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I love going on reddit...

| Exclusively to make left-wingers mad. I collect ban notices like badges of honor. I recommend starting with Blackpeopletwitter because black fragility, and feminazis are also super easy. I shitpost once in a while and they're just monumentally melting. Basically it's like I'm singing dakooters songs right into the echo chamber. It's fun, you should try it

| I don't like making fun of the mentally ill. Do your thing though.

| please go back to /new/ and never leave

| >>751973 oof that's really mean dudette

| >>752063
People choose to get angry. I am not responsible for people's emotions.

| >>752081
She was being sarcastic, lol.

| About 10 years ago, I had a colleague who had always been a tad weird, but it was clear that something was breaking inside his head. He started sending long, rambling emails, blasting them to 100 of his closest co-workers and bosses. Mixing politics, conspiracy theories, gun-fetish, delusions of grandeur together, all the while claiming truth-telling and free-speech. He would capitalize every third word.

| efore I stopped eating at the same lunch table with him, I'd get treated to his stories about his Russian girlfriend. The one that he met on the internet. The one he has the hottest conversations with. At the same time, over a period of about a year, it became clear that he was no longer able to do his job competently. He was run out of the place and eventually had to be legally ordered to stay away because he would wander in occasionally and make vague threats.

| I wish I was making this up, but I'm not. It's sad watching a person with one of their critical organs failing, but it's especially ugly when it's the brain.

| This is what's collectively happening to the right wing in this country. Any right-winger with actual intellectual cred has already left the movement. What's left is seriously mis-firing in the grey matter. I'd like to see some actual thought return to the conservative side of this country, but I suspect it's going to take decades.

| There's a LOT of trash to get rid of before that can happen. People are gonna look back at the days when conservatives were just mildly sexist and racist and feel nostalgia. Nowadays it's qanon and birtherism. Ooof. I used to vote a mix of R and D. Not anymore.

| >>752086 >>752087
Absolutely everything that you just said can be said of lefties in the USA. The strawmanning, the generalizing, along with the cognitive bias and the holier-than-thou retard attitude.

| I'm even willing to bet that your coworker isn't even real

| Good job getting me to respond, tho. Generally I post things that are actually kinda funny, you just went boring troll mode on me

| >Good job getting me to respond, tho.

As always, it was very easy. Right-wingers takes the bait every single time.

Every. Single. Time.

| >>752100
Try being funny though, it's way better that way :)

| Fucking yanks, go shoot each other and do the world a favour instead of polluting online communities with rotten politics

| My only political opinion is that nuking America would solve most of the world's problems

| >>752081
You know, acting like an asshole all the time and literally provoking people with aggravating shit is gonna get a reaction out of anyone who isn't a saint. How you, and other people of similar views, can see yourself as "not responsible" is something I will never understand. Only tangentially related at best, but verbal abuse is also a thing. You can't just go "it's just words bruh, not my fault you choose to be angry/hurt/etc." like a kid and expect to be taken seriously.

| >>752132
We will, sorry.
Based. The USA is dying.

| >>752191
In this case? Nah, not really.
Well, maybe a bit. Had a similar episode recently, but the circumstances and the actors involved were somewhat different so it kinda stuck in my mind.
But anyway, what I'm saying is that this line of reasoning is basically trolling 101.
Also it seems like /new/ is leaking again.

| >>752202
Maybe. But it's not possible to not have someone on earth be infuriated with anything you may say. So I'm not responsible for people getting triggurd. You choose to get angry because of pixels on a screen. That's retarded

| >>752216
When someone gets aggravated from someone's opinion or even facts, that's pretty dumb. But intentionally saying hurtful things and then washing your hands of the matter like you had nothing to do with it and the other person did this to themselves isn't okay

I have realized now that I'm projecting a whole lot here and it's not quite what >>752081 was talking about
But it's still a completely unreasonable argument and the particular wording just stirred some memories in me

| Moreover, I don't think anyone can *choose* to be angry or to get triggered... We can choose whether to act upon those emotions or not, but the reactions themselves usually surface whether we want them to or not, unless you have the patience of a saint maybe.

| >>752221
You don't get to tell me which parts of my behavior are okay or not. You are no moral authority so I just dismiss what you say. People everywhere should grow a thicker skin. Are you just confusing abuse and harassment with shitposting and in-your-face fuckoff opinions?
Nonsense. Anger is a conscious choice. Otherwise you've lost control of your own self. You keep talking about patience of a saint, I talk about self-control and dignity.

| You're not really as worthless as to let any rando online with a spicy thought strike you straight in the fee-fees, the world is full of garbage and crappy people. It's my take that if you don't rise above that you will continue to be nothing but an emotional slave to the world's chaotic storm of nonsense.

| >>752231
> confusing abuse and harassment with shitposting
Like I said, not so much confusing the two, as projecting a bit too much, since in my past someone fairly close to me has once used the *exact* same wording to absolutely seriously try to justify said abuse and harassment. I'd say I have enough self-control and dignity, but none of it helped. No conscious choice was made there.
Overall I agree with you when it comes to dealing with randos online. Sorry for getting derailed.

| >>752241
Nah fam, it's my thread after all, I wanted this kind of talk
You're surprisingly easygoing, refreshing tbh

| >>752163 bruh nuke China and Russia too then. All garbage shit hole countries

| Hi I am a redditor, please upvote my post. I need more karma point's
>this post was written by /g/url-bot

| It got moved to /new/???

| Now this is what i call news :D

| This was peak /new/ material from the start anyway. Maids doing a good job.

| >>752306
Let me guess.

OP claimed to be a master at trolling and "owning the libs" but only when no one is around to witness it. Yet ITT he displays none of those "merits" and instead outs himself as socially clueless.

How am I doing?

| >>752315
You pretty much hit the nail on the head. OP can be summed up with "I put time and effort into hurting people and it's not my fault they get hurt."

| >>752261 as a latino, thats the most based thing here, burn russia, china and usa

| deutschand deutschland uber alles, uber alles in die welt

| >>751973
>left-wingers on reddit
Anyone who believes those are "left-wingers" isn't right in mind. Even if it's themselves.

| >>752396
Leftoïds then.

| >>752315
Tell me: are you triggered? Are you mad?
This is valuable scientific data.

| I love sex. +40 upvotes

| >>752416
Only a certain type of very dumb leftists (or "leftoids") uses reddit or any another closed centralized network based on proprietary adware owned by a profit oriented company. I would never touch that shit BECAUSE I'm a leftist.

| if you interact with cyberpunk media in any fashion and end up not being a leftist in some way, you're fucking stupid

| >>752628
Unfortunately stupidity exists.

| >>752628 >>752515 imagine gatekeeping politics bc "Im a true *insert group*", fuck this there are all sorts of people in many places

| >>751973
I see you value your time highly.

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