I had no fucking idea girls could be targeted for bullying as well

| I just talked to a bullied girl and tried to help her since I've also been a victim of bullying in highschool.

Just wanted to leave the same advice I gave her:


Don't listen to them. This would never be the case, at all, and even if it would, doesn't make bullying justified.

| These people just turn your life into hell, 'cause they want you to literally close your hands and hit their faces with your fists.

So, to shorten it, just give them what they want. Only after I started doing it, I was left alone.

Also, be sure to contact the police after fighting. They will be more inclined to do something about it, unlike school's blind eye.

| *Thus if/when the time comes, don't forget to beat the shit out of said progressivists as well, I guarantee they will be much easier to be dealt with than your bullies, since they're absolute cowards when not in a group and a lot weaker than healthy humans.

| By the way, sorry for the vent, but I'm fucking enraged just from hearing what this girl told me. I'm even considering going after these people myself.

| I have read this twice and atill have no fucking idea what you're talking about or how you jumped from a girl being hullied to "progressivists" or some caveat about white incels or something

It feels like you're attacking a scarecrow but forgot to fill it with straw first

| Also if you truly had no idea that girls could be bullied before this moment....the issue is you, you gotta open your eyes lmfao just wow

| This "progessivist" and "white incel" stuff is oddly specific. I don't think everyone gets bulliee because of that...

| Sorry, didn't make this thread to argue with the yikes folk, just to share advice for victims. If you're not familiar with bullying and never realized normal people from every age are 24h stalked by progressivists, just ignore it and have a good day.

| Wait so... mentioning that someone is a cishet white guy and pointing out they're being a dick counts as bullying now? Lmaooo get out

But also like >>738882 said... how does this relate to realizing girls can be bullied as well? Your advice/example literally starts with "in case you're male"

| >>738892

Yes, it's bullying. Maybe you do it yourself, so you will try hard to not acknowledge it. You jumping to "hmm, if I hate you for being white and straight, that means you're a dick" is a sad enough proof...

It's a form of bullying that's not limited to highschool. People often end up bumping with progressivists everywhere.

| >>738898

My statement is "holy shit, I have no idea that a girl could be a victim of bullying of the same intensity as a boy", which is what I disgracefuly found out.

Although progressivists don't usually pursuit women, they can still be targeted with general bullying.

| What in the ever loving fuck is a "progressivist"?

| I'll stop replying by now 'cause I believe the kind of people I mentioned will be around to try making it look like they're not bullies, but virtue multi-kulti heroes or something like that.

The thread was intended to encourage victims to literally fight against their enemies and that's all. Genuinely hope it helps.

In case it's something that happened long ago, there's still some time to give the fuckers from your past some ass whooping in an alley.

I'll be cheering for you.

| >>053a21 Ive realised that no matter if a person is progressive or not, they will just bully you if they feel like it.

Im black yet even the progressive group of my class would bully me, thats when I realised this wave of progressivism is just for looks and these people just want to have control. There was a blonde white cis guy who got harased everyday by those people for doing normal stuff.

| So yeah screw people who say *insert group* can not be bullied for real.

I got bullied heavily to the point of depression for 5 yrs even tho Im the "oppresed", but still feel bad for the dude that got bullied for just being white, male and straight, its just racism, sexism and heterophobia for "equality".

This just shows how hard humanity sucks

| Lmaoooo no one says that a group cannot be bullied

literally no one
that is not a thing. you guys are making it up.

and lmfao OP is literally just dancing around saying he's anti-sjw and literally encouraging physical violence as a response to words which like...pretty sure that's exactly the kind of direct action you would call """progressivists""" bullies for

This is so fucking transparent and gross

| >>738913
So hold on were you bullied because you're Black? Because somehow i doubt that.

The reason both you and a white kid got bullied is because bullies are assholes. It is POSSIBLE for race to be invilved but somehow i foubt you were bullied by other black kids for beibg black nor was tge white kid for being white. I wish I knew what this anecdote was supposed to prove because once again the argument isnt and never was that only nonwhite people or boys or w/e can be bullied

| >>738917 well than I wish you were there to see my life and my experiences

| And you missed the point of what I said.

"Ive realised that no matter if a person is progressive or not, they will just bully you if they feel like it."

And after it I said that progressivism is bullshit because they will keep preaching about being tolerant and inclusive but they still have bullied and assholes inside their group who will buly, discrimante and act the opposite of what they preach.

| >>738924
>progressivism is bullshit because phonies exists


| >>738925 truly impeccable logic

| >>738925 isnt that the common logic that progressives use?

White people bad because racism

Straight people bad because homophobia

Men bad because misogeny

| Atributing prejudice to race, gender and sexuality should be what progressives fight against

| >>738934 i doubt that this will get through to you, but just in case, the basic idea is:

white people bad *if* they contribute to racism
straight people bad *if* they contribute to homophobia
men bad *if* they contribute to mysogyny

the main point that may lead to generalizations is that usually, privileged groups benefit from the continued oppression of other groups. therefore, most of them have a tendency to contribute to that oppression in some way

| >>738937 i agree! and i do think that some people in some situations go to far and just end up being discriminatory again!
but the logic/way of thinking isn't as cut and dry as you tried to present it here, and the point of >>738925 was to point out exactly that - a loud, hateful minority that takes a mindset too far does not mean the mindset in general is automatically bad

| >>738943 fine I get it, but still, progressivism is not the right way to convey tolerance, if this many people can be radicalised to the poing of hipocrisy than we need something different.

People are negating personal stories because in their heads whatever progressivism preach has to be factual, look how you behaved >>738892 zero tolerance here, just you being a condisending asshole and negating our suffering>>9598da read the things you said and see for yourself how good u are.

| And read what other people like >>943117 and>>770411 are saying too, this isnt a tolerant, empathetic and progressivist way of behaving its just condisending snark under the guise of progress, inclusivity and equality

| Dude, women aren't evil, you are

| >>738952 who mentioned women being evil here?

| OP: what you are encountering is not progressivism, it's just condescension. condescending people are not condescending all the time.

you are assuming that these people all make certain logical connections in their mind when you say things like >>738934 . the truth is that 1. not EVERY person in a group will think like this and 2. what you're seeing is probably not them actually thinking this but them being blinded by internet anger.

| >>738966 I am not OP

| furthermore going into a conversation sticking hard to that assumption is often going to make people mad because they feel misunderstood. then they're going to seem more condescending.

the truth is that you are right in one aspect: people really do say things like "yikes sweety" and "ok hun" and they're sometimes total assholes beyond saving. but that doesn't mean they all are beyond saving or that they all think the same way, and realizing that will lead to less shitty encounters

| >>738969 oh, my bad

| it's a response to you, then

| >>738973 its fine just pay more attention next time :)

| >>738972 I never said they are beyond saving and I even pointed out how they ar enot being progressive>>738946 >>738948

I am progressive if we go by my minset.

But Im mainly just not happy when I see people being condisending and hipocrate. Humanity sucks because of people like that, not saying they are beyond salvation just saying that they suck.

| >>738978 you said that AFTER entering the conversation in a way that made other people assume that you didn't actually hold those beliefs. this is probably partially not your fault because some of it was me conflating you with multiple other people. but some of it is, because you started by saying things along the lines of "no progressivists nowadays are real!" which is going to make some people want to respond angrily

| I don't want to say that's bad. I just want you to realize that what you're doing is essentially forming a strawman out of an anecdote, and that's going to be a subtle bait. If you did that by mistake, it's ok, that's just a learning experience. the things that would be bad for danger/u/ would be if you double down or do that on purpose, in which case, I would have to say, "STOP IT, G/U/RL!! YOU'RE KILLING THE BOARD!!" And once again, sorry for making the mistake of who you were.

| >>738985 sucks that people care more about labels than character

| People who bait are just trolls, I dont like trolling, If you thought I was trolling than sorry

| >>738991 I appreciate the apology. I don't think you're trolling INTENTIONALLY, but I'm worried that the way you joined the thread unintentionally uses tactics a troll might.

having said all that I just realized that it would probably be easier for both of us if I just asked you to please stop responding to them, haha.

| >>738994 "I dont like the way you talk so you should just not talk anymore to avoid trouble haha" great advice there, will definetly help.

| >>738997
If it helps I don't like the way you talk either. I don't think most people do.

| That's the whole point of the thread. Some dude literally told his life experience and the reaction is "hmmmm, you're obviously lying, since your story doesn't add up to my narrative".

That's why I mentioned progressivists and bullies together: 'cause it's the same thing.

You can't argue with these people. They want you ruined, humiliated dead. And still be seen as the heroes. You need to take them down first, it could not be more obvious.

| One of them even had to showed up to say "but girls are not bad and you are". Do you really think you can or should cohexist with this scum?

| >>739029 yep, they lack, empathy, tolerance and inclusivity, yet they think they are defending equality and inclusion when they reject a persons opinion, personal experience and refuse listen and understand their side, they just respond with the same preachy, condisending responses and think they they are somehow solving things.

| echo echo echo echo echo cho cho cho ho ho o

| "YIKES, it's not echo, this is called common sense, sweaty"

>valid only when someone agrees with me

| Are you the same dude who opened the "wish women weren't evil" thread? Because he mentioned "progressivists" too

| >>739069
oh jeez i think youre right

| lmao this thread got moved to /new/

| I guess even someone who thinks women are evil for some reason is able to realize something this blatant...

| Surprise duh.. does it can be thought seriously?

| damnnn.. this is hot

| That's stupid.

| I love how >>db38e3 made it INCREDIBLY CLEAR they were coming into this with a charitable attitude and were taking care not to misrepresent OP or whoever began responding to them and as soon as they requested that said person stop feeding the trolls or engaging with the hot takers,>>a80f58 strawmans them into something else entirely and then agrees with some next rightwing doofus too afraid to just mask off and whine about sjw cancel culture

You guys are so fucking obvious lmao

| whoch is exactly why 90% of this thread are people saying "wow dawg chill" or "u seem like a madboi" and the other 10% are other maladapted losers that can only claim vaguely that like...progressivists are like...bullies, somehow.

"Th-they made me use PRONOUNS!"

The whining of people who have never faced any actual legislative persecution but think that social and cultural attitudes somehow infringe on their rights lol

| >>943117
wow you seem to care a whole lot. everyone stopped posting but you couldn't resist. rent free in your head? check out https://dangeru.us/new/thread/738884 lel it concerns you

| >>739336
Ah yes
Making a comment means someone "cares a lot"
also repeating the same tired line abt people living rent free in someone's head is p obvious bubby

anyways just calling it how I see it. Keep trying to sidetrack the original points of this thread (OPs post about bullying and the response to it, and why they got that response due to how this thread was presented) in order to start miniarguments tho. It proves you're too caught in your feels to address core arguments.

| >>739330 if I see something I agree I will agree, you seem to care more about who is saying it than what they are saying,

| >>738934
What you describe isn't progressive at all. It's only a caricature made by reactionists to legitimate their reactionist thought world through anti-progressive relativism.

| >>739366 yeah sure... ignore everything and dismiss it as propaganda instead of realising that bad or dumb people exist everywhere, pregressivists are always on the good side of history right?

| I am OP and I won't waste any time responding to progressivists who got their behavior exposed, 'cause more and more people starting seeing through you as the days go by.

"Worst case" is you prove me right and victims of bullying (be it from appearance, race or just having the bad luck to be in the same space as progressivists) start fighting back more.

Your blood urgently needs to be spilled.

| >>739435 blood no, pls, violence is unecessary

| Can anyone define for me what a progressivist is? I mean i can only associate it with progress. But there is good and bad progress. Most of it is good. So the term seems kinda...way to wide for me which makes it kinda useless. So what is a progressivist? Maybe OP could answer what he means

| >>739454 would be cooler if you get up to date with current politics

| >>739347
your horse so high you're lost in the clouds

| >>db38e3 here:
"Stop responding to THEM" means something different from stop responding. I don't want to tell you not to talk, because what I want is that threads like these become places that people actually CAN talk instead of argue. What I was trying to point out is that purposefully or not, you are creating arguments. And that actually is something I don't like. I am trying, though, to say I don't like that in a way that does not imply that I don't like you...

| ...because I think that if you think I don't like you, you're going to want to argue with me, and because I don't dislike you and don't want to misrepresent that. But it really feels to me that when you say things like >>738997 you are disrespecting the effort that I'm putting in to be kind and try to stop the argument. I am trying to get across what I think you could do differently that would be good for both of us. It's ok for you to say what you think I could do differently too.

| But, all I can see in that post is that you want me to stop saying something I didn't even think I was saying.

What I advocate for in the large number of long posts I make in these threads is that when someone says something you don't like, you make an effort to understand if they really meant that, and that you make an effort to explain to them why you didn't like it rather than just saying it's bad. If you don't put in the effort, it turns into an argument.

| The other thing that you can do to prevent the argument is to not participate in the argument. I don't want you specifically to stop responding to bait and anger. What I would really like is for everybody to stop. I don't want to invalidate what you say, I just want to help you realize that what you say can lead to a thread like this, or a thread we all like more. But to get the latter needs effort, and if you don't want to put in the effort, it's also an option to stop.

| I stopped after saying that, because I realized that part about the effort while I was writing that. But after looking at this thread again, I'm realizing that NOBODY put in the effort. And if everybody just stopped, there wouldn't be a thread. I want the energy that people have in threads like these to be used in the other boards but in a more constructive manner, because that's the only way there are going to be any quality threads.

| The truth is that for a long time on this website it has felt like there is a general trend downwards in quality threads because threads are all either really active but disrespectful to everyone in them, quiet and seldom, or recently shitty bait. I want this website to have things that I like reading on it, and I want to have a reason to write things that other people are going to like. But that takes cooperation from other people and I'm having trouble making cooperation.

| Recently someone suggested that instead of fighting back against the bait and the trolls we try and help them learn to participate in a way we all like better. And I really liked that idea! even though I'm now realizing that I've probably been an obstacle to that pretty often. So, I guess the point of this really long winded column of bullshit is to ask if everyone in this thread, not just >>a80f58 , would be willing to try to start working on something like that together?

| Or if not that particular thing, at least to try to make just this one thread into a discussion we can all enjoy?

| Actually I'm going to reword that to "Do you g/u/rls want to try to make this thread better?"

| >>739485 make other threads better too

| Make other threads great again!
*proceeds to destroy the entire forum with peepeepoopoo spam*

| actually I changed my mind. danger/new/ should stay like this, I was really just frustrated because /u/ has been shitty recently. sorry for the rant

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