The last few years have fucking ruined us all

| "yeah just like monthly reports of domestic terrorists literally stocking up pipe bombs to kill people and politicians, protests literally setting cities on fire for days at a time, a new pandemic, an attempted revolt and occupation of the statehouse

cool cool cool"

| meh

| >>739786 and still no fucking aliens even after we raided area 51.

On a serius note yeah and the worst part is that we are distracted fighting eachother instead of stoping to think about how to solve things, some countries had big forest fires, a rise in political division, more economical crisis and internet becoming gradualy worse each day with more tos changes and unjust bans

| >>739821
well when people are dying of homelessness and lack of healthcare it's a hell of a lot harder to organize or see past the Coke vs Pepsi that is politics after all :(

Wooo let's see if I make it to 30 or if the planet dies first lets goooooooooo

| >>739823 "coke vs pepsi" thats a new one, I like it.

Planet wont end even in 50 yrs but if if keeps going this way with no changes it will get a lot worse

| Yanks...

No seriously, this is a very yank.

| >>739876 yank me harder

| >>739876
i think the only thing more insufferable than peole that say "seppo" are people that say "yank"

go eat some crumpets or something loser

| >>739897 lets not start an arguement under a trivial matter

| >>739897
Would't that make us wanna say yank even more? Yank yankeli yank yank yank. u mad, yankie?

| >>739911 yanks

| >overthrowing of democracy is at stake
>domestic terrorists are preparing for mass genocide
>cities are burning
>a disease is ramparting out of control

| >people say yanks
I've contained my rage for as long as poissible, but I shall unleashe my fury upon you like the crushing of a thousand waves! Be gone, vile man!, Be gone from me as soon as possible, or I will come down on you like the hammer of Thor! The thunder of my vengeance will echo through these threads like the gust of a thousand winds!! I am unteathered and my rage knows no bounds!

| >>739911
as a canadian, not really, but its always funny af when english speakers from other shitty western countries act better than the US or like anyone should care whats happening in ike brazil or australia lol

| >>739876 that's right, i'm a yank. I'mma yank your dick :flushed:

| >>739920 yank

>>739921 yank

>>739922 yankius maximus

| >>739921
>like anyone should care whats happening in ike brazil or canada eh

hehe u mad yankeh

| >>739929
nope bc no one gives a fuck aboot canada as it should be but im sure sounding like some subhuman australian must be fun :)

| >>739932
Men om jag pratar såhär då? :)

| >>739932 go to brazil you yank!

| i still don't know why i should keep on living

| >>739964
Because things can be made better. <3

| >>739964 you make the meaning of you life even if others might try to take it

| >>739966
i try to take it

| >>739964
It's all a big jazz. As long as you're not hurting anyone just do what makes you happy no matter how silly or cringy it is.

| >>739964
just keep rolling with it, being a quitter makes you infinitely more a loser. at least that's been my take on it.

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