| Fuck, i'm falling in rabbit hole of anarchocapitalism xd

I'm little curious, what do you think that would happen if was AnCap real? Can we expect first fastfood war between McDonald and KFC? Or real console wars? :D sorry, in 6am my 3 brain cells thinking about dumb things xd

but now seriously, what would anarcho-capitalism looks like? :D +/-? :D

| It'd look hilarious but also depressing imo.

| give it a week before nuclear armageddon happens because one guy got triggered and sent his recreational nuke to some other guy trying to put him out of business

| Hmmm... School-nuking? xd

| Capitalism, like any economic system, can only exist when enacted and enforced on a wide enough scale. Anarcho captalism is nothing more than a return to duchy feudalism in a modern age.

I am a soberminded advocate of Communism so I am able to reason that Capitalism can be maintained and sustained as long as it has perods of relief (ie actually popping the bubble at the top semi-regularly and creating incentives for poorer people to strive). Unfortunately even that seems too far.

| >>739165
wouldn't you say that the fascist economic system is essentially the meritocratic verion of communism but instead it works?

| >>739143 this resumes it, and give it a yr or 2 and we might be in living in feuds ruled by monopolies that destroy or steal any small business

>>739165 but we talking about ancap, the system you discribed later is not even communism, its just a more regulated version of what we have

| >>739188
Lol no
Fascism is not an economic system, but it does rely on capitalism to be enacted. People unfortunately ascribe terms like "fascist" to things that at worst are authoritarian because they fo not understand what fascist is as rhetoric and a political pseudoideology.

Every failure of communism can be found in capitalism, because both are systems concerned with production.

| >>739192
Yep thats what needs to be combated for any kind of meaningful economic growth to happen.

| >>739192
Oh and yeah obv i wasnt describing communism there, i was describibg rehabilitative or "welfare" capitalism. Which again, is apparently distasteful to much of the western world.

Without any regulations enforced broadly there would be little to stop exploitation and a regress into a modern kind of quasofeudalism. Look at Amazon as a prime (lol) example.

| >>739198 regulations are always needed, cant live with extremes

| >>739200
Like...we should all be for freedom but that freedom shouldnt include like...pissing in the drinking well or something (as a metaphor)

| communists are faggots

| "Anarcho-capitalism" won't work on the long term. Capitalism on its own with its private production means and allocation of resources will lead to organizational hierarchies and centralization of power (for the sake of individualistic efficiency/profit maximization).
And encountering those problems with regulations needs institutions which are organized hierarchically according to the hierarchy of capitalist institutions.

| >>739188
Fascism is no economic system. It's just the most brutal way to protect the capitalist system from actual opposition to it. Fascism is capitalism at war against actual anti-capitalist movements.

| >>739188
Fascist propaganda often portray themselves as "third way", "centrists" or even "socialist" or "anti-capitalist" themselves. But in fact they always have nationalist, racist and sexist conspiracy theories, imperialism and other archaic society ideals and/or even openly a neoliberal (=radical capitalist) agenda as basis.

| >>739373 dont mistake nazism with facism

| Hello, ancap here.. You sounded like you wanted a serious answer, but of course you asked a commie board so.. Here you go, I'll do my best..
I'll just say this, there's something informally called "corporate bloat" which basically means the bigger a corporation the more management staff it needs, the less efficient things become, to the point where it's impossible to make profits. This threshold is reached faster than you think, essentially all American megacorps reached it,

| and their solution is to use the government in their favor, they lobby to kill all competition (you ever heard of lockdowns?) lobby to get tax reductions on everything, then beg for government bailouts anyway, essentially, the state is what keeps these foul monsters alive. Without the state, they simply would've gone bankrupt the moment they hit the threshold described earlier.
Economic freedom makes the POOR richer. And make the filthy rich go bankrupt.

| >>739372
I wonder what this means...

| >>739432 shhh we dont talk about that here, it breaks the left x right narrative

| >>11387b this is interest thought to being honest ^^

| >>739201 technically pissing in drinking well is ilegal because someone owning it, but if you are owner, why you are not allowed in pissing own well? xd

Btw. I would be happy if was talk here more oriented about anarcho-capitalism, what should being radical version of libertarian-right (in simple: unlimited support of free market, personal freedom (individualism) and respecting of owning rights, at the opposite side there is no social systems and functions of state are privatized)

| >>739426 On the far side of lack of regulation though it just becomes cartels. Yes, governments do currently help create things like high insulin prices. But were we to simply say "no more regulations of insulin at

| fuck I hit submit early.

all" that wouldn't necessarily bring it down. Capital will still be usable to create more capital. So, I think what we really need is better governance, not lack of it.

| The core point of anarcho capitalism that I see as a flaw is that it's somewhat based around the idea that a lack of government regulation allows for freedom. Many ancaps will talk about the importance of a non-agression pact. But in practice, capital accrues capital. If you control more guns and food than someone else, you can take their guns and food. And that will be the case in any system, but I think anarcho capitalism makes that into more of a problem than other systems.

| And, the thing that is at the core of capitalism is the buying and selling of labor, and it is always better for those buying the labor if the sellers are forced to sell the labor. So, they control what is necessary for life so that you need to sell labor.

Honestly, though, I do think government needs less direct involvement in the process. I'd be most in favor of less regulations with regards to companies and more regulations protecting unions. So I don't entirely disagree.

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