so some buzzfeed reject working for Jezebel made an article asking why Chun Li isnt in MK

| and got rightly roasted for it. It's a poorly written article that at worst exposes how dumb the writer is and at best exposes how poor their grasp of satire is (feigning teehee stupidity isnt satire for example). But because of it they spun it as incels running with it like roided up monkeys and that actually they MEANT it to be a dumb article so the reddit incels would share clicks, aha! and it's just...such obvious cope.

| Like long posting commenters on Jezebel and women on twitter were equally confused and embarrassed by this shit so pretending it's just a bunch of guys frothing it up instead of literally everyone furrowing their brows in unison to say "this is either bad satire or really bad writing".

Reductress would have made a way better and funnier article tbh

Tl;dr some dumbass either posted their stupidity or tried to play a "dumb gamer girl" angle and it backfired either way

| sauce, OP.

| >>740483 Don't give em any clicks.

| Its kinda funny how articles are so bastardized that the first thing most people assume when seeing that bullshit isnt that its satire but that it is a serious post or just dumb writers who got the job for some reason

Anyways the real question is why are they puting an oc as the main character? We want video game movies to see an interpretation of the world we have been playing in not some story that is about a nobody steping in on an stablished world.

| >>740496

Absolute agree

| Needs sauce.

| https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/461195284735852544/812085423638839306/FB_IMG_1613686646456.jpg

Screenshot of sauce and the retraction. Going to start locking threads if sauce is not provided in the future.

| >>740511
cruel mistress.

| >>740511

| Oh thread is back

| >>740511 does this apply to any thread on this board? Some are made just for political discussions and dont have much "news"

| >>740525

Just news is fine, although if an OP wants to post a context for a political discussion, it can be helpful.

| For example, the "why are people cancelled and not corporations" thread doesn't need a source link, since OP is just talking about "cancel culture" in general, but links to examples might have cut out part of the arguing on what even cancel culture is... or what they think it is.

| >>740537 I see, thank you.

| >>740540

No problem!

| It's just marketing. Ignore and it will die.

| The maids need the sauce to survive the winter.

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