prague, what are you thinking about this city? Please feel free to tell your opinion, thanq u ^^

Dobrý den, vítejte v Praze, co si myslíte o tomto městě? Prosím řekněte váš názor, děkuji ^^

| I visited a decade ago and it was a very beautiful city with great architecture and friendly weed-dealers.

| >>753913 this, there isnt much to say beyond that

| Had some delicious high-quality beer to. Even the cheap ones were super tasty.

| >>cd28ff i feel happy for this little xD where are you from? ^^ honestly i know nothing about weed dealers in my country... and i can't say anything about alcohol too, but i'm probably happy for you i guess xd

but now to change topic little... i would little wish change it from /u/ to /new/ ^^

I'm little wondering, did this event get in your news? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-56796324

I feel that it's really fail of diplomacy that this kind of informations leaked...

| ...and really comedical and scary too xd in news in my country it's highlight thing now

| I only know Prague from map games and porn videos.

| I've never been to Prague, but I hope you guys are doing better than the rest of us g/u/rls of Eastern Europe. I've heard things have not been quite peaceful there as well

| >>754098 czech pornhub presents: yakko's world

>>754109 it is peaceful just sometimes some people solving some things with totally strange way... We are in nato, and russia was on trender for building another blocks of nuclear plant, 5G has in plans do China, but luckily at end it was get to it Erricson.. and now someone leaked these informations, so now everyone is now solving international policy instead coronavirus first time, and president doesn't talk now.. probably he

| Need to ask the putin xddd but it's little surprised me that people now so rotated now..

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This thread is permanently archived