Worst/Weakest State in the USA?

| my guess is nebraska

| Yanks

| California

| >>745230
they'll just their Mexicans at u

| >>745230
they'll just throw their Mexicans at u

| >>745230
also homeless

| mexicans at you

| Texas can't even

| Mexicans at u

| The Dakota that doesn't have Mount Rushmore or Maryland because I can't say DC.

| In a more realistic answer, Hawaii, Alaska and the desert states in the middle, which will be destroyed by facts and logic, and perhaps climate change, in a couple decades.

| economically: Hawaii & Alaska.
socially: Texas & Utah

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Texas & Utah doing FINE

| Any and all republican states. →(° ۝ °)┗

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LOL at your california shithole

| >>745481
lmfao non-californiana are always taking the piss, seems they always coping for their own state's bumfuck inadequacy. Also retard reagan made some of the most shitass laws and trends that liberals went to town with and continued to this day i.e. gun control,escalating the drug war,strengthening the prison-industrial complex etc etc

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>bumfuck inadequacy
Remind me of the californian tax rates for a sec, looks like I forgot

| >>745492
Tax rates?? Seriously, this is what you base your beliefs on?

You're aware that all the countries who leads the happiness index, education index, health index, low-infant death rate index and longevity index all have similar tax rates as California, right?

TL;dr the best developed nations have high taxes.

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are you a business owner?

| >>745522
As a matter of fact I am. Do you have a point you want me to hold your hand and guide you trough or ?

| >>745229
Queen Queefs

| >>745600 as a yank this is significantly less of a good dismissive epithet than Yanks is

| California because I don't like SJW

| New Mexico. Bland as all hell.

| California sucks

| >>745567
Lol @ the chump acting like he owns a business to prove a point

| >>745469
Yes, the countries are fine, but lots of people there are hardcore retarded. Like mentally stuck in the 18-19th century.

| >>745600
given how the UK currently is, it is probably more accurate. go choke on some tea and crumpets

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Given how much most Americans hate California, the state is easily one of the better states since a majority of America in general is backwards as fuck.
New Mexico is a state iv consistently have heard is shit, iv never heard of any good of moving/living there.

| As someone who has lived in California and nowhere else for their entire life, and has also never had to pay taxes, I can confidently say my state is the best in the nation!

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if everyone around you is an asshole, the only asshole is you

| Lmao people simultaneously hate cali for it's high taxes and it's homeless. Like bitch what do you think the taxes are for? Also California is so beautiful nature wise, no other state can compete

| i fucking hate californians so much

| >>746507 I don't know which state is yours but I know we have a better economy then you

| >>746511
keep your economy i'll keep my everything else & not being shit and full of californians

| >>746527 what's wrong with californians? Yeah some are annoying, but there are annoying people everywhere.

| >>746511
An economy isn't better only because it generates more monetary value. How those value are generated and how they are distributed in the end matters. And here California isn't better than most other states in the USA: Wealth and power is concentrating in few hands while more and more people in the cities are forced to leave their homes or even have to live on the street because prices are exploding.

| Also the tech industry mostly works with patent trolling, establishing platform monopolies, locking in customers in their artificially restricted ecosystems while offshoring the actual labour to poor and autocratic countries that don't care about labour or environmental standards.

| >>746610 You know, I agree with everything you just said there. However, that's not a california problem, thats a problem with capitalism/consumerism.
>>746611 I also agree with your point here, we need to break up big tech.

| >>746654 >I agree with you BUT I'll blame capitalism and not the incompetence of the people in power

Yeah keep going...

| Like I was lurking around this convo but damn, why do people always talk as if capitalism is the root of the problem? Incompetence, corruption and greed dont exist anymore? It only became a thing because capitalism? Think about it!

| >>746663

There's a couple anons here who are a bit obsessed with capitalism as an end all be all, imo. They're just like that.

| >>746661 You do realize when cali's government tries to fix this problem by taxing the rich all you people, who don't even live in california, come down and start pointing your fingers at us for being "commies" I'm not gonna even argue that california's government is good. It's not awful, but it could definitely improve. What I am gonna to say though is you can't be mad at high taxes and saying the government isn't doing enough. Centralist ideas like that are what causes failure

| >>746663
It's because capitalism and corruption (=the missusage of power) go hand in hand. The accumulation of ressources in few hands is inherent to how the capitalist system works. Accumulation of ressources equals accumulation of power. Power corrupts. Total power corrupts total. Every capitalists society propagates that if anyone looks for his own sake, than everyone will be fine. Capitalism is the most important political factor and the root of most issues of mankind.

| >>746667
There are also some anon g/u/rls who are obsessed with capitalism as untouchable, unchangeable end of history who see any criticism on it as blasphemy and only accept misanthropist explainations for the issues of humanity:
>People are evil/corrupt
>Only some people are evil/corrupt.
>Only people with a certain nose shape are evil/corrupt.
>Everything is just a big conspiracy by communists, muslims and feminists who sabotage capitalism - orchestrated by reptiloid jews.

| ^ see https://dangeru.us/u/thread/746809

| >>746929 welcome to the internet

| California.

As a former New Yorker, any issue in NYC California is 10x worse. Homeless, economy, politics - etc.

Some of the the worst laws pass in California. Knowingly spreading HIV is now a misdemeanor? One of many stupid decisions.

Even the weather which it's known for is unpredictable. Has had a drought, flood, wildfire, and earthquake at the same time.


| Mississippi. The lowest IQ state by a significant margin, racist as fuck, and full of rednecks.
Honestly the US South in general is a dumpster fire. All of the top 10 lowest IQ states are at least partially in the South. North Pride.

| USA sucks anyways

| >>746479
you've been memeing too hard,faggot

| >>747366
are you even trying to say anything?

| the united ones

| >>747721 What, do you prefer the confederate ones? Slavery is awful, slaves can't pay taxes!

| West Virginia is a joke of a state. Shame that such beautiful nature belongs to the poorest, white trash massively opiate addicted population

| Slavery is cool

| yeah right, I want my maid slave animu grill

| >>748139

| >>746654
don't break up big tech/industry. put it under peoples/public control. bigger is better.

| Commifornia of course.

| Though I have never seen the US and live in Europe.

| Every state is trash. It's the land of the dumdums.

USA is the only country in the world where poor people will deny free education and free healthcare because rich people told them to.

| Canada

| >>da4994
>Former New Yorker

| >>4e64f6
Funny, you tried to frame capitalist california as "communist" but you life in europe which is often portrayed as the embodiment of communism in certain kind of us propaganda.

| >commieniggers mad

| So we are communist because we have free healthcare, college/school paid by the goverments, and better work rights. Socialism is just about a minimum of rights, not an ideology.
For me, progressist americans are the true new communists

| >Socialism is just about a minimum of rights, not an ideology.

I think you are mistaking socialism for human rights, common mistake in this day and age

| So, US doesn't have human rights, nice.

| I just wanted to say that as a non-american, i love to see your people fight each other and i love the fact that you guys are killing and blaming each other over stupid things like "race wars" while your shitty goverment sits and laughs at your faces.

Please don't ever stop, not until your country is fully destroyed. <3

| Oh i forgot to say.
Theres no such thing as "worst state" of the USA.

The entire USA is a shithole.
Poetic justice would be if an atomic bomb exploded there.

| 9/11 is a childs play compared to what you guys do to the other countries everyday

| >>4ba193
tbh your mindset is stereotypically american

| >>745492
California is an economic powerhouse bc it uses its debt to fund non-residential capital investment that have higher rates of ret/u/rn than the bond rates. The large debt size & higher tax rate is pretty reasonable given CA's large portfolio of investments.

Urban cities are a total mess, though.

| >>4ba193

bitch i live in a fucking 3rd world country you dont know shit about my mindset

| to be honest the world would be better without your country.

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