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Most Blatant Media Propaganda? More subtle pieces?

| Post recent TV series,documentaries and films that u consider Propaganda and for who.

| >that *you* consider propaganda
you know where this is going, right?

| >>746239

| 厉害我的国. I understood how China's domestic propaganda works with that film. Force companies to send all of their staff to watch making it a box office "hit" then pull it and scrub it from the internet when inaccuracies surface

| Almost every hollywood production contains tons of propaganda messages:
- USA = good, any other country = evil. And the good always win in the end, just because they are good.
- An endless amount of "american dream" success stories.
- A lot of esoteric/spiritualist/religious bullcrap
Those messages are sometimes more and sometimes less disguised by wrapping them into a superficial and thin layer of progressiveness - which is nothing but a mirror to the actual state of things there.

| Pargeur U and every one of their videos are blatant propoganda. I love how whenever there is a graph on screen the axis aren't even properly labeled. They also only present "evidence" that only supports their argument. Now I may be a little bias because I'm left leaning, but I think it's pretty obvious their videos are kinda shit.

| Gonna drop this here because is a good read from our lords at Sukeban.


| There is so many massive stupid propaganda, PR and advertisements that it always makes me wonder why they even work on so many people.
It seems also if it comes to information quantity beats quality. No matter how stupid something is, as long it is omnipresent, repetitive, loud, polarizing and sensationalist enough it works.

Generally I would recommend to read stuff by AND about "Edward Bernays"
Also a novel/movie hint: "99 francs" by Frédéric Beigbeder

| Everybody forgot about China

| Advertising has already been blatant propaganda. But I think the new ragebait advertising that Nike and Gillette and Burger King have experimented with recently are probably the ultimate form of corporate propaganda. It turns brands into characters and sows political divides and advertises all at the same time.

| >>746468
What you call "ragebait advertising" is no propaganda at all. They also don't "sow political divides". People who rage because of it or see it as "bait" are just stupid and retarded and the political division already was there before.
The only questionable thing about such ads is that they are a corporate appropriation of social struggles, taking liberal values as hostage while doing (ethical) white and green washing - only driven by profit calculation.

| ^
result of propaganda

| Lmao

| >>746506
See, that's what I meant by "corporate appropriation of social struggles":
Now everyone who addressed or addresses the shown issues can be blamed as "propaganda victim" of those companies.
And also the other way arround: A company may use such statements as a shield against criticism about their products and all other company policies.

| >>746606

It's honestly really sad when you think about it. Contributes to everyone's paranoia and makes us all more cynical as a result.

| >>746342 aside from your point, please have the decency to type the correct name. it’s 厲害了,我的國, the title you wrote doesn’t make sense.

| I don’t understand why everyone is so against China. It’s not like China is an entity that you have personal hate against. Is there a legitimate reason why everyone dislikes the country?

| >>747018 probably the uhigyur genoicde, rigged elections, forced labor, shitty labor laws, blatant homophobia and sexism encouraged by the government, not letting Hong Kong be independent, just to name a few.

Also, I don't have a problem with chinese people, I just don't like how china chooses to govern

| >>747019
the homophobia and sexism is a normal cultural thing. this is a case of china vs chinese government. i fucking hate the ccp

| >>747032 it is definitely a cultural thing, but highly encouraged by the government and their censorship. Like some Chinese people might not even know what a homosexual is because of the ccp

| Rupert Murdochs media empire thats turned uk media into a banana republic. Shit like the dark money funded defund the bbc and while I have critism of the beeb the campaigns peak astroturfing people keep falling for.

Fox news in the US too

| >>747019
but too many people in the glorious "free world" like cheap electronics and plastic toys made in the pcr...

| >>747043
Since you started name-dropping I'd like to throw in "robert mercer" and his clan who built and maintain a very huge and powerful network of misinformation media in the USA.

| >>747017 It's actually 厉害了, 我的国 (not in traditional) but I was basically typing from memory from when my former coworkers saw the movie

| >>747085 Yeah he's a total scumfuck. Theirs also the kochs and the Wilks brothers[billionaires who bankroll prager u]

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