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Human penises are shrinking because of pollution, warns scientist

| Dr Shanna Swan writes that humanity is facing an "existential crisis" in fertility rates as a result of phthalates, a chemical used when manufacturing plastics that impacts the hormone-producing endocrine system.

As a result of this pollution, a growing number of babies are being born with small penises, Dr Swan writes.

| She discovered that male human babies who had been exposed to the phthalates in the womb had a shorter anogenital distance - something that correlated with penile volume.

Phathalates mimic the hormone oestrogen and thus disrupt the natural production of hormones in the human body, which researchers have linked to interference in sexual development in infants and behaviours in adults.


| https://i.imgur.com/T9RjmSK.jpg

| Still a dubious news website with no source or anything.

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... They obviously showed the source. Half the article is about the authors book.

What's dubious about the website anyway?

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Did pollution destroy both your ability to think and your ability to get laid? Dinky brainlet.

| >>748259 haha goddem
that'll teach them to post here
stoopid people and their conspiracy websites amirite

| Wow this gives me a reason to care

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