People with extremist views less able to do complex mental tasks

| Researchers from the University of Cambridge sought to evaluate whether cognitive disposition – differences in how information is perceived and processed – sculpt ideological world-views such as political, nationalistic and dogmatic beliefs, beyond the impact of traditional demographic factors like age, race and gender.

| A key finding was that people with extremist attitudes tended to think about the world in black and white terms, and struggled with complex tasks that required intricate mental steps, said lead author Dr Leor Zmigrod at Cambridge’s department of psychology.

“Individuals or brains that struggle to process and plan complex action sequences may be more drawn to extreme ideologies, or authoritarian ideologies that simplify the world,” she said.

| Participants who are prone to dogmatism – stuck in their ways and relatively resistant to credible evidence – actually have a problem with processing evidence even at a perceptual level, the authors found.

“For example, when they’re asked to determine whether dots [as part of a neuropsychological task] are moving to the left or to the right, they just took longer to process that information and come to a decision,” Zmigrod said.

| https://www.theguardian.com/science/2021/feb/22/people-with-extremist-views-less-able-to-do-complex-mental-tasks-research-suggests

| https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rstb.2020.0424

| I do believe there's a truth to this. People are very keen on being right/ unwilling to listen and look at things from others people's perspectives.
Most people that do not like dealing with problems tend to oversimplify everything in their lives, even to the point of ignoring their self perceived fallacies.
Critical thinking and problem solving tends to be the highest for people that look openly for answers and tend to make decisions on compromise.

| this as an opportunity to pull a reddit or a 4chan and say "haha that means all the conservatives are stupid! make fun of them! we win!" it's also an opportunity to act like sensible people and realize that 1. this isn't reprehensible, just unfortunate 2. it's not a permanent state of being 3. this article was published by the british so it probably doesn't even count

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| Like this is hardcore some bs that is the same clickbait as "people who curse are smarter" or "people that stay up late are smarter". You can for sure say that people with extreme views tend to hold those views personally and it can make them short sighted but...i really truly do hate new age statisticians. They don't have anywhere near the kind of integrity or rigir socio%anthropoligists from like the early 20th century did

| I feel much calmer that am i not radical centrist xd

| I'm a radical technocrat

Stupid people must be purged for the betterment of humanity

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>Like this is hardcore some bs that is the same clickbait as
>this article was published by the british so it probably doesn't even count

Which is why I linked the scientific study directly. To avoid comments like these.

>i really truly do hate new age statisticians
What does this even mean lmao? At least read the PEER-REVIEWED SCIENTIFIC STUDY before debating its contents.

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I did read it and it's full of dogshit boonk

| Pretty sure national healthcare and a job with a decent wage and working hours keeps people away from extremist views.

| Stable job, balanced life, healthy body, less conflicts and no wars or looming disasters is what keeps most people at home and away from extremist views, if the people are pushed to a certain degree they will want things to change even if its not for the best.

Guess what is going on right now?

| >>741206 please tell me you didn't take the british joke seriously. even if you did, please lie to me.

| >>741215 i think we might have found the extremist

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