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Signs of cultural decline?

| What r the telltale signs of cultural decline? What countries have it the worst? Which ones r actually prospering and have flourishing culture?

| What do you think, OP?

| When it goes from heroes to celebrities. When a people turn soft and useless and surrender what they own to others. Interestingly, degeneracy like transgenderism and debauchery is actually really not a new phenomenon, in fact you can find it in the oldest empires of mankind - always near the time of their collapse.
In my opinion the West (strong examples Canada, Sweden, UK) has it the worst. Countries that are doing well are Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Estonia, then idk...

| People don't value honor and strength anymore... Strange times

| Hard times make hard men. Hard men make good times. Good times make soft men. Soft men make hard times.

| >>746233
what a meme

| >>746215
destruction of the individual
over-glorification of luxury
poor infrastructure
non-existent hospitality

what's yours?

| well basically netflix is beginning to absorb everybody, everybody's gonna watch almost only american's show

| >>746262 laughts in anime and youtube

| >>746231
>in fact you can find it in the oldest empires of mankind - always near the time of their collapse.
Correlation != causation. Transgenderism exists or existed in civilizations that either haven't fallen yet, or didn't fall for hundreds if not thousands of years. Hijras in India, gala in Sumer, khanith/mukhannathun
in Arabia, sworn virgins in the Balkans, "third genders" in Native American tribes, etc

| >>746288 based

| >>746288
trannies and femboys are for faggots, fag

| >>746288
People who knows their shit = based

| >>746288
Every single "example" you quoted is located outside of Europe. There accepted trannyism was a surefire sign of the collapse of empires. Correlation can be causation because the tranny disease is often a sign of degrading civilizations where people turn into degenerates and don't live with natural sensibilities. But tbh degenerates will defend degenerates.

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You sound lonely

| >>746360
You sound lonely

| We are all lonely

| >>746363
Not all of us acts uppity on anonymous text boards for attention though. Most of us can handle loneliness without needing to cope with attention whoring.

| >>746376 I don't see the correlation though. Trans people have always and will always exist. Whether you like it or not. Just because these civilizations had trans people in their end times does not make them at fault. Most trans people just want to vibe and be alone. Tbh they're aren't enough of them to topple an empire considering they make up no more than 5 % of the population

| >>746358 ...are the Balkans not part of Europe? If you need a European example, the Greek Hippocratic Corpus mentions "man-women" and "mannish women". Not trying to derail OP, but I'm pointing out transgenderism isn't as much a sign of the times as it is a weird phenomenon of the human psyche that will exist as long as humans do.
I do think the push to accept everyone who labels themselves trans/nonbinary/whatever is annoying tho. Identity "politics" is a sign of decline imo

| Things end nothing lasts forever and besides the past sucked dick why would anyone want to rebuild it. Ya all have some warped idealised version of the past in your heads and that's part of the problem.

More to the past anyway beyond military history YouTube channels and statues of buff Greek guys(who by the way where gay as fuck)

| >>746414 based

| Decadence is the correct answer.

| What does cultural decline even mean, though? To call a culture lower than its past self means you need to have a way to compare them. But that comparison is pretty arbitrary and undeniably different for different people. This is one of the few points I agree on with idpol people: cultures & such are measured as successful or good based on the opinions of a relatively small and powerful group, and the opinions of people who it's often more relevant to tend to get ignored.

| >>746232
Thanks to technological advance (physical) strenght has lost meaning. And to determine "honor" is only a pov question - and it depends much on interpretative supremacy.

| >>746384
They're only partially a cause, just always a symptom.
I doubt the balkans are part of Europe... for the Greek example see >>746231. I agree with you so much about the identity politics bullshit...
The past was cool as fuck asshole, explorer as a job, corsairs, completely revolutionizing discoveries... As for the Greeks: Near the end, yeah. Same with the romans

| >>746450
And thus you breed a weak people without any values... Strength will never lose its meaning, people just choose to ignore its importance.
Technology will enslave us at this rate.

| Also a societies acceptance of sexual diversity and protection for minorities is no indicators for cultural decline. But puritanism and intolerance are.

| >>746452
In the current state of things all of your "values" are worthless if they can't be turned into profit.
It's not technology which enslaves people. Technology has no consciousness. It's people that use technology to enslave other people. Technology can also liberate people by emancipating them from nature.

| An argument could be made that societies fighting for the acceptance of minorities brings attention away from class warfare. And when that attention is pulled away, that allows the ruling class to consolidate power more easily. But the solution to that isn't to stop fighting for acceptance, but to help middle class and lower middle class people realize that they're a lot more similar to poor people than rich people, even if those rich people have the same skin color or identity.

| So I don't think it's really the acceptance or the fight for it that is a sign, I think it's a combination of that and a lack of individual political strength. I think the history of the USA with black people's rights makes for a pretty good example of when a fight for acceptance was NOT a sign of decline. And I think that's because there was a lot more political support involved in it (probably because black votes were worth expanding the voting block for).

| In any scenario, though, I don't think the higher visibility of trans people on the english speaking internet has much of an effect on anything in real life. So more than anything else I've said I don't think any arguments in this thread about whether that's a sign of cultural decline should be taken as reasons to do anything other than argue in this thread.

| >>746455
The ruling class rides on two tracks here: On one hand some of them spent much ressources to backwarded, socially revisionist forces while the rest on the other hand appropriates the struggle for minority-, women- or even basic human rights (and environmentalism). This way they can win broader acceptance across all kind of different people while at the same time having options if their reign starts being seriously questioned (e.g. during a crisis).

| Bread and Games + Divide and Conquer
Those things have been proven to work for long, long times.

| >>746453
pretty much the opposite
i almost can't believe how retarded you are. but it's good to expose yourself like this, a materialist soggybrain who exchanges ethics for cash, his whole generation incapable of calculus or living without a phone.
"liberation" of nature is the enslaving to technology. you're the kind of people that "liberate" earth by polluting everything and killing off nature, the "enslaver"...

| >>40230d
and you're a commie, so your opinions don't count

| it's pretty telling when the symptoms of decay themselves are asked to come up with signs of decline...

| >>746465 based and understandable and I'm glad at least one of us will enjoy an unending denial of anything in maslow's pyramid

| >>746464
I assume you live in a cave or the woods by hunting and gathering. And from time to time you sacrifice some of your goods to ominous spirits or gods, begging them to help you in bad times or have mercy during good ones. Everything else would be very hypocritical, wouldn't it?

| >>746470
this is strawmanning. your brain must lack an update.

| >>746470
also now that think about it that life would be kinda cool. better than being a phone-addicted couch potato.

| >>746472 sometimes I unironically wish we could return to monky

| >>746473 Is there anyone who doesn't?

| chill in sun
eat fruit

| >>746471
No and No.
Then why you don't go and live like the animals? What's stopping you?

| >>746481
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| >>746483
just shut up and go live inside a factory already

| >>746485

| haha this is confusing as fuck

| i'm so tired of internet arguments...

| >>746493 If you try to engage in an internet argument with the expectation of actually changing anyone's mind, getting tired is a very likely scenario.

| >>746474
Yeah, basically almost every sane human beeing.


| I no longer wish to be monke. I am joining return to bee gang

| >>746508 According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. It's wings are too small to get it's fat little body off the ground. The bee of course flys anyway because bees do not care what humans think is impossible.

| >>746486
See, you have no real arguments. That's why it's very understandable you idealize physicial strenght while rejecting civilization. I suggest either you get education and become civilized or you go out in the woods and live like an animal.

I bet you won't survive a month in the wilderness, come back crying for water from the rooster, electricity, modern medicine, a thermally isolated, closed and heated room with glass windows and a soft bed.

| >>746451 Only if you where born into a higher class would those things be open to you. Chances are you,d be maning a farm most of your life or further ahead working in a factory. Also dying of old age at 30 if you,re very lucky

| >>746861 Half those jobs would never have lasted forever as we discovered most of the lands on the planet and progressed

| >>746861
The higher classes propaganda sucessfully made enough people believe that those higher classes are superior than the rest. Because they have magical powers, access to supernatural entities or the better genes, brains, bodies, efficiency, productivity, etc.
People like >>966df6 believe in this kind of propaganda by the ruing class. Either because they believe to belong to them or because they have the perfect slave mentality.

| >>746926
well damn that's the pot calling the kettle a nigger

| >>746932
If you believe you're better than you're massively mistaken. The choice of your words clearly shows, that you are the worst of all.

| >>747012
but your brain is full of feces though. everything you said is literally "whoever doesn't agree with me is victim of propaganda". interesting how indoctrinated you are.

| >>747016

| >>747037
>everyone who doesn't agree with me is a slave of "upper-class propaganda" (as if that's a thing)
>i know everything about you based off your choice of words
>you're projecting that i'm projecting that you're... wait...

| in the end we're being proved what we already know: commies are utter faggots.

| >>747038
Your choice of words and your lack of arguments tells you a lot/everything you know about the subject and your inability to grasp it. It's not rocket science.

But keep living in denial if it suits you. In b4 more excuses. No one belives them but you.


| >>747055

| >>747039
Only braindead and backwarded people who run out of real arguments (or had none from the start) try to insult others with "commie", "faggot" and "nigger".

| >>747083
Yeah, he's not very smart and he knows it. Best to ignore him until he gets bored and stops. If he wants to continue shitposting despite no one reading/replying then that's his business.

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