This board is so strange

| Like most of it is normal-a good chunk of libertarians, some lefties amd libs, a smattering of old school conservatives...and then just a few people who dont really get simple politics or economy. It makes me cringe because i was probably like that when i was 14 :p

anyways i think we all agree that The Boss' dream has to be fulfilled

| It is definetly one of the most unique boards on this site

| >>739749
Out of the 3 active boards it has the least amount of reposts or horny so that's something I guess

| >>739752 it also has the most dicussions

| >>739753
>implying that the regular rituals can be described as 'discussions'
i'm racist btw

| >>739766 be racist

| >>739768
uuuuh like idk it's hard to do it on command just like that...

| >>739768
Blacks rule
Whites drool

| >>739777 if>>739782 can do it, you can too, I belive in you

| >>739782
Oh, is that what your 20 IQ zimbabwean brain cells are telling you?

| >>739793
Resonating at a frequency far higher than your beta neanderthal caucasoid braincells at least

| >>739793 see, you did it :D

| >>739813 I don't think needing to overclock yourself to function is a sign of racial superiority

| >>739813
>implying i'm white
must suck when even other races than white hate on silly negroids
whites rule the world along with asians

yay gurl! it feels goood! but i gotta calm down now, this much power is dangerous

| >>739836 as yes too much power over black people, careful to not send me to jail with your free police command card

| g/u/rls, can't you see? the elites are trying to divide us into white and black to distract us from the real enemy: europeans!

| lmfao

| >>739843 true they stole our gold and raped our women, only we(the imported black people) can do that here!

| that's right yanksposter I'm coming for you. I will have my revenge for your thousand slight insults.

| >>739840
i'll be all zen i promise

| >>739845 sorry, g/u/rl, but I don't think you can include "people" in that epithet if you decided europe was an acceptable continent to be imported to

| >>739848 fuck you! Im going back to africa! *dies of ebola* I am going to brazil!!!

| Yo! Imagine if somebody takes something on this thread seriously

| >>739853
Yeah lol imagine if some poor idiot actually believes whites are superior and not the morlock trash cavepeople they are :)

| >>739857 ikr how can anybody be an actual white supremacist. like, I lose to fucking sunlight unless I have bullshit expensive sunscreen on. protect the future of our race and culture? bitch our culture got monopolized by mcdonalds and cocacola like fifty years ago

| >>739861 I used to be black but my skin became grey when I spent a few months on canada, now that Im back to my home it gaining color again, should I be worried? Do I still keep my white privilege card or I should just undust my n word pass?

| >>739863 honestly even if you could still qualify for white privilege what reason would you have to continue claiming it? super overrated tbh

| >>739865 n word pass is not as good as white privilege card, white people dont know how it feels ;-;

| i love white people

| >>739910 White people love you too! (disagree and you're not white)

| >>739910
White people hate you for your freedom

| i love white people

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