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AnCap 20xx, coming soon

| i'm sorry for little bit trash title xd but i'm little thinking about if doesn't corporations slowly doesn't becoming stronger than governments... pharmacies are having monopoly in production of vaccines, online platforms as Google or Facebook are threatening by end of services in some country "when.." (referring to australia, europe announcements), musk is playing with neuralink, and sent 1000+ satellites on sky without any problem...

| i don't want make any opinion, only i'm referring to some events... but honestly i want know your opinions what are you thinking about it ^^

| Its not far prediction by any means, looking at how much influence they have in the economy and poilitics due to the incompentence or ignorance of most politicians in the world, these old bricks cant regulate what they dont know, looking at australia, USA, a lot of european countries, Brazil, Argentina, Japan etc. We need younger politicians who know more about the world, tho looking at the younger generations they seem to be just as clueless which isnt helping

| I say we lower the voting age to 8 so politicians are even more out of touch with the voters.

| If there is a minimum age to become a politician there should also a be a maximum age, because having dumb and naive youngsters can just as bad as senile and out of touch elders

| >>753182 i can identify with it... But idk xd maybe it would being nice educational seminar about some basic things and theory about politics... But i'm afraid that it wouldn't being objective

| >>753194 making something objective in politics is hard

| >>753199 honestly yes... But i think that this kind of seminar should being theoretical and some kind of standart, if it was real thing, i think that there should be learned history, political systems, learning about social bubbles and what is problem of populism and so.. i'm honestly liberalistic... I would allow children vote if would be on seminar and being educated xd i think that won't voting worster than old communists xd

| >>753737 kids dont have enough experience about the world and the kids who would be able to absorb something from those seminars are going to be rare and very gifted. Some adults also vote worse than kids but they are not super normal, I approve your idea but I disapprove letting children vote or having their votes count as a full on vote

| I think that should voting only people what are having interest to vote.. if will some kid understand that exists some seminar what is required for voting, probably is smart enough to being there and than vote..

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