the ultimate hidden truth of the work is that it is something we make

| And we can just as easily make it differently

| *world

| Lmfao

but hell yea, Graeber

| I always find it funny when people act like shit like slavery or surreptitious treatment of medicines on minorities or literally anything exploitative is a necessary evil, means justified by modern ends, when the truth is...exploitation is never necessary. Production needs to be done? People working together are better than people being driven as slaves. Medicine needs to be tested? Ethically better to just honestly seek volunteers.

No evils are justified.

| I preferred the original,

Philosophers hitherto have interpreted the world. The point, however, is to change it.

| Every good thing in life is something we as a whole have created, and every bad thing is as well. If humanity wants less bad shit in the world, we gotta change it, but a lot of people are stubborn and prefer for things to stay like they currently are.

People always want things to be better, but so many of the same people don't want change and would never do anything to even attempt making a change.

| >>738484
That is...incredibly vague, dismissive, and fatalistic.

Most of us want change but unfortunately most of us also do not wield any kind of legal, political, monetary, or military recourse. Pointing at people and saying we're the problem and not rich people, politicians, corpos, and others who benefit from the status quo all working to keep any kind of change from happening and ridiculing, persecuting, attacking or killing advocates for said change is certainly not it

| >>738496
That's not what I was saying at all, but if you want to assume that then go for it homie.

If you want to actually talk and know what I meant then you can ask, but if you're gonna assume that I blame everyday people for the 1% and the system that keeps fucking over me, my family and everyone I love then I don't really wanna talk to you.

| Work is good and all but can we just create the replicators from star trek already?

| >>738501
If we're on the same page, good. But I stand by what I said. Your post came off as seemingly blaming people in general for just paying lip service and I wpuld counter that there are obviously greater forces that are keeping people from enacting change and not just their own hypocrisy.

| I have an idea, lets build our own mega monopoly and manipulate the world to our visison and we will.... oh wait!

| >>739055
I'm not >>529b70 but my perspective on the matter is that while there are people in the 1% with a lot more agency and control and, yeah, I wish they would do other things, that doesn't mean that individuals have no agency or control. I think that people are pretty quick to complain but complaining is low impact. What the OP quote means to me is that instead of complaining and hoping it changes someone else's mind, we should do what we can first.

| Yeah, I don't have the money to feed the whole world. But if I really want that, there's more that I can do than just post on Twitter, "wouldn't it be nice if we changed something?"

I guess though that I also probably see complaints and assume the complainer isn't doing something else, which isn't so fair. But also, I on some level think that if they were taking a more active role themselves, they'd have something more productive to say to me?

| Like tell me something I could personally change? I guess I should figure out how to do that myself before complaining that it happens, hehe.

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