AI-Generated Wealth Will Enable a $13,500-a-Year Basic Income

| Artificial intelligence will create so much wealth that every adult in the United States could be paid $13,500 per year from its windfall as soon as 10 years from now. So says Sam Altman, co-founder and president of San Francisco-headquartered, artificial intelligence-focused nonprofit OpenAI.

| [I]f the government collects and redistributes the wealth that AI will generate, AI's exponential productivity gains could "make the society of the future much less divisive and enable everyone to participate in its gains," Altman says. As the pace of development accelerates, AI "will create phenomenal wealth" but at the same time the price of labor "will fall towards zero,"

| In this future, where wealth will come from companies and land, governments should tax capital, not labor, and those taxes should be distributed to citizens, Altman said. In his post, Altman proposed an American Equity Fund that taxes sufficiently large companies 2.5% of their market value in the form of company shares, and 2.5% of the value of all land in the form of dollars... All citizens over 18 would receive payment in both dollars and company shares.

| "As people's individual assets rise in tandem with the country's, they have a literal stake in seeing their country do well," Altman said. With this system in mind, in 10 years, the 250 million adults living in America would get $13,500 per year. "That dividend could be much higher if AI accelerates growth, but even if it's not, $13,500 will have much greater purchasing power than it does now because technology will have greatly reduced the cost of goods and services".

| https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/openais-sam-altman-artificial-intelligence-will-generate-enough-wealth-to-pay-each-adult-2413500-a-year/ar-BB1eGOoY


The changes coming are unstoppable. If we embrace them and plan for them, we can use them to create a much fairer, happier, and more prosperous society. The future can be almost unimaginably great.

| 1. "AI" doesn't exist. All we know and have so far is nothing but automation - and eventually there won't ever be more than that.
2. "AI" is misleading terminology popularized by entertainment and marketing industry. We rather should call this technology "Virtual Intelligence" (VI)
3. If we really manage to create something like an "AI" that deserves being called so, than we achieved nothing but creating a new species. This would come with serious ethical issues and risks

| ...
(which are both pretty simmiliar to genetic engineering)
4. Open "AI", like open source software, is not free (as in freedom) AI. This means there is no copyleft that protects the "open" aspect. In the end "AI" won't change the issue that the ownership and distribution of/the individual access to energetic resources and infrastructure still is the most fundamental issues of humanity. It even will reproduce/amplify this issues (this applies also to the issues mentioned in 3.)

| "AI is opium for the people."

| >following Altman's prophecies

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AI =/= automation

If you're gonna debate the existence of something at least know the basics first.


| ^ low quality /new/ bait

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Fuck off troll

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In fact all 3 of your points are completely negated by the wiki articles opening paragraph.

I don't know where you get your ideas from but it's certainly not the agreed-upon scientific consensus.

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fuck off troll

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I don't see the contradictions you want to show us. I find what >>5b2dc1 wrote goes pretty well along with what's in the article you linked.

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You said absolutely nothing right now, you know that right?

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why are you replying to the troll?

| Another thread derailed by intellectually insecure people who can't even read a fucking piece of text properly...

Is it really so fucking hard to only open your mouth when you have something of substance to say?

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Yeah well, half the posts(trollish one-liners) are from the same guy and no one ever even acknowledges him. Doesn't seem to matter to him though.

Noise is easy to filter but having to hold peoples hands and guide them trough their own arguments is tiresome. No one wants to have debates like that.

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Then don't... You also seem to live in your own world where everyone who disagrees with you is the same person. Kind of creepy what goes on in your head

| Using the proceeds of new wealth to benefit society? Sounds like muh gobernism to me!

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you mean communism?

| another thread full of pseudo-intellectual fags

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