d/u/de: "unlike you females and low testosterone men i am untriggerable heh"

| someone: "ok incel"

d/u/de: "!!! [7 paragraphs of barely contained rage]"

| I'm not intriggerable, just wish women were better. Like I said on my thread "it's actually my biggest dream".

You're surely not triggered for making a thread dedicated to me, although. You're high testosterone af.

Wish you the best, anyways, lol.

| This thread is so pointless lol. The g/u/y is living rent free in your head my friend.

| Loser

| >>738884 Ngl shit like this always adds 10 weeks to my lifespan. Nothing better.

| There are no d/u/des. Only g/u/rls.

| bait thread stop posting

| >>738894
It really is *chef kiss*
also wow it REALLY struck a nerve lol

| >>738891
Uhhh there are like at least a few posters on the board like this. If it's one guy that's actually sadder.

| >>738919
It's mostly the same suicidal edgelord floodingg this site to vent his desperation. He's hilarious, sure, but we would've welcomed him with open arms if he wasn't such a spiteful asshole.

| >>738919 >>738923 and its always the same 2 people getting pissy about people with opinions that go beyond their own, you just made a whole needless thread to mock on someone to see you get more people who agree with you, and all that caused was bring the same people from the other thread here. You are not better than that incel.

| >>738928 it's the internet. why are we here if not for memes and validation? lmao let people have their fun, just leave if it upsets you so much

| >>738935 says the person who get triggred on threads and feels the need to get validation on their opinion. You are indeed just as bad and as triggred as that incel, if not worse because the incel at least isnt expecting validation, which is ironic as hell, funny in many ways tbh.

| >>738942
>you are indeed just as bad and as triggered as that incel
lmaoo thank you for absolutely making my day

| Now he's writing even more raging paragraphs lmao

| >>738884 please realize that the other person could just as easily make their own thread saying

>someone: disagrees with me
>me: put in the minimum possible defense
>someone: 8 threads of useless personal attacks

the best way to respond to someone that makes you angry is to not respond at all. this person is just looking for any kind of control. if you don't let their actions have a consequence, they will stop.

| triggered yanks

| >>738983 I appreciate your dedication to the bit, and was initially planning to ask, "do you really think saying this is ever going to help?" until I realized that the answer is like 98% likelihood of no

| >>738979 very true, Im baffled how OP thinks thats the way to go

| >>738988 also true, but I think its funny how the yanks gurl is basically in every thread that has a big discussion

| >>738999
It reminds me of frat boys who yawns loudly or people who proudly burps after drinking

| >>739014 which can be funny and I dont mind

| Hmm thread now belongs to /new/, seems accurate

| >>739026 >/new/
more like >/trash/<. This board is a joke

| >>739357 its only trash because we make it that way and in a sense its good that we have a place to be "trashy" sometimes

| >makes fun of people
>gets made fun of in return
>"Hurr durr who are the REAL fascists!1"

| >>739014 You n00b. To show respect you need to proudly fart for at least 30 milliseconds with at least 93 decibels of volume after drinking any beverage!
If you don't you're being just plain rude and disrespectful to the left righttards who spread their butter on the bottom of the bread!

| >>738979 >>738998
hey samefag i made literally one thread and you keep accusing me of making "8" lol like i didnt even post itt and it got these posts

keep lurking!!!

| >>738988
yank-gurl is legion for they are many

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