Why are people canceled and not corporations?

| I think the answer is obvious, dealing with an individuals lack of choice, lack of power and personal hypocrisy, but what do you think? Corporations get away with evil all the time yet people still buy their shit. When an individual does something wrong they get dragged to hell.

| corporations act as single people when it benefits them and as multiple peoule when it doesn't.

| >>739563 this

| >>739563

| Because it's only a small minority of people who manage to ruin an individual's life, whereas boycotting a corporation would mean everyone agrees on the same thing.

| Because progressivists are corps lap dogs.

| Corps are almost impossible to touch, tbey know how to play with the law and everything. When you deal with individuals, everyone who does the same crap starts worrying, and that's how they will decide to change, out of individual fear.

It's sad, but that's how it works

| >>739628
goddammit leave it in your other threads

| Because corps control the economy.
Hard to cancel the conglomerate that makes your food and toilet paper.

| Try boycotting Nestle because child labor and racism: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Nestle_brands

| >>739652 Exactly! Who will make Doritos and Doritos?!

| >>739678

| Also...once again...people dont get "cancelled", they fall out of public favor. This kind of shit used to just be called "a scandal" and made tabloids a mint. Some fucking whiny ben shapiro cuck made up the term "cancel culture" and now that gets blamed for everything from some shitty actress getting fired from a bottom line billion dollar media mouse to "bawww they said mean thing on tweeter"

the only way to "cancel" a corpo is to put a bullet in every exec and board member

| >>739685 Exactly. They make all the cat food. How will we eat if we boycott Nestle?

| >>739695
we will have to learn to catch mice...like our fathers before us

| >>739694 gets banned from most social midia, digital banks refuse to work with you, public opinion of you gets tarnished and companies stop hiring you or wont even let you work anymore, all that because either a bunch of people started mass attacks under the allegation that you did or said something bad that has not been put on courts or went through any proper work.

Its not just people angy at you, its mob justice, it comes with cons and pros but definetly more cons

| The worst problems with cancel culture are:
1 a lot of people got falsely acused and canceled

2 there is no way to change public opinion without massive manipulation and spreading so any big midia company can choose who gets canceled and who gets pardon

3 companies made monopolies so that people cant cancel them because how will people buy things that they need if the company is not there anymore?

4 it became politicized and people push agendas with canceling

| >>739709
Bro literally none of that concurrently happened to anyone based off of public opinion alone. That is ridiculous. Being banned of social media is not because zuck and dorsey caved to anyone, its bc they decided it was more profitable to side with the majority of their userbase. Banks habe not and will NEVER change their policies based on public opinion, that's BS. Companies not/hiring people is again a bottom line dollar decision not one driven and directed by "cancellers"

| >>739711
Dawg that is straight unsubstantiated rimour shit right there lmao and none of that pans out specifically because social media exists. Manipulation of context and consent simply isnt as simple as that and even if it was why would both the corpos that own "the midia" and the cancel crowd be working together? There is no incentive.

Try and connect the dots before you just spew this Alex Jones lite stuff man

| >>1166e2
Im interested tho, please list anyone who has been the victim of unsubstantiated and baseless accusations and has suffered the exact things you described for it (kicked off social media and banned-banned, mind you, not just turned away from 1 bank or job, but banned from them wholly).

cus like neil degrasse tyson sure as shit still has a job. Rape accusations didnt slow down either the current or prior US prez. Even gina carano is already making a new movie.

| >>e996b0 >I didn't see any cases that bad so cancel culture must be good and anyone against it must be lying.
A classic move

| >>e996b0 all those things happening depends on who gets canceled, how much repercussion it had and etc, its not that everyone who gets cancled gets that treatment and was falsely accused, but I guess I should have specified that so people like you dont try to twist it. Every person who spends a decent time on the internet should know how calceling works but you seem to be an exception if you cant see the the companies and the midia joining on the bandwagon when its good for them

| >>1166e2
I'm not twisting anything. You made very specific accusations and I asked you to provide examples. Nowhere did I say that because I havent seen any that it doesnt happen-for one, that is deliberately twisting my words (which is ironic) and for another me asking for you to provide examples is me actively seeking that information so that I dont only have my own experiences to go on.

So again. Whenever you want to provide me examples of actual censorial or bank bans im here.

| >>3e2870 >>e996b0
My mistake i replied to you both thinking it was the same person. But my points stand.

| >>3e2870 >>1166e2
too* lol

| >>739738
Don't waste any more of your energy on him. He lives in his own fantasy world and doesn't even seem able to grasp what people are telling him.

He's a product of propaganda and that's all he does. Spout propaganda and fearmongering.

| >>739742
I guess you're right. I need to get over myself and stop trying to educate people online, especially if they don't want to hear it.

| >>739742 prove to me how I what I say propaganda than, all you guys do is defend these big companies and the people causing trouble by saying that they are not working toghter to screw us over and that there is no conspiracy, but the fact that they are screwing us over and have that much power over the internet even if they dont mean it is already enough reason to be against them, think about it

| >>739751
Except no one disagrees that corpos flex a conspiracy of money and power over us. The difference is that while the rest of us understand they do it purely for a bottom dollar you keep peddling a murkier conspiracy in which a fringe group of "progessivists" steer their choices when it's really a bunch of old rich guys with offshore bank accounts.
And again they care about the bottom dollar. Nestle doesnt give a damn about progressive bandwagons.

| >>739756 the thing is, companies have been pandering to proggressives, Im not saying that they work togheter all willy nilly, but they do push proggressivist agendas when its convinient to them and that they will use proggressivists as a tool.

The proggressives should be against these companies and should rebel against them but what are they doing? Shaming on others they disagree and supporting the actions of those companies when they ban someone that they dislike

| Why are not the progressivists fighting against them? Why do they care about more identity politics than they care about government, midia and the actions of big companies?
Why are they not cancelling these big people but are canceling people that are at most a well resourced individual?
Why is the the gamestop stuff not more common?

| >>739767
yay it's midia gurl

| The answer to all that is simple, progressives are too busy with identity politics to actually solve problems, companies want money so pandering to progressives who have been gaining a lot of control lately is the way to go, but at what cost? More unnecessary trouble going on, more opportunities to sieze power over the people and more problems being ignored

| And now my point is: Why are we letting it happen? How are people not against it?

| >>739767
"Why is the gamestop stuff not more common"

and right here we have definitive proof you don't know what you're talking about. The Gamestop short squeeze was not "progressivists" fighting a corpom it was smaller investors fucking with larger hedge funds, and everyone just got a laugh and some schaudenfreude out of it.

Progressives (the -ist is unneccesary) actually DO fight corpos, directly and through lobbying. You're complaining about liberals. Call them liberals.

| Like liberals are the ones that engage in pandering and idpol. Liberals are the ones that want to rebrand poor as "of low means" and homeless as "the unhoused" and then cut funding to both. Call it how it is because more than a couple of us have already asked you what you mean by progressivist and you give a large answer that basically boils down to "liberal", and obviously actually progressive people will see that and think you mean them. Unless that's a deliberate choice (?).

| >>1166e2
Let me help you btw:

A progressive just wants women to be able to go to work, make an honest dime, and not get scammed or harassed for it.
A liberal wants MORE WOMEN CEOS NOW *clap emoji*

do you see the difference?

I just dont see the poubt of not calling a liberal a liberal. Making up a term like "progressivist" is kinda exactly what idpol fuckers would do. Call them what they are: bleeding heart liberal scumfucks.

| >>739780
And ffs stop advocating violence and start advocating thicker skin. People shouldnt be losing it just because some pussyhat is squawking at them.

| >>739778 when did I say progressivists caused the gamespot thing? You just assumed that, I mentioned it because the gamespot stocks had people from all sides fighting aginst big companies.

| >>739785
No, it didnt. Once again, what it had were already independently wealthy investors that gambled stocks for fun that stumbled onto this short squeeze and decised to ride it as far as they could. All the people throwing pittance 200 buy-ins did not make a dent and they were in it for the quick buck.
You'll excuse me for thinking you meant that the Gamestop people were "progressivists" given that's literally what we've been talking about and discussing.


| >>739785 the point of the question was: Why dont we have more cases of people unifying against companies?

>>739779 >>739780 >>739781 dude, fuck it! I dont care if they are prgressives, libs, facists, trumpers, communists or anthing, labels suck because they imply there are good and bad sides, your definition of progressive is not the same as everybodys, any bad person can say and belive they are progressive, so drp it! Be against ba actions not lables

| >>1166e2
Earlier you posted about how crappy it was that progressives claim to hate corpos but then champion them when they do something they like.

So to recap...Gamestop is a corpo that pays its workers 11$/hr. It is the corpo people are suddenly championing when they invest in it in order to somehow "dunk on" the hedge funds managers. They are. Doing the exact thing you claimed to dislike.

| >>739789 Im never said the company gamespot was good, I saying that its good that people can unify to screw the elites, everybody knows gamespot is terrible, dont twist this on me

| >>739788
They arent "labels" they are words that mean something. You sound like an emo girl from 2003 saying "im not a soup can dont label me". We use these words specifically because they mean specific things. If you are simply against "bad things and people" you would just use those words. Especially if you dont like labels lol. "Progressive" is not a term anyone associates with anything bad per se.

| The hedge funds were basicaly an elite piramid scheme

| >>739790
Im not twisting you. I pointed out that people came together to champion a corpo chiefly with monetary gain as their motivation. None of them dented any corporations or did anytjing but make one guy poorer by several million and another guy richer by several million. That was not in any way a laudable example of people unifying against corporations.

Like, Occupy did jackshit but even it was a more meaningful thing to cite as to people unifying against corpos.

| >>739794
Yes, that's how hedge funds and banks and stock trading works. Welcome to econ 101 lmfaooooooooo

literally no one won in that except the original r/WallStreetBets guy who took 13 mil out when it was high and then gambled the rest. You should actually read up on it it's interesting af

| >>739792 but these labels lost meaning, they have been diluted into broad mean words that might paint you as good or bad, nobody know what facism, nazism, left, right, socialism, communism, trump supporter, democrat, republican, captalist, democratic, racist, incel, mysogenist, sexist and liberal is anymore, they have 300 million definitions that make people belive different things and separate us. You and I dont know the meaning because there isnt one solid meaning anymore

| >>739795 dont you get how good is it to know that this much people can cause all that if they unify? The energy it carries is what matters, a lot of people knew it wouldnt do much but did it because they knew it would shake the system a bit and show that there still hope, a lot of people did it not for the money but for screwing the system back


| >>739798
No, they haven't. At all. That is a cheap circular argument.
Someone misusing a word doesnt cheapen it or make it any less definitive of what it represents. To this day, gay is still used as a synonym for happy. A nazi is still someone who wants to exterminate jews and institute an aryan empire. This is exactly why literal neo-nazis are differentiated from other more general white supremacists.

And everyone agrees on what a liberal. All of us agree they're simping worms.

| >>739797 why do you have such detestable attitude to a simple claim, if somebody agrees with you you shouldnt laught and meme on them, that condisending attitude shows how ignorant you can be

| >>739800
Dude. This is my point hahaha
no one did ANYTHING the unification meant LESS THAN NOTHING
the only people that mattered in that entire thing were the initial big investors that rode the wave til the end. You keep beibg like "omg so inspirational" about poor fuckers hurrying to invest like 50 bucks trying to cash in on a wave that maybe 10 dudes were riding lmfao

You should 100% go work for a liberal spin firm dude

| >>739804

| >>739803 they dont agree, people in your group agree, many people out there have different meanings on certain words, if people can have 2 different meanings on freaking facism than you cant say that you know the truth and that everybody agrees with you

| >>739808
The only people who disagree that liberals are simping worms

are liberals

and they're simping worms

what even is this "the world has a lot of viewpoints" angle like this is the vaguest copout literally ever
I guess since some people think the sky is actually piss yellow the word blue means nothing anymore sigh fuck goddamn postmodernists

| >>739806 >>739807 goes to show how a "progressive" is no different than a "liberal" they both are so far up their asses that they cant hold a convo without trying to shame other they disagree with

| >>739811
I guarantee i am neither a profressive nor a liberal but I like how you just exposed you think they're two different categories that you are comfortable equating.

Lmfao i also love how you literally shut the fuck up when asked to give examples of actual cancellations earlier. So yeah getting back to that, whenever you want to stop crying and being faux offended and provide logical proof of said bans from banks and such I will still be here buddy. :)

| >>739810 ask a trump supporter(a big grout) what a facist and a liberal are, then ask a never trumper(another big groul) what a facist and a liberal are.

You get different aswers, you cant say there is a real meaning when 2 big groups of people with cultural relevance have different meanings for a word that carries an identity

| >>739812 with that attitude you should really do as you said at>>739744 you cant hold a coversation without mocking others for your own ignorance, I explained my argument here>>739723 you literaly choose to ignore it and keep mocking me so fuck you, Ive seen and talked with self proclaimed liberals and neo nazis with more repect in a arguement than you.

| >>739814
I didnt say shit about fascists. I said liberals. "Li-ber-als". You can read, right? And both those Trump supporters would agree that a liberal is a simping worm, boom.

Fascism is something that has no codified body politic anyway as it is more based in rhetoric than anything else. I would suggest reading Umberto Eco's analysis for more info.


| The point however is that it doesnt actually matter if those people think that those things are different things. That does not in any way change what they are or what those terms mean lol that just means those people are not educated on those terms or on politics...as I suspect you are not.

2/3 lol

| Nazi still means anti-semitic aryan race warrior. Liberal still means global market based democrat (and simping worm). In all professional, legal, educational and historical capacities these terms hold the same meaning, regardless of how bad the public education in the US may be.


| >>739815

Where even the fuck do you think you are gtfo new if you're such a bitch you actually cant even in the middle of a discussion like this

| >>739817 if you are gonna start you point like that when I said facist AND liberals than it is clear

| >>739651

"Stop disagreeing with me right now or I'm gonna have to reach for my heavy artillery and--and--AND CALL YOU AN INCEL! YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT!"

| >>739826
We weren't discussing fascists at all. I differentiated them in order to argue that firstly both Trump supporters would have the exact same general idea of a liberal, and then to explain that not knowing what a fascist is per se is expected due to how malleable fascism as an ideology is.

I then also explained that these "diluted labels" have, have had, and will continue to have the same meaning in every legal, political, and historical capacity. Good skipping over that.

| >>739827
I have not once called you an incel. You're just a known face in /new/ given your idiosyncratic tendency to decry "proggressivists" and "midia", amd ffs this was a convo about how corpos exploit their legal status as a person while exerting incredible power over the economy until you said "proggressivist"

no one cares, go whone aboit it in your thread about progressivist bullies. Either join discussions without this cuck agenda or cry later when you get dunked on, bitch

| >>739832 I bet you didnt see the different ids on those replies because they have the same color

| >>739829 you mean the the politicians, journalist, CEOs of the legal, political, and historical institutions are always 100% right, like mark zuck saying covid vaccs change DNA, politicians calling eachother facist, anti semists, racist and more, the lawyer that didnt know the meaning of calvary and edited evidence to present his point in the trump impeach, fauchi saying masks dont work at the start of the pandemic and now saying that we must use 2, trump with cloroquine etc.

| They are just as confused and flawed as us, they only difference is that they have power, influence and higher opportunities to be more educated since thry have direct acces to scientist, investigators and researchers, but if they choose to, they can be just as ignorant

| >>1166e2 I don't really have anything constructive to say, but it is really hard to take anything you call a fact seriously when you purposefully misspell media. Like, you double down on even the smallest of bullshit. Why would anyone want to put in the effort required to change your mind if you're acting like that? sfmdh

| >>739841 Im not others to know why they do what they do, I have only seen 5 people who proved I was wrong and that didnt resort to insults and an overall nasty attitude, somebody that acts like this>>739820 can do it too if they want to.

| >>739850 saying "Only 5 people have managed to change my mind so far" doesn't exactly convince me that your defining trait isn't being unwilling to consider yourself wrong. what WOULD help convince me is if you spelled media right, even once, instead of pulling the doublest down anybody ever multiplied by two.

| >>739855 media

| Lmfaooooo

| >>739856 wow this is already considerably better. I guess that's all I have to say for this thread

| But quick question, if you understand midia as media than whats the point of getting so worked up qnd basing most of my credibility on the fact that I misspell midia? You dont need to answer if you do but I just find somewhat pointless

| >>739860 because there's no reason not to spell it the way everyone else does other than a ridiculous overcommitment to being stubborn, and if you're that stubborn over something that almost nobody would be stubborn over, it seems likely you'd be that stubborn over anything that challenges something you hold to be true in even the slightest manner.

| >>739773
A couple of threads ago he told us he don't believe in the existence of casuality.

Imagine meeting someone who doesn't believe cause and effect is real...

| >>739862 ah I thinks that a bit of a jump in logic to assume all that based on a repeated grammar error(or multiple in my case) but guess each person has their own life hacks

| >>739864 thats was another person

| also on top of that because you always spell media wrong and talk about social media in like 80% of your posts, you're really recognizable and people actually remember stupid things like this >>739864

| >>739867 Ok, maybe it would be a jump in logic, if I wasn't the one who had the fucking argument about this multiple times already and only had my suspicions confirmed

| >>739867
He has a valid point. You're probably the only one not seeing the logic behind it.

We know it's you, midia gurl. You're incredibly recognizable.

| >>739869 if they remember me than they should rember properly

| >>739872 even if that wasn't you, which I don't really have a reason to believe, I think you'd get assigned the blame for doing that just because you're the most recognizable person on the board so if someone isn't certain who said something fucking dumb you're gonna be the default.

| >>739871 well I dont see their logic because the misspell is a typing reflex, I speak more than english and it is not my first lenguage, its more a mix of being used to type in another tongue than actual sttuborness

| >>739878 I meant: Its a mix of being used to type in another tongue and ignorance than actual sttuborness

| >>739878 this is something I would believe did you not have a horrible fucking reputation. or better, did you not have, like most of the people on this board, any fucking reputation at all

| >>739877 there are other people who are reconizable, there is the incel the one who was against the incel, there used to be a very talktive communist, there was a conservative guy too and the 2 people who kept talking about narcisism and stalking

| well, believe is the wrong word. what I mean is that, you've been corrected a large number of times and that doesn't explain why you didn't make the correction

| >>739881 you are the first person I told why I misspell media

| >>739882 yeah, but you're the MOST recognizable. by a lot. but I really do think if you stop misspelling media that's going to be much less of the case.

>>739884 well, I can't say that it isn't helping that you did.

| >>739885 what I mean is that you are the first one to confront and talk about this misspelling so you saying that this is atributed to my stunorness is a bit of a jump in logic since its the first direct interaction I have with someone correcting my misspelling.
I am not negating my rep, Im just saying that your reason for starting this talk about my rep isnt that valid.

| Stubborness would be negating my reputation despite a lot of people saying they know me, a misconception about a matter that has a more personal response and that there was no way for anybody else to know unless they knew me irl should not be evidence of me having a certain reputation, but I cant deny I do have one.

| >>739882
>the 2 people who kept talking about narcisism and stalking

Funny how the person bringing up stalking kept using the word "midia" over and over... I can link it for you if you want. ;)

| >>739893
lmao this dude doesnt realise how obvious he is

| >>739888
> what I mean is that you are the first one to confront and talk about this misspelling

This is not true. I have brought it up in the past and I'm not the only one either.

| >>739894
Yeah, if there's anyone on this board who is truly a lost cause then it's him. The only one who believes his lies is he himself.

| >>739896

Also now that I think about it he also got wicked defensive and thought he was gonna be called an incel so I have no doubt hes the sake guy from that other mess of threads too and hes sitting here pretending to list off separate people just wow lol

| >>739895 I dont remember it and I dont see any hints that you are someone I know

| >>739900 I am not the one on the incel thread and I even pointed out how you probably mixed up the ids because they had the same color

| >>739900
The first time I recognized him was in a thread about an incel motivated shooting spree and he sympatized with and defended the self-proclaimed incel terrorist.

In all honesty, he is the main reason why I like this site less and less because he derails so many decent threads. If the thread isn't a pessimistic mess of constant whining he will turn it into one. Sucks having to think twice before responding to someone in case it's mister derailo on the other end.

| >>739888 why does it matter if it was valid for me to start the conversation? 1. I already started it 2. your misspelling's relation to your reputation isn't dependent on the validity of someone saying that it is. I feel like you're being stubborn right now by saying anything relating to whether or not I should be taken seriously (rather than just either taking me seriously or not). in any case you stating what my validity is isn't going to do anything but decrease your reputation.

| >>739909 people have opinions and peole have takes that go against eachother, what do you expect when different people talk? You are not the only person that is that way I am not the only person that is that way, talking and argueing is a part of life, the only way to stop it is by removing the ability to talk from all people.

| >>739909 FWIW there definitely are other people who are really good at derailing threads. It's just a little harder to confirm their identity when they do that

| >>739913 Im not negating my reputation, I said it 3 times, I just corrected a misconception you had about me.

| >>739916 I didn't say anything to the contrary of that in the post you quoted. I only asked why you thought it was a good idea to say that my>reason for starting this talk about your rep isnt that valid.

| >>739909

| >>739919 well ok lets leave it at that then.

| >>739913
bruhhhhhh reading this gave me a stroke

| >>739928 letem be, stuff happens, big deal.

| >>739926 I mean honestly I don't really want to leave it like that because it kinda pisses me off that you make so many threads into stuff like this oftentimes by doing things like uselessly questioning the validity of arguments or insinuating in some other way that you're right and the others are wrong for some reason entirely unrelated to the argument. but also I'm running out of energy for this conversation so that's what it will be left at.

| >>739928 im sorry hope u feel better soon

| >>739930
Dont quote me faggot

| >>739933
Its terminal...*cough cough*

| >>739931 unecessary, if you are that angry than just chill a bit, go take nap, have nice drink, some food etc its not that worth it and if it wasnt me, somebody else would be doing it

| >>739936
Are you sure? Shouldnt he punch you in the face and spill your blood? I mean thats what you think people should do if they dont like what people say right :)

| >>739934 so progressive, cant expect much from the person so says that the official institutions know the the meanings and truth and can be trusted to know it when the y also say people who controls official official institutions are the greedy pig that the libs simp for.

| >>739937 I never say that people should have blood spilled, everytime I hear somebody saying it I say they should not resort to violence, you really are mistaking me for>>3e5dd5

| >>739938
"I believe in nothing! Nazis dont mean nazis anymore because history is written by the victor! Corporations control and alter world history and entire concepts without anyone being able to know how or why so words dont mean anything anymore! I am so smart and the only smart one!"

ok retard

| >>739940
ok retard

| >>739942 because people who talk in this side good my side bad are the peak of humanity, you are no better than me. If there were superior people in the world we would still be praising stuff like monarchy.

| >>739944
Nothing you said just now makes sense retard

Also the way you tried to lie and say you aren't >>3e5dd5 is super fucking sad. You are the only person to use the word "progressivist", it's so fuckin obvious you're samefagging.

Just go outside dude.

| >>739943 you want proof? Look at the id on this post>>739827 and compare to mine, then Go to that thread and see who is the one who said that shit about spilling blood and see if they typing matches mine.

| >>739945 I am not, read the threads, I am telling you I am not, and I wont say otherwise because its a big fat lie, telling a person appart because of a misspell is a thing, but by using a whole word is on another scale

| >>739948
Sounds like something a samefag would say

| >>739946
....the same guy that thinks that "nazi doesnt mean nazi becos" thinks that since he posted from his phone and his computer at the same time he cant possibly be the same person because no one can possibly have two ids at once from separate places

makes far more sense that two people with the same attitudes, views, typos and made up terms just both happen to be posting in the same thread at the same time, yup yup

ok retard

| >>739950 I dont curse as much as they do, I dont use words like salty, weak men, femtards or what shit they would say, I called them out on the violent parts and my phone and my pc share the same ID. You missed on a lot of things for someone who "knows" me.

| >>739951
naw man, it's just someone else that always follows you around and agrees with you

| >>739961 actualy, I followed them, they made the threads(actually just one since I assume>>e996b0 is the one who made the thread to mock them) I saw some interesting points comming from them and also>>e996b0 so I wanted to join in on the discussion.

| >>739951
its so obvious how you twist shit and tuck it into these posts so that next I'll be arguing about how I never claimed to "know" you instead of the point which is that you samefagged and got called on it and no amount of lying or deflection is gonna change that

you literally cannot keep your head straight or maintain your argument at all and just jump from point to point and feign injury when you get pressed too far, then try to backpedal with "whatever, everyone be cool"

| Like you need to realize anyone can read these threads and see you blatantly contradict yourself, ignore questions that would force you to confront those contradictions, and flail and condescend anyone that gets your back against the wall. You stand for literally nothing and retreat into the gayest centrist copout of "bad things are bad and good things are good and everyone should be good and not bad" as if that makes any sense beyond the most libshit of platitudes.

| Idk man i posted itt because I'm bored af and caught an fb ban but you seem super invested in jerking off your big brain and like...you just look either extremely fucking dumb or extremely mentally ill lol

yknow what though? You can be danger/u/s pet lolcow. We'll call you Midia. :)

| >>739967 you assumed that and what can you say to prove it? I told person, who said they were angry, to chill, Im so evil.
>>739968 and you need to realise that just because I agree with some people doesnt mean I am that faking to be multiple people, not everyone shares the same opinions as you, only 3 people here are with you out of all users from this site 3 people are not everybody, did you even go the thread to check it is was me?

| >>739970 this is not an arguement, its just dumb name calling

| >>739977 I don't think that anybody who talks to you is under the impression they're doing anything but dumb name calling

| I am OP and I saw some people (didn't mind checking their IDs and also won't actually), but it's impressive how the people I mentioned as bullies have to create a complete narrative to try and look smart.

| >>739983 wait so you were OP the whole time? Wtf

| >>739983

Like I said before, I won't be "debating". The person with the patience of steel that has been responding obviously isn't me. The intent of the thread was to inspire justified violence against your agressors. That's all.

I mention the incel therm frequently because it's nice pointing out that's all some folks have to say when someone unmasks them and expose their double-sided behavior.

I am not the "someone" who made a thread about school shootings.

| >>739979 really depends,>>739968 this is an arguement,>>739970 this is name calling

| >>739985

And if you've mistaken me for another 3 or 4 "someones", I sincery didn't read your theory and that's why I can't answer if you got it right or not.

| If I was idiotic enough to try and use multiple users here, I believe I woudn't be dumb enough to come to my own threads just to agree with myself and use the same vocabulary, since someone pointed "I'm the only one who hates progressivists".

Well, maybe there's more than one, since it's an easy conclusion to come to.

| >>739988 its kinda bad that our ids in this thread have the color>>1166e2 >>3e5dd5

| Soooo… which corporations should get canceled? I vote Amazon, Apple, Nike, Walmart, Disney for starters. Those companies seem necessary but they 100% NOT. Other big farm companies would be next as they rape water supplies and small farms

| >>740035 good list, most of them use slave like labour from other countries, iphones, and social media are very easy to replace, disney ruined most of its franchises. Now all we have to do is spread that all over the internet...

| Two sides to this. First off the term is used by celeb grifters to make themselves immune to criticism and public scandal. This term is like the goo they celebs in south park 200 where after to use a weird analogy here.

Consider people like JK Rowling for example they are putting out bigoted ass shit that is seriously endangering people, they should be critized for that.

| I do however believe public shamming has problems when aimed at everyday people, such as petty call outs, false accusations, he said, she said bullshit and mob justice.

I've seen countless horror stories of people hit by it, pushed to suicidial thoughts, feeling suffocated and it's fucking horrible and we need to rethink this stuff because it is doing legit harm.

| To quote an underrated film.

I would defend their freedom of speech if I thought it was in jeopardy. I would defend their freedom of speech to tell uninspired, bigoted, blowjob, gay-bashing, racist and rape jokes all under the guise of being edgy, but that's not the edge. Thats what sells. They couldn't possibly pander any harder or be more commercially mainstream, because this is the "Oh no, you didn't say that!" generation, where a shocking comment has more weight than the truth

| >>740095
fucking thissssssss

douchebags and witch hunters exist and always have but cANceL cULtuRe is the whining of a small dog that picked a big fight.

| http://www.image-share.com/upload/4130/270.jpg
>corporate lapdogs

| The conversation went back to people again. I find that really fascinating. Like individual human stuff is just more tangible for a conversation about morality, but a convo about corporations benefiting from slave labor in genocide camps, I think that level of evil is beyond our brains. Like compare a man who rapes 5 women to a govt run system that rapes 50,000 women. I think our brain shuts off on the latter

| >>740108
simplistic thinking but i guess so. people don't think communism is more evil than nazism when nazism killed a whole lot less people. also the guy who bought up a lot of hand sanitizer during covid to make money reselling it got hounded while we all memory holed china doing the same shit with a trillion face masks and actually pulling it off.

| >>740107
"because corpos pander to minority demographics those same demographics are actually lapdogs of corpos"

brilliant fucking logic lol
also love how one photo is of the occupy march and the other is a pride float from years later...as if the occupy people are the exact same as the gay crowd in seattle or something.

Terrible right wing meme, 4/10, just have the nuts to mask off and say what you mean already.

| >>740108
Reminds me of that old saying "one death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic". I think it's a defense mechanism, because trying to reckon with such innumerate loss of life can be dizzying or despairing, and also because we as humans have a tendency to want fix and answer things. One vad actor can be blamed, but an entrenched history of laws and institutions that inveigle for one another is a lot harder to pin down and shine a light on. Especially without $$$.

| >>740109
I woulda just ignored the bad comparison with China and the scalper (China procuring masks and distributing them as needed, the scalper hoarding and price gouging-not to mention that Pfizer is doing the exact same thing ethically vis a the vaccine currently)

but in the context of "individual vs mass" i dont know why you would bribg up nazism vs communism. Nazism was not a single person and people decry it because it was an active genocidal and imperial campaign.

| Communist projects had various failings for various reasons and the Holodomor is a well recognised tragedy. The difference is that their conflict didnt extend into the western world so thats why we care a fuckload less about it than people in eastern europe do. And it isnt a question of what is "more evil" anyways. Lesser...greater...evil is evil.

| >>740119
cope and deny, quadruple post rage

| http://www.image-share.com/upload/4131/11.jpg
>wat does it mean :^(

| >>740125
seethe and lurk more bb boi

| >>740127
turns out i'm right eh?

| >>740128

?? About what? Corpos and rich dudes controlling shit? We already agreed on that lol

| Like...the one single common factor is that these fuckers are rich
there is zero defining proof they are doing anything for the express purpose of any minority demographic past making themselves more rich.

Anyway love how how you keep equating corpos, progeessives, and gays as equally culpable. Wonder how yoy'd react if someone made any kind of general statement about "white people". Probably not well, because that kind of generalization is shitty.

Your bigotry is super obvious.

| >>740131
>love how how you keep equating corpos, progeessives, and gays as equally culpable
me? when?

| https://imgpile.com/images/7sSSgX.png

| lol that one doesnt even make sense

good try tho bubby

| >>740134
weak boi!!

| >>740135

| anyways wew boi the amount of samefagging itt

had a good run and made Midia-chan cry, peace <3

| >>740142
yup run outta here and leave midia chan alone

| coward bully

| >>740142 again, not me, different people exist.

| There is no historical example of a boycott that worked. Masses will always buy the cheapest stuff, as long they believe not to be affected by the consequences for people somewhere else or in the future.

| Ultimatively masses will use "free" (as in free beer) software and services because they don't understand the risks of surveillance and monopolism.

Again: There was never a boycott on voluntary, individual basis that had an effect. It's the same with "consumer choice". Only a small amount of people will consume goods ecologically and ethically correct goods. It's only those who have both high enough ethical and financial values (which is kinda contradicting).

| "Canceling" (=boycott) people only works on people whose only capital is their public image, such as actors, musicians, etc. It has a low to no effect on companies. Big Corps have enough resources to react with green- and (ethical) whitewashing campaigns. Also people are much easier to replace than most big companies.

| The actual owners and investors of those companies are usually not in publicity and have distributed their wealth in an nontransparent complex networky way. And those who are in publicity, only become target of weird conspiracy theories - but people who spread them still buy/use their shit, because they don't really have clue what's going on.

| >>d03364

| >>740631 Montgomery bus boycott worked. Chinese boycotts work and hurt companies like hell

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