Derek Chauvin Found Guilty of Murdering George Floyd

| Guilty on all 3 counts. Another murderous scum put to justice.

| Painfully earned justice has arrived for George Floyd’s family and the community here in Minneapolis, but today’s verdict goes far beyond this city and has significant implications for the country and even the world. Justice for Black America is justice for all of America. This case is a turning point in American history for accountability of law enforcement and sends a clear message we hope is heard clearly in every city and every state.

| inb4 250+ replies of racist anti-communist screeching

| Sources pls

| Also In my opinion it should be manslaughter since there was more evidence of it not being intentional and that Chauvin could have been used more force because floyd was resisting, but hey Im not a judge and if it wasnt murder people would probably riot

| >>753608
>Chauvin could have been used more force
The victim died due to excessive force.

| >>753610 hmm testimonies said he was resisting, others said he was really high and there was even a friend of his, that according floyd's girlfriend, was the provider of his drugs and refused to go testify because he had the chance of being responsible for floyd's death, like I think murder is a bit harsh since chauvin was in his right to tase him and that the knee hold was normal training proceedure, he isnt innocent since a man died on him but he also was just doing his job

| >>753608
>Chauvin could have been used more force

No one ever said that racists were smart.

| >>753617 wow this added so much to the discussion, look when a cop wants to kill someone they just shoot and go for the I was afraid for my life arguement, dont attribute malice to what could have been incompetence, there wasnt even proof that chauvin was racist

| 12.5 each for 2nd and 3rd degree murder, 4 for manslaughter. He will be removed from general pop. He will spend his sentence all alone with his thoughts.

| >>753619
Will he even survive in prison? Yikes

| >>753620
Epstein couldn't...

| >>753619
The average inmate in Minnesota serves two thirds of their sentence. The max on all 3 counts is 75 yrs.

| Honest question: how does one be guilty of manslaughter AND murder? I thought one was accidental and the other intentional?

| >>753623
2nd and 3rd does not require intent
1st does
2nd is willfull disregard that death can occur
3rd is negligence of duty causing death (might need that checked)

| justice for all niggers, finally!

| >>753630 hard r? Go to white jail!

| >>753632
better than nigger jail!

| Well we learned he had what, 17 previous complaints of excessive force? Would have continued if no one put a stop to it.

One of his former victims was a 14 year old boy who was assaulted by his drunk mother. Chauvin shows up and tries to arrest the victim, holds him by the throat, beats him in the head with a flashlight, cuffs him and kneels on his neck while even the drunk, abusive mother pleaded with him to stop.

| Kneels on him for 17 minutes, during which he lost consciousness. Continued his assault while the boy was saying he couldn't breathe, crying and calling for his mother.

Chauvin is an absolutely deplorable person as is anyone who defends him.

| Guess I'm a absolutely deplorable now

| Also source on that story of the 14 year boy, I never heard about it and no one I've talked with heard of it too

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_F03DFdRic

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the Department of Justice will be launching a civil investigation into policing practices in Minneapolis. This investigation will assess whether the Minneapolis Police Department "engages in a pattern or practice of using excessive force."

In before some dude inevitably starts screeching about how this is a communist plot to destroy the police.

| >>753826 Yes

| When a alternate juror says "I felt he was guilty. They read the jury instructions to us in the courtroom briefly, but I didn't know it was going to be guilty on all counts but I would have said guilty,"


It is rather disapointing if all the judges are doing is say the veredict based on "how they felt" seeing the evidence I wonder what's the point of their job

| >>754061


It's still going to be a "feeling" at the end of the day. They're judging the evidence and giving an opinion on who was at fault. No matter how good the arguments or damning the evidence, a juror's decision is always going to be personal opinion.

| I pray to Lord Floyd every morning and night, hoping that racism will soon end and everyone will be allowed to overdose methamphetamine.

| >>754143 Careful might cut yourself on that edge.

| >>754164
Careful you might choke on that fentanyl

| >>77c5f7 lmao imagine calling for help only for the guy to come beat you up so hard that even the criminal begs him to stop. how the fuck was he not kicked from the force already

| >>754196 and there is still no source on that story, are people goint call it a "conspiracy theory" or is everyone accepting it as truth because it fits their opinion?

Impartiality is important and people who took it to the streets to burn the police station are not acting for fairness

| >>754196
It's unimaginable to the rest of the western world. It's such a tragic reality that it borders on comedic. At least DoJ is finally doing something about it.


| Despite

| Why when policemen were awful against blacks in 20th century no ome gave a flying fuck?

| >>754061 wanna see worse?
"I had mixed feelings. There was a question on the questionnaire about it and I put I did not know. The reason, at that time, was I did not know what the outcome was going to be, so I felt like either way you are going to disappoint one group or the other. I did not want to go through rioting and destruction again and I was concerned about people coming to my house if they were not happy with the verdict." Says the same juror on an interview

| Link to the article quoted:

So the riots and protests were what reay influenced her "feelings", the mask really fell on that quote

| They probably just didnt want an another chimpout/BLM riots, also I dont get what kind of justice were achieved here when the "victim" is a criminal with a long list of deplorable behavior

Anything to take revenge from evil huwite people ig

| i love to see americans killing each other

| 5g killed my dog

| Yanks

| >>753616
>hmm, testimonies said he was resisting,
hmm, diagnosis said he's dead
hmm, obduction said he was murdered
hmm, doesn't sound like "resistance" at all.
Even if you ignore the well known issue of reactionist tendencies, such as racism, within executive organs you should at least think about general "proportionality of measurement".

| >>753616
>he isnt innocent since a man died on him but he also was just doing his job
Unless killing people (especially black people) is not the actual job of a police officer, he obviously did a very shitty job. And don't you think doing a shitty job should have personal consequences?
Also I don't want to live in a society where "he just did his job" becomes an ultimate excuse for major violations to the most basic human right. You should agree to this at least for you own sake.

| >>754614 are you ok? Do you have a condition where you are not able to read articles and not fully read replies? We saying murder 3 is too much for what was an accident, calling him innocent would be stupid but not reading the context and going haywire because a black man died is also stupid, it was not race crime so being black is irrelevant

| Murder 2? Ok, manslaughter? Ok, but muder 3? Because a drugged guy who resisted arrest and even took more drugs as he was resisting to later on die of what could be multi factor death of both police imcompetence and overdose? Its too much to factor and say chauvin literally wanted to kill especially when he was in the right to use more force and chose just pin down the man until reinforcements came

| 13/50

| Newark cops, with reform, didn’t fire a single shot in 2020, and the city didn’t pay a single dime to settle police brutality cases. That’s never happened, at least in the city’s modern history.

At the same time, crime is dropping, and police recovered almost 500 illegal guns from the street during the year.

| The reforms are the results of a federal consent decree, the billy club used by the Department of Justice after a long investigation concluded in 2014 revealed the rot that had infested the department for decades. It found a rogue department that tolerated widespread brutality and racism, with no accountability, and zero training on how to de-escalate confrontations with civilians.

| “You had a law enforcement agency with no training about how to enforce the law,” says Peter Harvey, the former state attorney general who is overseeing the implementation of the consent decree.

| When Paul Fishman, the former U.S. Attorney, began his investigation in 2011, he found the department’s culture was broken in almost every way. A reflexive resort to violence. Racial bias in stops and enforcement. And an internal affairs bureau so corrupted that it sustained just one complaint of police brutality over five years.

| “The use of force was too high, and the reporting of it was too low,” Fishman says.

This is a remarkable success story, all done at a time when serious crime in Newark has dropped by 40 percent in the last five years.

They hired more Black and brown officers, began training programs based on best-practices, required any officer who uses force in any way to report it in detail, and for the supervisor to review it. The bad cops were suddenly outed.

| Ambrose, who looks like a stereotypical old Italian beat cop, turned out to be a progressive at heart, a guy who took a knee during local demonstrations over the George Floyd murder in Minneapolis.

“I’ve been around a long time, and that was outright murder,” Ambrose says. “Most of the officers and the rank-and-file I speak with say the same thing.”


| >>3ffa0c
Impressive and enlightening. Newark fits the usual suspect profile:high street crime, low income. If they can do it, there are no excuses. This is evidence that progress is possible. Law can be order, if applied correctly.

| >>754634
It was murder. You're the only ones who disagrees with this. There is *no reason* to kneel on an uncouncious persons back for such a long time unless you want to inflict damage or death.

Derek Chauvin is a racist murderer and will be spending the rest of his life in solitude behind bars.

>are you ok?
I can ask the same of you. Why are you so hellbent on defending a racist murderer despite a mountain of evidence against you?

| >>753616
If you claim that an uncoincious person was resisting arrest then you clearly have a hidden agenda. Now, I wonder what agenda that might be... (¬ ¬)

| >>754732 >Derek Chauvin is a racist


On second degree at most

>I can ask the same of you. Why are you so hellbent on defending a racist murderer despite a mountain of evidence against you?

Because the "mountain of evidence" was not shown to the publi, and no one linked an article here besides >>7d94a5 >>36a331 who btw were defending saying that third degree murder was too much.

| >>754734
Yes, why is he ignoring evidence to defend a racist murderer? SOOO mysterious. lol

| >>754734 bro do you think george was unconcious from the very moment the police was called? Are you that ignorant of how the arrest happened? He used a fake bill on a store, police got called, they told him to come with them, he said not, witnesses told george to stop resisting, he started putting substances on his mouth, he got caught, said "I cant breathe" and then got pinned, after a while he repeated that he couldnt breathe and the rest we all know

| Like he resisted arrest and only passed out later on, whats the point here?

| And I am not saying chauvin is innocent!!! Just jauing that third degree murder is too much, he got murder 2, 3 and manslaughter, I agree with 2 of those charges, the only one that gets me is the third degree murder, thats it, he is not innocent

| >bro do you think george was unconcious from the very moment the police was called?

No one said this. Are you truly OK? You seem to be imagining things. No wonder you're so clueless if half of the stuff that comes out of your mouth are fabricated inside your own head.

Derek Chauvin kneeled on an uncouncious person for several minutes and killed him. An uncouncious person can't resist arrest. Period.

| You can't refute this, but at least try to entertain us by trying to talk around it some more.

Also, are you sure you're OK? You're very intense and you seem to be taking dangeru way too seriously in comparison to everyone else here. Maybe chill a bit and you'll think clearer?

| >>754730
>took a knee
to the neck i hope

| No one ever said that racists were smart.

| Racists are smart

| >>754745 chauvin kneeled on him, floyd went unconcious while he was kneeled and died while chauvin was kneeled on him, did he die from an overdove or the knee? NO ONE KNOWS and it is fair to say it was both, saying it was only because chauvin kneeled on him is not fair when the autopsy says that he had a lot of unnatural substances inside him

Murder 2 and manslaugher are fair, murder 3 is not

| >>754748 and where is the proof chauvin was racist? I asked and NOBODY gave a single statement besides "he killed a black man"

| that means that lots of blacks are racist because they shoot each other a lot.LOL

| >>754634
>it was not race crime so being black is irrelevant
You're wrong. If george floyd was white he wouldn't have been killed by the policeman.

| >>754768
based on what?

| if he was white the media wouldn't say anything about it and nobody would chimp out and riot like apes in the street

| >>754768 proof that if in that same instance and behaviour floyd would stay alive if the ONLY differentiating factor was that he was white, Im waiting, I want concrete evidence, not just some skewed data, or "studies" about cop killings

| >>754771
>I want concrete evidence not just some skewed data, or "studies" about cop killings
Hardly worth the effort, under this conditions. They make me strongly suspect you not accepting data or studies that give any evidence that doesn't fit to your world-view a.k.a. ideology.

| Drop the nonsense u dumbfucks. Quit trying to pin responsibility on some abstract concept like racism. There was a man who killed another man, and he has been judged accordingly. Thats it.

| "did he die from an overdose or the knee? NO ONE KNOWS"

His toxology report is public, the man took more than enough fentanyl to kill him three times over and also had methamphetamine in his system. During the trial the defense claimed he could of suffocated from the drugs or the car exhaust in which the procecutor states that floyd's oxygen levels were at least 95%.

They destroyed their own narrative without realizing it.

| >>755391 lmao wut, so u r saying chauvin was just unlucky cause the drugs killed him? Damn if thats tru, merica is even more retarded than i thought

| >>755388
>some abstract concept like racism
Just because it seems "abstract" to you, it doesn't mean it's not an actual existing problem.

| >>755436 Racism has no tangible body. It is most definitely abstract. Things cant hold responsibility. Ppl do. Not a group of ppl, very specific ppl aka the person that is accused. Furthermore, social problems are finnicky. They dont exist until a majority believes the problem exists. Social problems are not factual. Racism is not factual. It changes with the times and values of a society. So why rely on it? What is tru is that chauvin did something, something worth judging.

| Either chauvin or floyd is at fault, or both, certainly not racism

| Even if in this specific case racism wasn't the most dominant issue and/or motive, it was a unnecessary and avoidable factor which was important enough to make a difference in how things ended. Everything else is just denying or relativizing the issue of racism.

| >>755443
You're wrong. Abstract concepts aren't entirely detached from reality as peoples actions are dependent on them. Racism is with no doubt a dumb thing, but it exists and it has an effect. This is exactly why it is a problem.

| >>755454
>Racism is with no doubt a dumb thing
Prove it

| The term "racism" has some semantic issues that is hard to understand for some people:
Ambiguity. There are multiple meanings/readings:
1. racism as an ideology
2. racism as structure
3. racism as system
1) is well known:
People judging and treating people intentionally based on pseudo-scientific "racial" criteria. And yes: this can also happen to white people and there also is "positive racism" (which still is stupid).

| 2) Racist structures exist where law, institutions and societieal norms lead to people being treated based on racism as in 1)
3) A racist system exists where racist structures (see 2) are being reproduced.
It's important to understand that point 2 and 3 can occur individually even unintentioned. So somone can say or do racist stuff without being a racist as read in 1).

| >>755474 >>755475 thats a good analysis.

Saying something doesnt exists is stupid, usually its just not on the scale that people think it is

| >>755474
>is well known
By whom? Why?
>based on pseudo-scientific criteria
No. I just prefer a certain race because I think they look better.
>A racist system exists
Where is it? Define its workings. Don't pick cherries.
>Saying something doesnt exists is stupid
I'm pretty sure the flying spaghetti monster doesn't exist either.

| Let me put it this way. Racism exists because u believe it exists. Lets imagine the beginnings of black slavery. We enslaved them because they were no greater than animals. We treated them as animals. There was no racism in our eyes at that time. Judging from 2021 however, we know blacks r ppl too. There was racism. U can talk about racism as a structure, system, ideology, wutever, but in the end it is defined by the times. It is flimsy.

| >>755482 saying something doesnt exist is stupid because you dont even know everything that exists

Look, I dont thing the floyd case was a case of racism(im >>81a9d7), racism is problem but just not on the scale that the people calling all cops bad and saying white people are inherently privileged is

| The longer you believe something abstract is influencing ppls actions the more you pardon ppl of their crimes.

| Sorry I meant to say Im >>81a9d7

| >>755485 look using the slave trade era for an example doesnt make your arguement better, it makes you look like you are fixated on an outdated problem, give something more modern if you want to show a point

| >>755485
>Racism exists because u believe it exists
God exists because I believe he exists?
>We enslaved them
Well... sorry, but it was jewish ships that brought the slaves to america...
>There was no racism in our eyes at that time
So we invented racism? Tell me about the white slaves in america.
>in the end it is defined by the times
Or by whoever is trying to exploit that to force you to agree with them...
I guess the flying spaghetti monster does exist then. Huh, amen.

| >>755489 and uve missed my point entirely. It was an example, i dont even know the proper history. The main point is at the very end. I summarized it for u. Racism changes with the times, it exists at one pt, then disappears the next day. It is not worth pinning the blame on it and then try to get rid of racism. It is far more effective to blame the one responsible whoever that is.

| >>755491
>i dont even know the proper history
>Racism is bad
And I should put faith into the crap you say...

| >>755487 psycopathy is really abstract and we still hold them acountable for their actions, being abstract doesnt diminish a crime, just gives it a new perspective and makes so the case must be analised in more ways than just, he guilty get 9999 yrs in jail

| >>755493
>Thoughts can be a crime
Interesting. What do you think of fascism?

| >>755491 dude>>755492 has a point

| >>755495
Well, you know you've gone off the deep end when an evil racist gets a point over you :v

| >>755494 another thing that people are using to blame others they disagree while not knowing the full context just like communism, racism, wokeism etc, this shit is way beyond sides or good and evil but people seem to think we live in a movie where only their side knows right

But thats not relevant to the topic

| >>755492 it pays to read properly and refute the pts being made. Ill say it one more time racism exists today because we believe it does. If we still thought blacks were animals, black racism wouldnt exist. Its only when we consider them as ppl as we do in 2021. Thus it is pointless to think the actions of a man were influenced by something that ethereal. Just blame him and him alone or whoever else was involved. There is no cop prejudice against blacks. Its just a few cops.

| >>755499
>If we still thought blacks were animals, black racism wouldnt exist

| >>755493 psychopathy is something else. Psychopathy isnt defined by society. Its defined by doctors. It has basically always existed in the form of "abnormal actions". Racism has existed on and off

| >>755500 i already did bro. But ill say it again. Imagine u r a slave owner. These blacks r basically my monkeys,my tools. No racism here. Look at today. I have black friends and i empathize with them. They r ppl. How could history treat them in such a way. There was racism.

| >>755502
I'm not really sure what you're talking about.

| >>755503 in short, black status from then is different from what it is today in the eyes of the white man. Before, they were not ppl, they were our tools. We owned them. U cant be racist against a wrench, so racism didnt exist then. Today, white and black men are on equal terms, friends, so when viewing history: "thats not a wrench, that is a man like me. He is unjustly treated". From our view in 2021, there was racism back then.

| I honestly cant explain it any simpler. Basically its dont judge history with contemporary standards. Because society was different, and if ideas such as racism can change, then its because of societies thoughts. What is more stable is the person directly in front of u who committed the crime. Forget about systemic racism. What u see now, will not be seen the same way in the future, however, the man that killed, that will stay constant thru history

| So blame ppl, not abstract concepts

| >>755507 ie floyd was not a victim of racism. He was a victim of chauvin, killed by him, if thats true.

| >>755508 not completely true as he could have been 3 options

Drug overdose



And it all points to both

| That kinda makes sense

| >>755510 so long as we understand each others points, thats all that matters. Whether we agree or not is unimportant, but to engage in discourse and refuse to listen to what is being said is a waste of time for all parties.

| >>755511 well I refuse to listen to this positive mumbo jumbo, and I declare you a communist nazis facist criminial terrorist!!!!

Jk lol

| >>755511

| >>755490 >>755482
Is it really so hard to understand the difference between a believe system, institutions and the things people believe in?
Racism as a believe system, structure and system exists and it has an effect on people and society, even if distinguishing between human races is scientifically wrong and practically useless.
Faith, Spiritualism and Religion exist and they have an effect on society and peoples behaviour, even if supernatural spirits, gods, etc. don't exist.

| The "race" term originates from early biology where people started intentionally cross-breeding animals and plants according to their needs.

However, modern genetical research clearly proofs what rational thinking people always knew: the distinction between different human races scientifically and practically doesn't make any sense. It's a pure social construct which was heavily pushed to scientifically legitimize opressive, imperialistic anti-humanistic behavior.

| Read more here and feel free to check the primary sources:

| Even if Derek Chauvin wasn't acting intentionally out of racist motives, his crime occurred in a society that still struggles with it's strong historical racist heritage. One can transport and reproduce racist tropes without knowing it. It's not entirely a question of individual fault but of a society which still has to do much work on overcoming this very dark part of its past.

| >>755525
If race is a social construct then genocide doesn't exist

| >>755529 ye basically. Im not the one who wrote that but if I was hitler and considered the jews less than ppl, thats no different than hunting deer

| >>755539
Oh, interesting. Well I consider almost all nonwhites to be inferior, but it's not like I hate them or anything. You agree?

| >>755542 nope disagree. Yellows are superior. Hitler was off by a few letters. Instead of aryan, it was supposed to be asian

| >>755529
Because killing people based on a social construct is not a thing? Think before you write!

| Imo, this post sounds like /pol/ finally realised whatever-chan is not the only imageboard in the world. Or kids had enteres the cyberspace idk

| >>755529
Beside the classification and application of "genocide" is an ideological and political mine field, your conclusion is entirely illogical. It doesn't matter if supernatural god(s) or spirits exists or not. What matters is that people institutionalize their faith in supernatural god(s) and spirits and (mis)use them as cheap moral justification to oppress or kill other people. The same accounts for "races". And under the surface things are driven by political economy.

| People who believe in a scientific race theory are intellectually as lost as people who unironically believe in a spaghetti monster, flat-earthers, q-anon followers, islamists and evangelicals. It's all different and partially even antagonizing shit, but in the end not more but shit.

| >>755715 his conclusion is no more illogical than yours. While it may have been a disagreeable conclusion, or even a faulty, incorrect one, it did follow a line of reasoning. U can call him a dumbass cuz what u provide after will give him more information on the topic, but i dont see how what u said supports that he was illogical. Is this petty of me? Yes. Why am i pointing it out? To troll. Teehee

| >>755776
>it did follow a line of reasoning
What you call "a line of reasoning" is what I call "a line of ideological agenda".
And the rest of your post doesn't really make any sense to me. Maybe rephrase it in order to help me understand what you wanted to say. You wanted to say something don't you?

| >>756375 Ppl create their own truths. There is no absolute truth. This applies to the sciences as well. So one can go about killing ppl in hopes of bringing back their deceased mother and still follow a line of reasoning, no matter how faulty or illogical it may seem to someone else. So long as that individual truly believes killing = revival, then it followed his reasoning. Illogical is donating food for revival when u "kno" killing will work.

| Bottom line is, u cant call another argument illogical if it followed a line of reasoning, but if u do, then point out what was faulty in the reasoning using the opponents logic, not urs, which u did not do. U used ur own reasoning instead. This is fine ofc, since ur only trying to state ur pts, but u didnt say what was illogical about ur opponent.

| >>756386
>Ppl create their own truths. There is no absolute truth. This applies to the sciences as well.

This is factually wrong. The scientific method is structured to disregard personal opinions, or "personal truths" as you call it. You don't even know the basics of the basics of the scientific method so let me explain it for you.

You are of course free to explain your "personal truth" about the scientific method but I won't be reading it since I already know it to be wrong.

| >>756386
The scientific method involves careful observation, applying rigorous skepticism about what is observed, given that cognitive assumptions can distort how one interprets the observation.

It involves formulating hypotheses, via induction, based on such observations; experimental and measurement-based testing of deductions drawn from the hypotheses; and refinement (or elimination) of the hypotheses based on the experimental findings.

| Although procedures vary from one field of inquiry to another, the underlying process is frequently the same from one field to another. The process in the scientific method involves making conjectures (hypotheses), deriving predictions from them as logical consequences, and then carrying out experiments or empirical observations based on those predictions. Scientists then test hypotheses by conducting experiments or studies.

| A scientific hypothesis must be falsifiable, implying that it is possible to identify a possible outcome of an experiment or observation that conflicts with predictions deduced from the hypothesis; otherwise, the hypothesis cannot be meaningfully tested. The purpose of an experiment is to determine whether observations agree with or conflict with the predictions derived from a hypothesis.

| >>8230ae u kinda went on a bit of a tangent there, focusing on the least important point of my argument in an effort to try to one up me superficially, but thats ok, ill humor it. Before that, id like to repeat the mainstay before going onto the tangent: u cant call anothers argument as illogical simply because it does not conform to ur truths/logic. Whatever assumptions/truths ur opponent has made, as long as it fits into some line of reasoning, it cant be illogical, by definition

| The science thing was just an example of ppl determining their own truths and ill explain why this is the case. U can argue over my word choice, but my main point is that there is no absolute truth. This is because, no matter how incredible u may think the sci method is, it has failed after succeeding. That is, findings that were thought to be true for yrs can suddenly be overturned by new studies.

| All of our theories and laws are predicated on the fact that we have nvr observed an outcome outside of what they describe, but on the chance that it does happen, prev findings will have to conform to the new ones. Because of the very fact that science progresses, there is no absolute truth

| Lastly, id like to point out what u said here >>756396 about not reading an argument because u already kno it to be wrong, is not advisable. To partake in discourse is to listen on equal measure as speaking. To not listen to the other and attempt to understand is a waste of everyones time. Doesnt matter if we agree since thats not important, but we should understand why we disagree

| >>756422
>u kinda went on a bit of a tangent there, focusing on the least important point of my argument in an effort to try to one up me superficially,

Nope, this is an entirely baseless assumption on your part.

The obvious take is that if you can't even recognize the scientific method then your "opinion" on science and anything relate to factual evidence is faulty at best.

I didn't actually read the rest of your post(s) since it's kinda jumbled and incoherently written.

| U say its baseless but dont explain why, and then u tell me u didnt put in the effort to try and understand my point. I dont even get any questions as to what parts were confusing. Surely this is not how u expect actual conversations to go? Ur just stroking ur own ego...

| I did btw, explain why that was the least important part of my argument

| He died because he was super high on dangerous drugs. That was proven in the autopsy months before the court case.

That doesn't excuse pushing hard into his neck like that, but, Minneapolis is the one place in the US that actually trains their officers to do this.

| >>756523 essentially this

| The good part of truth is that it doesn't require anyone to decide if it's true or not. There are things that can be proven, and there are things that cannot. Then there are things that can be proven to be lies. Again, it doesn't take anyone's "decision".

| People one the right are counting on large groups of people giving up and believing that there is no such thing as truth. From vaccines to the Big Lie, they're hoping to kill the very concept of Truth, since they've already done their best to kill off Justice and the American Way.

| >>756523
>He died because he was super high on dangerous drugs. That was proven in the autopsy months before the court case.


>The medical examiner who conducted the autopsy on George Floyd took the stand Friday in the trial of Derek Chauvin. Hennepin County medical examiner Dr. Andrew Baker testified that heart disease and drugs contributed to but didn't directly cause Floyd's death.

*but didn't directly cause Floyd's death*

| >>756679

>Baker's autopsy report from May 2020 found that Floyd died of "cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint and neck compression."

| >>756523
I'm sorry to say this but you're a product of propaganda. What you believe isn't true and is *easily proven to be false*.

| >Baker's testimony came after three medical experts testified for the prosecution that Floyd died of oxygen deprivation — not drugs, as the defense has suggested.

| Feel free to post some more incoherently written ramblings where you deny, derail and accuse because you have *zero argumentation* and *zero factual evidence* to base your posts on.

You're fucking pathetic, dude.

| >>756686 salty words for someone who exaclty what>>756523 said but with extra steps of reduntant negation to end by affirmating what everyone has been saying.

Literally nobody said chauvin was innocent, people are calling it a multifactorial death yet idiots like you keep that mentality that people are somwhow trying to portray chauvin as innocent when they are just saying that chauvin was not the sole cause.

| It is like this

*says drugs were not the only cause and chauvin is guilty

-yes its right, echo echo echo echo

*says chauvin, who isnt excusable, was not the only cause and that the drugs on not safe proportions

-racist, science denier, he was guilty echo echo echo

Do you realise how stupid that is? We are all saying the same shit yet idiots try to antagonize others for saying the same thing on a different order

| I don't really care to be honest.

| >>444886 in after some more incoherently written ramblings where you deny, derail and accuse because you have *zero argumentation* and *zero factual evidence* to base your posts on.

You truly are fucking pathetic, dude. This is embarrasing...

| >Baker's autopsy report from May 2020 found that Floyd died of "cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint and neck compression."

>Baker's testimony came after three medical experts testified for the prosecution that Floyd died of oxygen deprivation — not drugs, as the defense has suggested.

| >>756807 link your article. Then talk

| >>756805 so you are saying chauvin was the sole cause while you cant even provide proof?

And backed out of your original statement just to disagree and attempt to humiliate with baseless insults?

I swear people like you are what caused the worst events in history, no conviction, just will to win.

| >I swear people like you are what caused the worst events in history, no conviction, just will to win.

This is projecting.

| >>756839
Practice what you preach and either your own sources, or better yet, stop talking?

| No one ever said that racists were smart.

| >>444886
You really are fucking pathetic.

| >Baker's autopsy report from May 2020 found that Floyd died of "cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint and neck compression."

>Baker's testimony came after three medical experts testified for the prosecution that Floyd died of oxygen deprivation — not drugs, as the defense has suggested.

| >>756846 >>10df87 >>4d2ba7 >>a4f323 >>8230ae ah yes 4 random people all come to insult and defend someone

| >>8230ae people who use alts to just insult with no arguements are the pathetic ones

| Btw i think the topic gets milked too hard. You're all virtue signalling to show off what good of a person you are. He got arrested. Like that would have happened anyways. If you really want to be a good person maybe donate or help in topics that aren't trendy.

| >>756866 you are right there have been more cases simillar to this one of george, with different levels of guilty and upbringing, a lot of cops have been quitting because they cant do their jobs without people going crazy, a lot of bad cops are being exposed and cirme rates going up because there is less police and more people are rilled up

| >>756866
I don't think wanting murderers to be held accountable is the same as virtue signaling. It's common sense, dude.

| >>756885 in your head, anyone who doesnt echo your words somehow wants cops to not be held accountable, you have some serious problem when reading stuff that isnt written by yourself.

No one is saying anything about all cops being innocent or that chauvin did NOTHING wrong.

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