Free education and free healthcare

| What are your opinions? Good? Bad? In-between? What proven solutions are there?

| Nothing is free. You're just changing who you pay.
I'd rather see where my money is going. The reason Americans complain about their healthcare system is because it comes out of their own pockets. Ask a Canadian what they think about their own healthcare, they (we) hate it like you wouldn't imagine. But we don't do much about it, because once it's in the hands of the government it's untouchable.

Again, nothing is free. You're just dumping your responsibilities on your government.

| I don't really see a downside aside from quality control and affordability.

| That is, there needs to be an incentive for those employed in these industries to do a good job, and i'm not confident in a government's ability to provide that quality assurance without paying the employees well, which they would then need to fund from taxes, which would best be obtained from the wealthy, but seems difficult to do.

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>Again, nothing is free. You're just dumping your responsibilities on your government.
A government that doesn't care for such things will soon be collapse as mass poverty and misery rises. This has been historically proven multiple times.
What happens with all the privatization of healthcare and education is nothing but governments that dump responsibilities on individuals. Individuals that already are economically divided and even become more and more.

| Having gone from the US health system to Japan's nation system, if I had to go back to the US system I'd rather jump off a bridge.

| Education and healthcare are part of public infrastructure. The markets magic of "competition" doesn't work on infrastructure. There will be monopolies rising and peoples destinies will be decided by some "choosen" CEO's who have no democratical legitimization at all.

| Look at brazil and judge it for yourself

| Are there any countries in the world who completely lacks free healthcare and simultaneously have good healthcare? I can't find any evidence of it.

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>Free as in freedom not as in free beer.
The goal of a "free" (as in freedom) healthcare and ecucation system is to redistributes the costs of basic achievements of a civilized society. The principle behind it is called "solidarity". It also increases social mobility and helps to unlock peoples individual potentials.
Unfree education and healthcare replaces solidarity and social mobility with social-darwinism, particularism and social stagnation, causing a divided society.

| I live in germany and both is basically free here. I mean im paying more taxes but yeah. I come from a very poor household and im very happy that i can study in university without paying my ass off or working too much besides it. I feel like that's a reason you dont need 3 generations of the family to get a higher social economic status anymore than before. Also i dont have to worry about anything while going to the doctor. Its free.

| Also it is true that instead of paying the doctor, i just pay the government but overall the health care system is in good control and inspection. Doctors here do need way more qualifications than in america and u dont get painkillers shoven in ur face very easily like its in burgerland.

| Girl, I pay 200€ a year to go to a good university and I don't have any debt. I'm pretty set if I can get my thesis here and my post-doctorate somewhere else.

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If you can go to a good university for 200€ then most of your education and teacher salary is paid for by taxes.

Sounds like a working system.

| I'm too from germany and can mostly confirm what >>9d945b wrote.
On the other hand there were and still are concerning developments - like in most other "welfare states". The late phase and the end of cold war made it possible, when the USSR as representant of "communism", struggled and fell while the capitalist world managed to beat them by lightning geopolitical and economical strawfires.
Since then basic social achievements are condemned as "outdated" and being erased slowly.

| The healthcare and education system in germany were long time very advanced. But it also always had some serious flaws. For example the two-class insurance system with private insurances for wealthy people and public insurances for poorer ones. Also the private sector in education is growing while public schools infrastructure is moldering or in regard of digitalization not even there from the beginning.

| Also the reforms on the academical education in the name of internationalization ("bologna reforms") fucked up both the unique and quite good german apprenticeship and its academical education systems. A career in handcraft or industry jobs has become very unpopular (for no reason) while everyone wants to go to the university - which for most is economically a huge burden, they can only shoulder by the grace of their parents or credit banks.

| Thanks to the mentioned reforms the quality of most courses decreased massively. The public universities still are overcharged because of the huge rush of students. Lots of bachelor studies give in the end worse perspectives on the job market compared to the classical "dual apprenticeship" - because its graduates have no practical experience at all. But lots of them have debts instead, because other than the apprenticeship they didn't get loan but had to pay ridicolous study-fees.

| I know what I'm talking about, because I come from a poor household and made my academical graduation on the so called "second way", which means I made an apprenticeship in the industry (3,5 years) before I went to the university. I think this would be a much better way to go for most average people who weren't born in a wealthy family.
I was very relieved I went this way when I saw the bad condition in what the universities are. Expensive but low quality education.

| Privatized health care is a horror show in the us. Nobody should need to run a fucking go fund me page for their life saving operation thats messed up. Health care should be a human right, people are not a product and a profit based system does not work in every situation (eg the UK rail privatisation which was ideologically based)

Health should involve a duty of care first and foremost.

| >>749570 to be fair, private health care in the US is intentionally overpriced, with a lot of importation and you guys also have one of the most unhealthy average lifestyle, private health care in other countries is way more affordable.

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