Ok, how real is the soy trope?

| Like, all you gotta do is drink soy milk and you gradually become a rachitic feminized dude who compromise his life in advocating for identity politics and becomes a doormat of a cuck for women? Is that all? Just from drinking soy milk?

| Phytoestrogens may possibly make fetuses more likely to develop as female even if they have XY chromasomes, but they're not the same as the estrogens that have physical effects on adults. The rest is just the old real-men-eat-meat thing recycled with science jargon

| its not
the estrogen in soy is for plants.
its like asking if you get pregnant from fucking a dog.

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Well, since we're on the dogpill issue now: can you?

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rare documented cases from the 1950s from the Soviet Union that were done like the drafted idea to hybrid Gorilla DNA with people to fight the nazis. This looked to more naturally develop with birthing litters in women by having dog semen fertilize the eggs. This would have allowed for repopulation of lost men from ww2 through 4-6 children born for every one mother. The tests conducted on women sent to gulags in Siberia. All result notes from recovered docs were missing.

| >>740959 bartender, this guy over here wants to bang a dog.

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Impressive. Damn.

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sounds fake af but id love to know who claims this kinda stuff

like I'm pretty sure DNA wasnt even documented back then and you woukd have to be beyond retarded to think dog semen gets women pregnant

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| >>740938 its not real. Its all pseudoscience created by shirty youtubers and new age channels

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| It's real to an extent. Humans are made to consume animal products, but nowadays we consume large amounts of carbohydrates, plant matter and seed oils. This general change in the consumption pattern is what caused the current physiology crisis (obesity, malnutrition, lower testosterone), not just soy products.

| >>741411 I don't really understand that comment

| >>741456 I think he meant that we have been eating too much food with too many chemicals and that soy is not the only thing that has been causing changes and that despite being changes they arent on scale as high as people believe, they have been adding up over generations

| Too much testosterone is bad for you anyway. More of a hormone does not equal better.

Even if you are a cis dude, why would you want to look like pattern male baldness gorilla anyway? Which is what too much t does

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